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j4age statistics is an open-source project, which is supported by ecomize and it's technical team. j4age is an statistics component for the popular open-source CMS Joomla and has it roots based on the JoomlaStats component.

Technical Requirements
- PHP 5.x and above
- MySQL 4.x and above
- Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 1.6 native support

Restricted support for PHP 4.x and MySQL 3.x for the core component, but no guarantee for the migration/update process. This module is only handling IPv4 networks and not officially IPv6!

Few things you should know
- After installation, you have to run a Post-Installation process. That´s not because we want it that way, it´s more about getting control about issues with huge databases.
- Do not assign the j4age component to a menu item even if a link is shown up in your admin page for selection. The component itself has no public front-end part and you will see only a error message!!

- Most people install the activation module, but do not enable it or do assign it to a location, which is actually not used in their template like "left". Make sure, that you can see the Module title on your webpage, before hiding the title! Only then statistics are captured!
- An activation module must be set to "public" access, if you want to count all visits. If you set it to "registered" or "special" you would only count those visits
- If the module does not work, you can also download & install as alternative the activation plugin.
- Some people are complaining, that the activation module is not completely invisible on the webpage as a empty border is draw on the page. That´s because your template is adding styles, so simply try to find another active position, where the template is not adding styles. (As alternative use just the activation plugin)

Good to know

- j4age includes a migration mechanism to convert the existing JoomlaStats Version (until 3.0.4) to j4age
- j4age is collecting over the time alot of information, please keep in eye on your DB size


j4age is not Google Analytics, so please do not try to compare us one to one to them. Unlike Google Analytics we are open source and you can review our algorithms. It is hard to differentiate bots from regular visitors, especially as they try to pretend to be regular visitors. We have applied many advanced algorithms to get it under control and this will result into slightly different results between Google Analytics and us.


We will improve the "Cache" / History feature, so that you can drop data from the database without losing information on the Summary pages. We currently operating in a similar way, but a refectoring of the algorithms are required.

We also work further more advanced features, but more details are provied 2012.

*************** ATTENTION *****************
If you experience any problems, please contact us first on the j4age webpage!!

If you use j4age, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla

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Reviews: 5
Excellent component, straight forward...
I just coudn't figure out how to change its time zone config, since i can't access the local time on server.
Reviews: 5
this comp. together with server statistic gives full view for the flow on the web. Very useful, thanks for a great job!
Reviews: 38
Awersome component!
After a long search, I can confidently say it has no analogues!
Easy installation and a full statistics of your traffic.
Thank you very much guys.
I hope you will continue to develop your product is!
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded 4.0.2 on Joomla 1.5.22 and it works great. Straight forward and simple to install. Had a question about iPhone Safari not showing up and they replyed back quickly and solved the issue! Thanks guys for a great product!
Reviews: 1
Ii have been looking for a replacement of the joomla1.0 statistics component for our "NooLab" website and found this. It worked straight out of the "box", everything runs perfect. You not only see your visitors country; each visit is tracked down to individual page hits and the duration the page visit lasted.
There are only minor drawbacks, not decreasing the "excellent" of the vote: (1) the output of last-visitors module can not be easily formatted by css (some id is missing), (2) a statistics as per page across all visits is missing (at least I didnot find one). Again, excellent work!!!
Reviews: 7
If I had to give one weakness of j4age, it'd be that it does not actually log everything - it seems there's a small part of the activity that's sometimes missing, a click here and there that isn't logged.
Other than that, it's great and I'm quite happy with it. I can see precisely what my visitors are doing and what they seem to like, what parts of the site they visit and which ones they seem to ignore or maybe not see at all, and that's exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 3
I have seen a lot of component like this here in Joomla then I get it for trial and I said I will comment after a month of using it. But when I installed it I find it very amazing that’s why I commented after 1 hour of using it. Thanks to the developer of this extension. My Final word is get it now while its free because an extension like this should have a price.
Reviews: 1
I had been using JoomlaStats for few months until i found J4age. It's a great extension - easy to upgrade from JoomlaStats to J4age and still keep all of the statistics you have collected!
Reviews: 4
I tested the top stats extensions and in my option j4age is the best.
The only thing that is missing is and option to see how many users are using what version of Browsers for now it only shows the Browser name in the Browsers Tab.

