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BIGSHOT Google Analytics Popular Plugin

This Plugin will add the Google Analytics Tracker Code to your site automagically.

Versions to serve Joomla 1.5-1.6-1.7-2.5 and now 3.0 iThe extension was also updated to use the newest Google Analytics protocols.

This Plugin was created as a better alternative to the several "module based" solutions that are out there. As far as I know this is the first and only Joomla! Native Plugin that does this.

Google Analytics, just like this extension, is free for you to use. Visit "" to signup.

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Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it's supposed to do, simply and quickly! Thank you!
Reviews: 5
This is one extension you setup once and then you simply forget about it because it does exactly what it says. Good job!
Reviews: 1
Works great - have not had any trouble with it!
Reviews: 1
Simply amazing. It's the best way to add Google Analytics unlike the other module-based versions.
Reviews: 4
This plugin works exactly like it's suppose to. I use this on all my sites now. I tried a couple of the module based ones but I prefer the plugin approach! Works great!
Reviews: 54
Just Awesome!!
For ages I have been manually adding Google Anylitics code to my Joomla sites. I just never had much luck with those modules out there.

And along comes this beauty, just what I needed. A Google Anylitics Plugin !

Installed and running in about mmmm.. 2 Minutes !
Yes 2 Minutes!

Thank you very much!!
Reviews: 6
Couldn't be easier
Reviews: 2
Compliments to the developer, who has implemented a simple thing in a beautifully simple way. If all Joomla! add-ons worked so painlessly and so well, the world would be a better place ;-)
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this great plugin. I love it when things work exactly as promised!
Reviews: 2
I'm new to web dev and Joomla but I found this add-on really easy to set up and it worked straight away. The reports available are excellent and have really helped me. I highly recommend this add-on.
Reviews: 1
This add-on is fantastic. Super easy to install and configure. I was set-up and collecting data before I knew it.

Having this as a plugin makes everything very simple and the use of the latest Google Analytics code is wonderful.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Couldn't have been easier. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
This is the best Google Analytics tracker for Joomla!

If only because -- it's a plugin, not a module.

Simple, and it even uses the latest Google Analytics tracking codes!!
Reviews: 7
I had this extension up & running in seconds (literally!) easy to install & configure, google was giving me info in less that 24 hours! It saved me a lot of hair pulling & grief. This is the *best* way to install the analytics code on your joomla site!!
Reviews: 7
Thanks so much! Very fast & easy to install.
Reviews: 1
by the way i need support on this [don'ts # 2], just kidding.
can not be happier, plugin installed in a flash, works in few seconds as well, i tried module based solutions but failed to get any results reported to googleanalytics.
this is really a good and simple one.
thanks a million.
Reviews: 1
I tried four different modules/plugins and they did not work. If you are looking of the plugin that will get your Analytics up and running quickly.

Thanks BigShot!
Reviews: 8
If only all plugins were so simple. So pleased to have analytics on my joomla site now! Was an absolute snap to install. Analytics now working like a dream. Many thanks!
Reviews: 6
I had loads of problems with all the module based google analytics. Then, I tried this and in one minute google analytics detected it! Really recommended for all those that have problems with the module based cause of their templates! Excelent work!
Reviews: 37
I was switching out templates and realized that I would have to copy and paste code again until I found this plugin. Thank you!!!
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