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j4age statistics is an open-source project, which is supported by ecomize and it's technical team. j4age is an statistics component for the popular open-source CMS Joomla and has it roots based on the JoomlaStats component.

Technical Requirements
- PHP 5.x and above
- MySQL 4.x and above
- Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 1.6 native support

Restricted support for PHP 4.x and MySQL 3.x for the core component, but no guarantee for the migration/update process. This module is only handling IPv4 networks and not officially IPv6!

Few things you should know
- After installation, you have to run a Post-Installation process. That´s not because we want it that way, it´s more about getting control about issues with huge databases.
- Do not assign the j4age component to a menu item even if a link is shown up in your admin page for selection. The component itself has no public front-end part and you will see only a error message!!

- Most people install the activation module, but do not enable it or do assign it to a location, which is actually not used in their template like "left". Make sure, that you can see the Module title on your webpage, before hiding the title! Only then statistics are captured!
- An activation module must be set to "public" access, if you want to count all visits. If you set it to "registered" or "special" you would only count those visits
- If the module does not work, you can also download & install as alternative the activation plugin.
- Some people are complaining, that the activation module is not completely invisible on the webpage as a empty border is draw on the page. That´s because your template is adding styles, so simply try to find another active position, where the template is not adding styles. (As alternative use just the activation plugin)

Good to know

- j4age includes a migration mechanism to convert the existing JoomlaStats Version (until 3.0.4) to j4age
- j4age is collecting over the time alot of information, please keep in eye on your DB size


j4age is not Google Analytics, so please do not try to compare us one to one to them. Unlike Google Analytics we are open source and you can review our algorithms. It is hard to differentiate bots from regular visitors, especially as they try to pretend to be regular visitors. We have applied many advanced algorithms to get it under control and this will result into slightly different results between Google Analytics and us.


We will improve the "Cache" / History feature, so that you can drop data from the database without losing information on the Summary pages. We currently operating in a similar way, but a refectoring of the algorithms are required.

We also work further more advanced features, but more details are provied 2012.

*************** ATTENTION *****************
If you experience any problems, please contact us first on the j4age webpage!!

If you use j4age, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for nice extention which is very
huge and complex.

I used it in joomla2.5 and enjoyed, but now updated to Joomla3.3 and
missing j4age.

I love j4age than google analyzer. Because j4age is easy to control and
easy to see small user data.

Now the version release strategy was changed, The developer team says
the current version of Joomla3 is already stable.

I'm waiting days with j4age in joomla3.
Reviews: 6
Thank you for the extension.. works great.. one feature request - if we can have some statistics display on homepage of website it would be great..
Reviews: 2
Thanks for excellent extension.
Everything work perfect.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, I used it a lot in my websites with joomla 2.5. But when wil the version be published for joomla 3.0 etc ?
Owner's reply


we are currently working on that and testing already internally. The official release will probably not happening before the stable release of Joomla 3.5.


Reviews: 2
I use this extension since 2013 in J2.5 with very good results.
Very easy to use and very reliable for the IN traffic.

Unfortunately, has not been updated since 2012 (still in beta). Also, no update for J3.x which we are running at this moment in our server.

I hope the developer will consider to update the extension to J3.x version. Also, will be helpful if the extension will use own DB for security and speed.

Overall - Good Extension in J2.5
Reviews: 2
This product is excellent. Many thanks to developers for this utility. The installation is very easy and did not cause any trouble. Also the information processed are very clear and have a good backend interface. I have just one question. How to stop the service without uninstalling the program? Thank you again and best regards.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Just disable the activation plugin or the module, then you will not get any statistics collected

Reviews: 2
Gives all the information I want and some more. Easy to install.
Reviews: 2
Been using this for about 6 months...we used JomlaStats when we used J1.5 which this replaces... does what it says, but it is very heavy on the DB (how to reduce?).

