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BIGSHOT Google Analytics Popular Plugin

This Plugin will add the Google Analytics Tracker Code to your site automagically.

Versions to serve Joomla 1.5-1.6-1.7-2.5 and now 3.0 iThe extension was also updated to use the newest Google Analytics protocols.

This Plugin was created as a better alternative to the several "module based" solutions that are out there. As far as I know this is the first and only Joomla! Native Plugin that does this.

Google Analytics, just like this extension, is free for you to use. Visit "" to signup.

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Reviews: 1
Holly crap! I can't believe how easy that was, just installed the plug-in, and it works!.. Good Job! 5 STARS for sure..
Reviews: 3
Easy to install.....
Up n working in 2 min by inserting the profile ID
Reviews: 2
install, enter code ID and it WORKS!
Reviews: 7
I have reviewed. It is great ! I just enabled plugin and put the code thats it ! I was able to see the tracking code at the end of the page. I really do not know where it should be in the page.

Uptil here it is good. I need to check the results in my google analytics account. It will take time ! till now good :)
Reviews: 1
This plugin needs to be updated. It is using the older Google Analytics code that had to be placed at the bottom of the page. Google has updated their code so it should be placed in the header tags now.
Reviews: 6
I've installed Bigshot Google Analytics at a few Joomla websites now and it has worked well every time: easy to install and then configure in the plugins manager. Just fill in the account ID found in the tracking code snippet Google provides you from your Google Analytics account.

It would be interesting to know why Bigshot Google Analytics still properly sends tracking information to your GA account even though the code snippet in GA is different than the code inserted by Bigshot.
Reviews: 5
Quick and very easy to get Google Analytics running on your Joomla site. Install the extension and paste you code then wait for the stats.
Reviews: 6
Quick and easy to install and thanks to other reviewers the google code was not difficult to add = UA******* is all that's needed.

Checked the pages and it appears exactly as described - excellent start !!

The "instructions" could be clearer on the installation page and after some searching around I finally found them at:
Reviews: 1
A truly wonderful plugin. This plugin does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is add the google analytics code across all your web pages. Simple to use, a one and done plugin. You add your google analytics code to the plugin (Which is the only place you can even add any data), and it then populates your google analytics code through the whole web page and saves you hours of populating the different pages manually. Thanks for your efforts in promoting the Joomla! community, it's people like you that make this software so valuable to the users of open source software!
Regards, Jonathan.
Reviews: 2
The installation process was quick and neat although asa non-techie user I was a bit confused by where to put the Google Analytics ID. There being only one field I had no choice. It then took Google a while (10 mins or so) to actually pick up the fact that I had installed it and whether that is Google taking its time or the code taking time to replicate across the site I don't know. Either way, it does what it says on the tin. I tried JoomlaGAtor and I still don't know what it was supposed to do although I thought it was supposed to do what this clearly and simply does. Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin, its great for sites ehit changing templates and no adding codes every time...
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use, the only thing that is missing is, some instructions, despite how simple it is some people might struggle setting it up.
go to extensions->plug-ins->edit bigshot plug-in, and paste "web property id" ex. UA-.....
You don't need to paste all code goggle give you.

Thanks, I hope this review help someone.
Reviews: 2
Simplicity itself and does exactly what it says on the tin! Many thanks.
Reviews: 3
It works, and couldn't be simpler.
Reviews: 2
It just works... Download, upload, insert code.... DONE!
Reviews: 3
Every stie should have Google Analytics and this plugin makes the job as easy as can be. Cheers to the author.
Reviews: 1
Well that took 30 seconds. Thank you for such an easy installation, I'm very new to Joomla and that was a breeze and it's all up and running.
Reviews: 7
How can this component not have five stars all the way? Four and a half stars? Who left a negative review? Hm. I can't say anything about what the negative reviewer left, perhaps I'm a bad developer for downloading the latest version and leaving it at that instead of continuing to check up on my tech but.

I love this extension. Installs in minutes, enter your UA code and you're done. Done. It works.
Reviews: 5
Simple. Install the plug-in, paste in your analytics code for your account, and activate it. It's really that simple. Wow, thanks, makes it so easy.

As a side note...will bigshot analytics be taking into consideration the new asynchronous javascript that google have launched for analytics...loads the javascript after the website has finished loading, to stop it impacting on load times? If so, that would be amazing. If not, it's still an awesome plug-in. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us Bigshot!
Reviews: 3
I've tried module based before, but it breaks my template, this plugins doesn't, kudos to the developer.
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