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j4age statistics is an open-source project, which is supported by ecomize and it's technical team. j4age is an statistics component for the popular open-source CMS Joomla and has it roots based on the JoomlaStats component.

Technical Requirements
- PHP 5.x and above
- MySQL 4.x and above
- Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 1.6 native support

Restricted support for PHP 4.x and MySQL 3.x for the core component, but no guarantee for the migration/update process. This module is only handling IPv4 networks and not officially IPv6!

Few things you should know
- After installation, you have to run a Post-Installation process. That´s not because we want it that way, it´s more about getting control about issues with huge databases.
- Do not assign the j4age component to a menu item even if a link is shown up in your admin page for selection. The component itself has no public front-end part and you will see only a error message!!

- Most people install the activation module, but do not enable it or do assign it to a location, which is actually not used in their template like "left". Make sure, that you can see the Module title on your webpage, before hiding the title! Only then statistics are captured!
- An activation module must be set to "public" access, if you want to count all visits. If you set it to "registered" or "special" you would only count those visits
- If the module does not work, you can also download & install as alternative the activation plugin.
- Some people are complaining, that the activation module is not completely invisible on the webpage as a empty border is draw on the page. That´s because your template is adding styles, so simply try to find another active position, where the template is not adding styles. (As alternative use just the activation plugin)

Good to know

- j4age includes a migration mechanism to convert the existing JoomlaStats Version (until 3.0.4) to j4age
- j4age is collecting over the time alot of information, please keep in eye on your DB size


j4age is not Google Analytics, so please do not try to compare us one to one to them. Unlike Google Analytics we are open source and you can review our algorithms. It is hard to differentiate bots from regular visitors, especially as they try to pretend to be regular visitors. We have applied many advanced algorithms to get it under control and this will result into slightly different results between Google Analytics and us.


We will improve the "Cache" / History feature, so that you can drop data from the database without losing information on the Summary pages. We currently operating in a similar way, but a refectoring of the algorithms are required.

We also work further more advanced features, but more details are provied 2012.

*************** ATTENTION *****************
If you experience any problems, please contact us first on the j4age webpage!!

If you use j4age, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
It is great statistic tool for everyone - rookie and professional! Thanks for distributing it for free! There is a problem installing it o MySQL 5.5.11 TYPE needs to be changed to ENGINE (installation files). Great job!
Reviews: 3
By far the best component for evaluating traffic on my website. I have been using Google analytics for sometime but doesn't show anything realtime and this does and that too for free. Kudos to the developers.
Reviews: 3
This extension is far more helpful than Google Analytics. I really appreciate the information this extension provides for my website. It provides useful information both for the beginner and advanced webmaster. Bravo!
Reviews: 8
I just installed on my side and loving it already. I have read some of the negative and poor comments and I don't understand why. I have been using Joomla and Joomla Extensions for years and most of the excellent ones that actually have negative or poor comments were and still are unfair because the poor comments was due to user not reading the instructions, or not following the steps or recommended by the development. Please note that I had an error after the installation but it was not due to the extension but to my site's security setting denying access to extensions' xml file. The developer did pointed out the issue to me very very quickly. It is working better than what I was expecting due to previously installed Statistics Extension. I highly recommend this great extension to anybody wanting to have detailed and better statistics of their website.
Reviews: 2
It is a useful component and I hope the final version releases soon.
Reviews: 2
Thank you very much for your great work! Very glad to use such functional non-commersial extensions for non-commercial CMS.
Reviews: 2
First, I must say that I loved JoomlaStats and used it constantly. However, there had not been any new work done on it in over a year and I was ready to try a more up to date version.

I had statistics dating back to 2007 and migration was a long and painful process. However, I received excellent support and the results were worth the effort. You can migrate a huge database if you are willing to go to a little effort. A fresh install on a new site would be a piece of cake.

I have a few minor issues. The mouse scroll button does not like to work so scrolling up and down a page is wonky. I miss the fact that JS had links for registered users on the visitors view that would take you to Joomla OR VirtueMart user data. Mostly I like the fact that this component has a team actively developing it unlike JS which had gone completely dormant. Nice Work!
Reviews: 1
thanks this is a very goog software
Reviews: 2
I enjoy this good stats program, it functions in some ways better than Google Analytics, which can be difficult to configure.
Reviews: 2
Great tool, with fast and reliable support :)

Once report extraction is improved this will be as close to perfect as you'd want.
Reviews: 1
I am sorry for this evaluation but I lost three days in trying to migrate from JoomlaStats.
Some post installation steps are terrific. One query last for more than 14 hours! and I have had to execute it via an SQL client not via Joomla backend (correctly updating the step in the table configuration). My database is not huge, my site has an average of 120 visitors a day and I have data for only two years. If my database is huge, what would happen if someone with 1000 visits per day migrate from Joomlastats to j4age?
I think moreover that you should not update directly jstats tables, but create new tables with different names for j4age and then separately transform and import data from old joomlastats tables to the new ones.
Finally when I have finished all the steps, data have not been imported correctly.
I have restored back my joomla installation to JoomlaStats.
Finally, my consideration are: if you have a previous installation of Joomlastats DO NOT migrate to j4age. If it is the first installation, give it a try.
Owner's reply


thank you for your response, even after I thing you should have tried to contact me first via the technical support.

