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Stalytics2 ComponentModule


This Joomla component offers the user more than 30 different analyses for a specific and efficient analysis of the visitor behavior.

The resulting data is efficiently saved in the database, in order for Stalytics to keep the database size small, even after long usage.

Animated Flash analyses, automatic HTML report emails, entry and exit pages as well as enhanced language support are just a few of the comprehensive features in Stalytics2.

The Stalytics2 Professional Version comes with:

Component feature listing:
- Support for registered users
- Download Tracking
- Flash powered graphs with trend lines and trend indicators
- Automatic HTML email reports
- Full referrer path (string or tooltip style)
- Registered users statistic (daily overview between registered and unregistered users)
- Automatic Database Cleanup
- Google Adwords Support
- Individual Clickpath amount
- New Visitor timerange (Set up, when a visitor should

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
I love this extension, everything works GREAT, except the Heatmap (my main reason for purchasing the extension). :( I've tried contacting the developer to no avail. Would love assistance on getting Heatmap to work.
Reviews: 4
Great extension for Joomla 1.5.x!!! I have had some problems with Gavick template as index.php is different than normal index.php in any template but with great support been fixed... Great and fast live support.. so I could recommend to everybody who is looking for a J!1.5 site statistic extension. !!!
Thanks and keep the good work..

Best regards
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a analytics tool for Joomla and run across Stalyitcs2. I have no problems buying a component I bought it. After enabling it, php errors show up on every new page visit. The error is gone after a refresh but this mean Google indexes your php error and not your content!

Trying to fix this issue I found out the code is encrypted. So far for the GPL part. Nope no stars for this extension.
Owner's reply

Full Stalytics2 code is UNENCRYPTED AND ACCESSIBLE! We've got no order or error report from jjunkie. This guys seems to try to rank this component down.

Reviews: 1
Very Good extension for Joomla 1.5.4 . Installs greatly with one ekstra PHP variable setting on my site.
The plugin is very good in making statistics and gives you the answers on whom and from where people are coming on to your website.

Best regards
Reviews: 1
Very good extension for stats with joomla 1.59.
ANd support under 1 hour for a little problem (with french translation).
Thanks for this job.
Reviews: 1
I love this component. It's one of my favorites since it helps me to better interpret the traffic my site receives. Now with the added heatmap feature, I can not optimize my site to be more inline with where my visitors or more inclined to click. I'll admit, I did have one compatibility issue while using Styalitics with the JomSocial component. However, once I brought this to Marco's attention, he provided a file that resolved my issue. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is serious about knowing more information about their site's visitors.
Reviews: 4
This component is feature rich and reliable. It's nice to have some real time statistics about your website provided. Altough it's not a free plugin and costs some money, this is worth it.
It's not as customizable as Google Analytics, but it has the main and essential features too, so there is no need to bug the visitors with Google Analytics anymore :).
Reviews: 2
It's a very good extension!
Nice and easy to use user interface.
Great and fast live support. so i could only recommend to everybody who is looking for a J!1.5 site statistic extension.
Reviews: 19
It's only my opinion: this component is good, but not so different from others to pay for it... There are AstatsPro and JoomlaStat that do the work for free...

However nice try, keep working.
Reviews: 1
I've used Stalytics for about a year now and have had no problems whatsoever. I'll definitely add it for future sites. It's extremely easy to get stuck in front of the statistics and analyze away a couple of hours!
Reviews: 1
The first what I want to say is YES its a great component and gives you all what you probably need. What I don't like is, that you must pay for every upgrade. The component is not cheap so upgrades for one year must be included.
Reviews: 1
Nice product. Probably one of the "prettiest" around. Keep in mind, delivery of product (via email) is within 48 hours. No instant download available. Site needs a user forum for support discussion. Especially for a paid product.
Reviews: 1
Very good compontent, with TONS of different options and settings which will show you just about anything you could ever want to see about your visitors! Support was pretty good with getting back in touch with me. I purchased the professional edition and feel it is priced fairly. It's been the best that I've tried out so far (and that says a lot!)...
Reviews: 2
There seems to be a lot left to be desired when gathering site statistics. This one covers more than the usual fare and very reasonable for the price of the Pro Version.

It works great and with some other tools your not left to wonder where they come from or go to. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Another exellent component that I can't use because my host doesn't allow ioncube loaders to be installed =). (I ran accross this fact while trying to install Thyme.)

So my only piece of advice is to make sure your hosting company supports ioncube loaders before purchasing. There is a free version that you can install to see if there is an issue.