And thanx for this good extension :)
Reviews: 3
I first found Joomlastats and couldn't for the life of me get it working, installed or anything. I kept reading and discovered that this is a fork of that project. I can only say BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! I got it set-up in about 7 minutes. It immediately started collecting stats and immediately I achieved ZEN!

I ran into the back end display component which had an error but it is in BETA and I actually prefer using just the component view.

The component is FAST. The COMPONENT is easy and completely intuitive.

I used the Activation Plugin after discovering that the module wouldn't publish. READ the very simple instructions. If the component doesn't seem to be working - make sure the module is properly active. If you can't figure it out JUST USE THE PLUGIN. I recommend the plugin as it's 5 less clicks anyway.

Bravo and thanks.

Owner's reply


thank you for the feedback and we will hopefully also solve the beta issues.

Regarding activation module or plugin I only want to add that you should choose the acivation module depending on the needs you have.

The plugin
You only have to install it and enable it to get everything working. j4age would in this case collect data of absolutely everything. Simple and easy

The module
A little bit more complicated, if you do not understand the Joomla module & template concept. Some people forget to assign it to an location, which is actually used by the template. However, you have far more control and you can restrict j4age to collect data only in specific scenarios (only registered users, only specific pages, etc.). Basic Rule / Self-Test: If the module title is selected to be displayed and you can't see the title on the webpage, j4age won't collect data!! P.S. Don't forget, that some templates do render some borders around modules at a specific location. You must change the location and press the thumbs, that the template designer is not tried to hard to do some special effects everywhere.

Hope this helps to do the right choice between the different activation options for j4age.

Enjoy this extension!!

Reviews: 2
I have been wanting to comment on this excellent component for some time now.

Top statistics. Visitor IP verification(must for credit card fraud), graphs, and the list goes on...
Plus when I emailed with a few issues concerning unicode slugs on my url links, SEF links and multi language support j4Age Team not only responded but released a new version with all of the above in a couple of days.

Keep up the great work guys and again a big thank you.
Reviews: 6
Than you very very much.As i said...simple & excellent work!!
Reviews: 1
Great tool for statistics. It's great to have a way to track visits so easily. Be aware during installation that the database update step may require 10 or more "Update all at Once" selections to complete. The developers were very responsive and let me know that this has to do with the database updates and limited number of redirects some browsers support. It worked great and the feedback during the process makes it pretty obvious that the install is moving forward.
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this plugin. It is really usefull. Go on improving it.
Reviews: 1
One word is enough for this tool “Excellent”.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded 4 other stats tools before this one and they all had some type of issue.


Install then sit back and watch the traffic come in. gives great information.

I would love something like this for my regular sites not using Joomla.

5 Stars. I hope to donate soon.
Owner's reply

actually you can also collect data from every non Joomla page as long it is using PHP.

You just have to adjust & add following lines to your PHP page

Just keep in mind, that you have to define the page title manually (or dynamically by your own code) and the path to the needs to be relative to your PHP file.

Contact me, if it is not working!

Reviews: 1
I've installed it on three domains and I like it very much. It's clear and straight.

I give 5 starrs also for the support.

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
I installed j4age on my website and encountered a problem with the module. I contacted the support team and they solved my problem very quickly.
j4age is an excellent component, simple and user-friendly.
Thanks a lot !
Reviews: 1
It's the best development that I know at the moment to collect data from visitors and have a killer view. But sadly the other day I found in the website of these developers that the project is on hold. Why guys?
Owner's reply

Nothing is on hold ... it was just reminder, that this project is living by receiving donations and we can't improve the component in the direction we want to go, without having the financial support. We've got less as 50 dollars in the past year and that's not enough to pay even the license fee to integrate more advanced services such as resolving the city names.

Reviews: 3
I've been using Joomstats for a long time on many sites. Recently one of my clients began to see odd things in their Joomstats reports. I began looking for a replacement, oddly there weren't many. I found j4Age and was very glad to find that it was a fork of Joomstats and greatly improved. This was the first site I upgraded to j4age and me and my client were very impressed. All the things that should have been done to Joomstats in the past have either already been addressed with j4age or are planned to be. I've had no problems with this application and have upgraded many of my other sites even though they were not having the same issues. All of my clients have been very thankfull for the upgrade. Keep up the good work guys.
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