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BIGSHOT Google Analytics Popular Plugin

This Plugin will add the Google Analytics Tracker Code to your site automagically.

Versions to serve Joomla 1.5-1.6-1.7-2.5 and now 3.0 iThe extension was also updated to use the newest Google Analytics protocols.

This Plugin was created as a better alternative to the several "module based" solutions that are out there. As far as I know this is the first and only Joomla! Native Plugin that does this.

Google Analytics, just like this extension, is free for you to use. Visit "" to signup.

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Reviews: 1
Does exactly what you need, no muss, no fuss. Couldn't be simpler. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
I (heart) you! Thank you for making a plugin that's easy enough for someone who has no idea what they're doing to use.
Reviews: 2
Quick, easy, and simple. It does what it describes. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
Happy to join the chorus on this one. Easy to install. Very simple interface. You only have to input one variable (UA Google Analytics code) and wait for the data. Many thanks for this professional plugin.
Reviews: 2

it would be better using the new asynchronous code of GA. But it's fine.
Reviews: 1
This plugin worked seamlessly. I was looking for an affordable solution for website analytic for all of my domains. Never tried google, Must say very good, Free and easy to install on all your webpages.
Reviews: 3
Does exactly what it says. If it could be so simple with the other joomla component.

Congratulations !
Reviews: 6
Great product from what seems to be a great developer who "gets it". Thanks BigShot!
Reviews: 6
It works as expected. Install, add yours ID, publish and it's done. I can recommend this.
Reviews: 2
Good idea, no module position settings, just turn it on and copy/paste your google ID (no html code...)!!!
Reviews: 3
This plugin is just great! I must agree with the author that using a plugin instead of a module IS the right way of doing this. Thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 2
Install it, add your tracking code and away you go.
Excellent - does exactly what it says. Thank you for this plug in
Reviews: 1
Bertter than excellent...
I don't have time to be writing this review but I have got to because this plugin is so good it isn't believable.

Thank you Kenneth and BIGSHOT
Reviews: 1
1) Install.
2) Key-in the Google Web ID.
3) Enable the plugin.

The plugin will run the rest by its own. Simple and nice. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 10
Does what it says. Install plugin, go to the plugin and add in your analytics ID and that's it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent tool to install Google Analytics. Easy to install and it has big advantages once you can start recording your site results!
Reviews: 2
This fabulous plugin supercedes editing the index.php and inserting Google's code. Just install it, enter Google's property ID and run it.
THX for this good work!
Reviews: 2
First review I've written in many years of using Joomla. Best plugin EVER. PERIOD!
Reviews: 2
I was so impressed with this plugin that I had to take the time a give and excellent 10 out of 10. It is so straightforward that you will have time to submit a review too!!

Reviews: 11
I almost doubted myself. I was literally wondering to myself if ANYTHING I have done so far could possibly be this easy. Nice.
Download, install, C&P code from Google, Have a cup o'joe.
Thanks Bigshot.
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