Now we're upgrading to Joomla 3 - wishing there was a j4age J3 version
Owner's reply

Thank you. Collecting data is always a process, that will impact the database. We already included a feature in the maintenance area to drop old data, but have started 1 year ago with an additional process to drop data whilst keeping the statistick reports. Version for J3 will come, but I cannot say if it takes few weeks or even 1-2 more month

Reviews: 1
I already have this program on one web-site. It's great. Easy to install, and it gives me the info I want.
Reviews: 1
I am using this fantastic extension on multiple sites, but I changed to version 3 of Joomla! and I'd like to know when will be released the update for version 3 of the extension of Joomla! because it seems that does not work, gives me the error of component not found.
Good work ...
Owner's reply

Thank you, we are looking into getting it working for 3.0. Too much is going on right now and we are trying to catch up

Reviews: 4
I have been looking for someway to look at site stats from the admin interface, I am sick and tired of having to paste code into pages or templates as there alsways seems to be a variation between these and whos online for etc.

I have just installed the component and plugin, remember the plugin!! in 5 minutes and already it has picked up a bot.

Straight out of the box and working. Great work by the developers, thanks :-)
Reviews: 3
This is an absolutely brilliant component. shows all the stats you need about your site - DOWNLOAD it now...

basically it is joomlastats for J!2.5
Reviews: 3
We've been using this component since its' joomlastats days. Without it managing our 9 sites would be like flying blind.

The installation and upgrade process can be a bit quirky at times but that is to be expected with the amounts of data involved.

The 2 stage installation process may confuse some and on old sites which have been migrated from J1.0 to J1.5 to J2.5 problems have been encountered.

On a busy site it will store a lot of data but the ability to choose and remove historic data is without doubt to be welcomed.

The interface may confuse some as some of the views are similar but different.

The ability to classify a visitor as a bot has helped increase the accuracy of the statistics when comparing them with Google analytics.

Yes there are minor issues but in our experience there is nothing even close and we would not like to think about managing our sites without it.
Reviews: 2
In your decision to have almost everything I need.
Only one thing.
Is it possible in the "additional details" (of "last visit") to supplement "Path info" fields such as Full URL with querry, and perhaps jform_params_page_heading (which is not always visible to the user, but the administrator has a value), and accordingly expand the information window or add the ability to display full-size in a new window.

Thank you and good luck in the future!
Reviews: 3
Thank´s for this awesome extensions for free... Very well done, and works perfectly in J2.5

Keep the good work

Reviews: 1
Love to us this extensions but I am unable to find the registration page so I cannot login to download .

Thanks for your help
Owner's reply

Because there is no registration required to be able to access the download area. Just click "Downloads" > "Component" (Within the article) and select the package for your Joomla version

Reviews: 5
This works perfectly fine with Joomla 1.5 but as soon as I use it on Joomla 1.7+ I get nothing but this error.

Error building Admin Menus

It does not appear on the components and as soon as I activate it or deactivate it in the Extension Manager I also get another error which is a MySQL error and it barely deactivates half the time.

Joomla 1.7 is completely different,but this needs to be fixed.
Owner's reply

You need to install the newest Joomla version. There are bugs within the old versions of Joomla

Reviews: 1
This extention is the best (from non-commercial extentions) for visitor stats, as I have tried all of them. Deployment and stats obtained is excellent, BUT the biggest problem is that the stats keep building up and the database becomes very large after a while (depending on the number of visitiors you have), then it slows down the whole site, there is no way to empty stats from backend (option there but it doesn't work!) from database, and if you take the drastic approach of uninstalling, it appears to have uninstalled really fast, but all the tables remain in the database, and you have to delete each table one by one manually! Not worth installing if it makes your website so slow, you lose visitors. One of the high traffic website I installed on, stopped working after the database size went over 100mb.
Owner's reply


you should report errors to us directly, if something is not working for you before posting messages hear.

There is a drop old data functionality within the maintenance area as well as a "Uninstall" button, which also deletes all j4age tables.

The performance should be not effected as long as you do not show statistics data on your public webpage. If you do so, then you have to carefully use the module parameters e.g. enabling caching. You need to decide how far backwards you like to present data => more days => more performance lost.

Some people can do just few days other can show the whole year and more.

As Administrator you need to keep an eye on the database size and drop too old data as you need. So look into the DB at least every year once - this is not a tool for unprofessionals, even if we try to make it as easy as possible.

Reviews: 10
We are using this on very big sites and this delivers great stats. I recommend this to anybody.
Reviews: 1
I was VERY happy with how easy it was to install. Amazing the complexity of what they do with the installer.

I'm waiting to see how well it works, but I'm sure if they can get it to install that easy - it will work fantastic.
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