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Content Statistics ModulePlugin

Complete cross-extension statistics recording and report system for Joomla, full activity stream logs for admins.
Monitor everything that happens in your site without the need of an external tool like Google Analytics.
Analytics right into your Joomla site, graphic reports.
It can work with any Joomla extension and component: K2,com_content,DOCman,JomSocial,Community Builder,VirtueMart,Mosets Tree,ZOO,JoomGallery,EasyBlog,SobiPro...
Show popularity rankings and content evolution reports using the ultra configurable modules served with it. Know how many people sees your Joomla articles, K2 items, Community Builder profiles, JomSocial pages, track DOCman document downloads, VirtueMart item sales along the week, months and years. The definitive Graphic Statistics and Rankings system for Joomla offers you all you need to complete your site with beautiful Google Charts reports of your stats. Its high versatile plugin system makes this extension integrate perfectly with every area of your site, without needing to worry about your component updates

-Acitvity log for admins. know WHO did WHAT, WHEN and from WHERE. multiple filters available
-Dynamic interactive SVG and HTML5 graphics, support for all browsers including iPad, iPhone, Android...
-Responsive graphics
-Display all info or "unique visitors" info
- CSV & Excel data export
- Purge old data
Make rankings and evolution reports graphs of:
-User registrations
-User logins
-Article edition, creation, deletion, publish/unpublish, trash, archive
-Extension install/uninstall
-Module add, edit, archive, publish/unpublish
-Plugin publish/unpublish
-Top viewed articles
-Top viewed categories
-Top viewed sections
-Top viewed documents
-Top downloaded documents
-Top purchased products
-Top reviewed products (optional: define a rating)
-Top grossing products
-Top viewed user profiles
-Top viewed photo albums
-Top viewed videos
-Top viewed groups
-Top commented videos
-Top commented groups
-Most popular topics (views)
-Most popular topics (posts)
-Most Thank Yous
-Members who were thanked the most
-Members who thanked the most
-Members who posted the most
-Top viewed autor pages (blogs)
-Top commented articles
-Most voted articles (optional: define a rating)

many possible filters:
-Current category
-Current autor
-Specific category
-Specific autor
-All category/article/section (equivalent to no filter)

optionaly filter by user options:
-Current vieweing user (actions done only by that user)
-Specific user (actions done only by that user)

any timeframe:
-Last hour / 6 hours / 12 hours
-Last day / 3days / 5 days
-Last week / 2 weeks
-Last month / 6 months
-Last year
-All time

Many graphic charts available:
-Line charts
-Area charts
-Column charts
-Pie charts
-Stepped area charts
-Line charts (smooth)
-Column stacked
-Area stacked
-MAP charts

-IP geo-location: draw Map charts from your visitors (Country/State/City)

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
I purchased JoomlaThat Content Statistics a few months ago, as i needed to display statistics and analytic charts on my Joomla components activities, these included JomSocial and also EasyBlog. Everything worked straight away and The Content Statistics modules did everything i needed and more.

I am able to display a wide range of modern, and cutting-edge analytic charts on the front-end of my Joomla site that display statistics from my Joomla components. There are also Joomla Administrator modules that allow you to create your own unique dashboard in the back-end of Joomla, that allow you to monitor various activities on the front-end of your Joomla installation.

I also had to request support recently as updates were required to make sure that Content Statistics works with the latest release of JomSocial, and JoomlaThat support were quick to help me make the updates. JoomlaThat provides high quality Joomla extensions and really great support!

I have had a great experience with JoomlaThat.
Reviews: 1
The product works well & the support received was very professional
Reviews: 1
Content Statistics did exactly what was advertised and what we needed it to do. Well designed with great support and quality custom plugin development!
Reviews: 1
I bought Site Analytics to provide users of my photographic community site the means to see how often their work (or multiple pieces of work) was viewed. Site Analytics did exactly what I needed it to do and more - offering great flexibility and great visual representation of the data.

