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Yireo Piwik Plugin

Editor's Note
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Piwik is not only powerful because it offers a self-hosted replacement for GoogleAnalytics. But it also offers non-JavaScript-based statistics, based on an PHP API, which bypasses the new cookie-regulations of the EU. This plugin does not offer the JavaScript-based solution, it only offers the PHP API.

Report Extension



Reviews: 10
Ideal solution if you want the power of Piwik reporting without the negative impact on PageSpeed or YSlow ratings of additional script calls.

As for EU regulations: This cookieless API solution collects more information than cookieless script calls.
Reviews: 52
With this neat little plugin, it's easy to integrate piwik into joomla, and do it the right way.
This one uses the Piwik PHP API, instead of embedding (yet another) javascript to your page.
So now you don't rely on the users browser having javascript enabled, it will register the hit even with the javascript disabled.
I had a problem with it registering a hit for every ajax load, and they fixed it within 5 minutes, and that is for a free extension! Can't beat that...