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j4age statistics is an open-source project, which is supported by ecomize and it's technical team. j4age is an statistics component for the popular open-source CMS Joomla and has it roots based on the JoomlaStats component.

Technical Requirements
- PHP 5.x and above
- MySQL 4.x and above
- Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 1.6 native support

Restricted support for PHP 4.x and MySQL 3.x for the core component, but no guarantee for the migration/update process. This module is only handling IPv4 networks and not officially IPv6!

Few things you should know
- After installation, you have to run a Post-Installation process. That´s not because we want it that way, it´s more about getting control about issues with huge databases.
- Do not assign the j4age component to a menu item even if a link is shown up in your admin page for selection. The component itself has no public front-end part and you will see only a error message!!

- Most people install the activation module, but do not enable it or do assign it to a location, which is actually not used in their template like "left". Make sure, that you can see the Module title on your webpage, before hiding the title! Only then statistics are captured!
- An activation module must be set to "public" access, if you want to count all visits. If you set it to "registered" or "special" you would only count those visits
- If the module does not work, you can also download & install as alternative the activation plugin.
- Some people are complaining, that the activation module is not completely invisible on the webpage as a empty border is draw on the page. That´s because your template is adding styles, so simply try to find another active position, where the template is not adding styles. (As alternative use just the activation plugin)

Good to know

- j4age includes a migration mechanism to convert the existing JoomlaStats Version (until 3.0.4) to j4age
- j4age is collecting over the time alot of information, please keep in eye on your DB size


j4age is not Google Analytics, so please do not try to compare us one to one to them. Unlike Google Analytics we are open source and you can review our algorithms. It is hard to differentiate bots from regular visitors, especially as they try to pretend to be regular visitors. We have applied many advanced algorithms to get it under control and this will result into slightly different results between Google Analytics and us.


We will improve the "Cache" / History feature, so that you can drop data from the database without losing information on the Summary pages. We currently operating in a similar way, but a refectoring of the algorithms are required.

We also work further more advanced features, but more details are provied 2012.

*************** ATTENTION *****************
If you experience any problems, please contact us first on the j4age webpage!!

If you use j4age, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla

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Reviews: 3
I am using the Joomlastat on 2 sites and recently just migrated to J4age, in which the migration is quite smooth and the j4age component has excellent functionality (a new feature to purge the old stat. data to compact the db size) and nice look & feel~

It can definitely help everyone who need a good back-end statistics collector for visitors!! I highly recommend this one and it should be one of the Must-have component for joomla site~

However, I have to express my disappointment for the lack of visitors' counter like the one in joomlastat.... this counter is really really simple and MUST HAVE for the joomla website in front-end!!! Otherwise, how can we know and show the total no. of visitors (with today/yesterday visit no.)? Even there are rich of info. collected in back-end, the basic no. to show in front-end is a MUST. Please help to make a separate module for this like the joomlastat did!! Thanks~
Owner's reply

the modules are already available, just have another look on the download page.

Reviews: 1
hello guys

i really like the extension - the features are great. many thanks for making this publicly available!
want some idea for a new feature? i missed a module with a simple hit counter (just #of visitors + clicks into the pages) for the frontend.

thanks again!
Owner's reply


we have added some modules recently to our webpage. They are all in beta stage, but they should do their work.


Reviews: 1
This extension is a perfect one, i recommend it for anyone who needs to know every thing about his web-site visitors.
but for I have one problem with it. the problem is when I browse the page hits, the name of pages don't support Arabic language or Unicode 8 so the pages titles show like questions marks ????????.
I hope the developer can help me to fix it.
anyway i give it 5/5 because it deserves.
Owner's reply


this should actually work, but it depends on the encoding of the database. You have to make sure, that you are using a utf8 based encoding. If you have a different encoding, the database will be not able to hold the data.

If this issue persists, please contact us directly using the contact form on the webpage.


Reviews: 1
I like the tool very much, it give a lot of options for filtering and nice charts to display the collected data. I ignores the different menuitems of my JReviews installation, that's why I give a 4/5.
Owner's reply

j4age is operating as isolated solution and is not aware about any existing component. This probably also won´t change in the future. There are thousands of components available and everyone is having different expectations. I hope you understand, that we can´t start to interact with any component as this would slow down the response time of your webpage dramatically.

I would appreciate to rate our component based on the features we have compared to other similar components and not on the features you like to see, too.

Reviews: 5
I downloaded your component today and was really pleased at what is saw, its really great!
I always use JoomlaStats but now im going to use this for all websites. I had no trouble installing this.
I see on your website that you guys stopped working on this component, thats to bad! if this component looks like this now, what would it have been if you kept your work going.
Please users of this great script, write a great review and give them some paypal dollars :)
Owner's reply


no, we haven´t stopped working. We are just focused on getting the stable version out :)

Unfortunately we can not spent 100% of our time on this solution as we also have to live from something. Right now, we won´t be able to buy a few beers using the donations we got in the past year together.

Reviews: 1
It took me a month to figure out why Google Analytics results differ from j4age.
IPv6 are not counted correctly and there is any note about it.
Owner's reply


that's the thing about notes. You can't expect from us to provide you notes about issues, which were never reported to us.

I never saw one mail coming in, that reported issues regarding IPv6. You are actually the first one, who reported at all issues with totally incorrect records. You are very welcome to use the contact form on our webpage to provide us details about the issues, we normally respond within 24 hours.