I had some issues with the map module that transpired to be due to issues that were beyond the control of the developers, Joomla That. The support provided from the outset was fantastic - prompt, friendly and comprehensive at all stages.
Reviews: 2
I use Content Statistics on SobiPro. I run a scientific journal with 1000s of entries, which I need to monitor.
I went for a subscription with JoomlaThat, the people behind this extension. The extension is superb, offering you tens of different graphics and hundreds of possibilities. My personal SobiPro configuration is a bit particular, hence I had a small issue integrating CS and SP which I could not solve myself. I contacted support at JoomlaThat and have to admit that I had never had such a 1-to-1 assistance. They dealt with my issue professionally and very efficiently, deep-researching my web, reverse-engineering my sobi configuration at even database level and finally finding my issue. JoomlaThat are people you can trust and outstanding professionals which have pushed joomla analytics to unparalleled levels.
Yes, I do recommend this extensions
Reviews: 1
I purchased the extended pro version and I'm very pleased and impressed with the variety of graphics I'm able to create. At first I had trouble understanding how to create all the different content but just one email to customer support and Germi got me started, now I get how easy it is. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I am very happy about this extension and the support offered. I needed complementary functionnalities concerning the "extended Activitylog". The support was very good and very fast.

Excellent job!
Reviews: 1
I bought this component, install it, without any problem. It's work very good.

I needed help to clarify some doubts and I sent a mail to customer support, that was very good customer service. Amazing! The answer was clearly and faster.
Reviews: 5
Very nice and good extension and very fast support
Reviews: 5
One of the best extensions I have recently purchased. I originally used this for Jomsocial and K2 and after requesting a plugin for Joomgallery the developer came back very quickly with exactly what I required.

Support was almost immediate when I posted on the support forums which is pretty rare. Definately recommended, has lots of features and configuration options available.

Reviews: 3
I've been looking for a way to track statistics other than Google Analytics and this module fits the bill! I provides a clean, easy to use and flexible means of providing statistics for non-expert users. Google can be intimidating for some folks and this extension provides the means to deliver results that are easy to understand for our management team!

Great and extremely timely support by Content Statistics staff!
Reviews: 2
The extension is very handy, but the greatest thing is the support they offer. I need extra functionalities not included, and Germi was very helpful to develope these for me at a very reasonable price. The answer was immediate and the job very fast. Very good support indeed!
Reviews: 3
Amazing! Finally an extension that works with all types of extensions, I wanted something that worked with K2 and I saw that this extension also works with DOCman or Kunena!
Very easy setup and great design!
You can also make all kinds of reports about anything. Good job!
Reviews: 7
this is great, works out of the box. You don't have to worry about configuring anything. It just works. Thanks!

Great versatility, and besides k2, it also works for kunena, and it seems to be ready for others. it's just better than what i expected.

if you need statisitics or to rank stuff in your joomla page, dont doubt. amazing value at cheap price!
Reviews: 2
Flexible and easy. Reports can be made extremely easily, with google charts too. K2 statistics, but also docman and kunena: I was reaaaally looking for this! No need to look for any other joomla statistics extension now!
Reviews: 2
That's exactly what I needed and have been looking for in vain for months... Well done, well conceived, nothing is missing! My thanks to the software engineer!
Reviews: 2
for anyone already using K2 and Kuena. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Reports, rankings and K2 statistics can be created without any effort. Very easy to set up and configure.
Reviews: 6
I'm no an expert in Joomla, but its clear that the difference between this extension for Joomla statistics and others is tht with this one you can use TIMEFRAMES
I wanted to create rankings of my joomla articles which I use in my site as a blog. Until now, all I could find where just hit counters, that do not give a time dimension.
With this extension, however, you can show rankings in the week, month, etc,which gives you very good options to display the statistics
I just use it for joomla articles, but it is pretty impressive that it actually works with any other joomla extension... Maybe I'kk use it with other extensions in the future if I need to make reports or anything

This was alsoas simple as it gets to install. No problems, all smooth, nothing to configure. I had a couple of questions that were asnwered very quickly and efficiently on the forum by their team

I'm so happy with this, that's why I'm making this review. Well worth the money.