Having data of 2 years and even if there are "just" 120 visitors / day means, that the DB is around 100 MB. Dealing with those amounts of data is quite tough and there are two scenarios why it can fail

1) Your PHP & MySQL timeout settings are too low and there is no chance to perform any of updates. I am taking about ad of an web-page, which is having 10.000 visitors per day.

I am so sorry, that you are one of the rare cases, where the migration process does not run smoothly, but especially for those cases we have established the support. We might not be able to solve the issue within seconds, but at least we can see how we can quickly find a solution together

J4age is the newer version of JoomlaStats, that's why we have to update our tables. Some users do have a memory limit, so we can not simply duplicate the tables. We always highlighted, that you should do a backup before the update to make sure, that everything can be restored.

I have to say, that your rating is actually not fair. You experienced one issue in the migration feature we offer, but you actually have not rated the component itself. It's probably better to stop offering the migration process at all.

Reviews: 3
I was quite unpleased with Google Analytics which was the main reason why I installed this component. Boy was I suprised after I realized my site was having about six times the amount of hits Google was telling me.

Works like a charm!
Owner's reply

I just like to make sure, that this does not result into a wrong impression.

Google Analytics is using Javascript to count visitors, but some bots do not support Javascript, which results in less recognized visits.

Please make sure, that you do not set the filter option to "All" and focus on the "Regular" visitors.

Please be also informed, that we currently experience some issues with having the cache plugin switched on. j4age won't count multiple page clicks on the same page.

Reviews: 1
Although I ran into a bit of a problem when trying to install the component, I realized that I hadn't downloaded the com completely before attempting to install it. Even after installing the modules in the wrong order, the installation was robust enough to compensate for my errors. Went very smooth and the product works fantastic.

Although I can't cross the pond to tip a pint with you boys, I'll certainly make a donation for a very well put together product.

Hats off to you gents!!
Reviews: 5
I am a fairly new joomla user. I was looking for an extenion to see who's been on our church website and I found this one. After reading the reviews on this one and several others I chose this one. So far I have not been disappointed. It was very easy to set-up. It has been a very helpful tool. It lets me track who has been on our website and also what pages they are visiting. This helps in tweaking the online content of our site to better serve our purpose.

I have noticed the same thing the previous reviewer noticed about the difference in the whois online and this component.

Overall a great component!

Thank you for a great extension!
Reviews: 1
I installed this package on two sites. Installation was quite smooth, but attention, follow the instructions carefully and be sure to enable all relevant components and plugins. The package is light, appropriate and elegant. I like the graphics, particularly the one that shows the returning clients as lines flowing from the previous visits. You get breakdowns by the expected groupings, such as country, page links, search engines, browsers, referrers, keywords, etc. There are hundreds of bots prelisted and bot behaviour is even detected live (an "unknown bot" shows up in my listings) and you can define a user as a bot if you suspect one. I won't miss Google Analytics at very much. The only thing I got with Google that I don't see here is nice country maps with the cities sprinkled all over. But having statistics right in Joomla is so much better. So altogether, a rather complete component. Congratulations to the developers for a huge, well-done job.
Reviews: 1
I have used this component for 2 weeks and am glad I did. Since my visitors are mostly very quiet, it's very difficult to guess whether they are present, what they like to read and whether they generally like what I present them. Having this tool is to be able to have somekind of a feedback after all. I use this together with the standard Who's online component of Joomla 1.5.22. I noticed that this component is reporting very high numbers of online users while j4age is showing much lower numbers. So I asked the support team how this can be. Andreas Halbig replied and ask me for some screenshots to study the case. Then he studied the standard Who's online component and concluded that it's this component that is counting too many online users. A free product with a professional grade support is more value than you can ask for. So I write this unsolicited review to thank them for their support.
As an improvement I would like to see an accompanying improved Who's Online component to replace the standard component, if that is not too much to ask.
Reviews: 1
I've always been reluctant to any kind of pressure, so at first the notice on your webpage ("We've stopped all development activities on j4age until we receive more reviews") made me to decide not to write any reviews at all.
But after couple of days using this component I've changed my mind. Here is my two cents (based on previous experience with JoomlaStats):
- absolutely smooth upgrade from JoomlaStats component
- much better functionality than JoomlaStats
- better, more detailed and more transparent (when you get used to it) statistics
- in my opinion currently the best available Site Traffic Statistics component (or at least I didn't find any matching)
Reviews: 1
I upgraded from JoomlaStats 3.0.3 No problems and pretty straightforward.
JoomlaStats has some problems because it uses deprecated PHP functions (ereg), and it doesn't seem to be developed anymore, so I was looking for a replacement.
j4age does the job. Thx
Reviews: 4
This component took just a few minutes to install and worked fantastically out of the box - thanks so much for great quality work!!! Love the format, the reports, everything about it - now if only I had more visitors :)
Reviews: 1
Ive tested many statistics extensions, but this one is the best so far.
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