We depend on your feedback and details for your issue to be able improve our application.

That's an open source project and it is for free. We know it is not perfect, but we constantly try improve the application in this direction.

Furthermore, it is not so easy to interpret the received data correctly especially the recognition of revisiting visitors - sounds easy, but it isn't. Be informed that Google Analytics and j4age is using different algorithms to evaluate the data, were producing similar results but not exactly 100% the same. Different to GS we as example try to identify bots, which try to be anonymous.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to here from you to review your ipv6 issue.



Reviews: 5
Thank you guys for this nice and powerfull component!
j4age has all i ever needed and more, all displayed in a nice way. Installation is a no-brainer.
And all for free :)
Reviews: 1
It's an excellent statistic tool for Joomla . It's support Thai language for keyword analysis .
Reviews: 6
J4age provides detailed and reliable statistics regarding who or whom is accessing your Joomla website.

The component is easy to work with and is invaluable as an analytical tool for maintaining a functional website. This is a standard for all websites I build (external or internal) the last few months. I have used many others, however this component is rock-solid, dependable and not resource intensive.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this feedback, but I have to correct one statement. j4age is quite resource intensive regarding Database and you should always keep an eye on the size.

In the mean time we have added a "Drop Data" functionality, which allows to release all captured statistical data until a specific date by just pressing one button.

I saw webpages which have collected 200MB within 2 years. A regular webpage will captured approx. 20MB every year. A private homepage around 2MB.

We constantly try to improve the response times and resource consumption, that´s why we are focused to take more advantage of our caching mechanism in the future.

Use it wisely and it won´t let you down :)

Reviews: 1
After trying several tools to have statistics about our website I finally installed j4Age, install and configuration was easy and quick and we were directly able to have the required information.
I hope the developers keep working on this great tool and make some extra modules for the public site.
Reviews: 23
Have been using joomlawatch up till yesterday. and I was satisfied, until I upgraded to the lastest version. I hate to have a lot of additional stuff on the site which distract any visitor. To get rid off the weblink attached to the joomlawatch icon was impossible (unless you purchased the adfree version). Without trying first: no way.
So I went to look for another web statistics extension. And j4age is really perfect. If you do not want to nothing will be shown on your webpages. Nevertheless the statistics and graphics in the back-end are really excellent. And when you have been using joomstats, j4age will upload these data from the database during the installation procedure.
It is so easy. When you are only intereste din nice features in the back-end, j4age is worth trying.
The deserve financial support that is for sure!
Reviews: 1
Best joomla statistics solution. No problems with database, no problems with server provider, no problems at all. Great work, thanks!
Reviews: 3
Works perfect all the things i always wanted to have in joomstats.
Also the migration is eaaaaaasy.
Reviews: 3
I've been using this tool now for approx 2 months, it blows google analytics clean out of the water. The stats provided are reliable, i've checked them against both awstats and webaliser and they're provided in a very user friendly way. Unlike webaliser and awstats however, stats here are updated on the fly, as visits are happening, so there's no waiting 24hrs for an update like i have with my cPanel. Recommended big time A+++
Reviews: 1
This is a must have for any site. I am using this on my site now without complaints. The only suggestion I can ask for is the ability to view the graphs on my admin control panel so that I dont have to go to the trouble of going to components. If not on the admin control panel, create a flying bar, so that I can see the details of my site immediately wherever I am in my admin site.
Reviews: 4
Initially, JOOMLASTATS catches one's eye for a statistics module. However j4AGE needs to be the statistics module to use. The addition of an extension installer within an extension was initially confusing but once figured out, realized just how valuable the process. It should be a convention utilized by other extension developers. While I was impressed with what I saw in JOOMLASTATS, I was always bothered by the apparent lack of update in recent time frames. I am always on guard as to the state of continuing development and support. j4AGE is apparently the extension of choice with continuing development and support. Thankfully, I have discovered j4AGE before getting more than a couple of JOOMLASTATS installs. j4AGE is definitely the statistics component of choice. As addendum, I much prefer onsite statistics processing over feeding advantages to the GOOGLE types.
Reviews: 1
I used Joomlastats for a month , it has an ugly interface. j4age is just perfect for now.

Keep it up!
Good works...
Reviews: 1
This is a must have component if you are serious about the website. I only installed a few minute ago and already very impressive with the data.

The presentation is also very good too. I have google analytics installed but always not 100% trust the data, now I can reconcile the two.

Reviews: 18
I liked Joomlastats but wanted something more informative. This software really gives lots of detail. I had difficulty with the installation and the support was quick and amazingly helpful, they installed the software for me: the problem was with my database. Everything is now working well. Just waiting for a front end module to display to visitors but the team are working on that. Thank you for an excellent programme.
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent component that should be in all web developers toolkits. I tried JoomlaStats which was OK but then I discovered j4age and very quickly removed the alternatives.

It is very easy to install and activate. Had no problems at all importing my existing statistical records from JoomlaStats. A very smooth transition.

Had a slight issue with the component and lodged a question via their website and was extremely pleased to receive an email response within minutes. Several email exchanges later and the problem was isolated. This is service at the highest level.

With this level of support, I am sure that this product will continue to develop and surpass the high standards already set.
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