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eorisis: Piwik Plugin

eorisis Piwik Plug-in connects your Joomla website with your Piwik Analytics so you can choose different settings from various of options through the plug-in.

Compatible with Joomla 1.6 to 3.3 Series
One Installation Package / Fresh Install or Upgrade.


- Uses the latest Piwik API to transfer the data to your Piwik server with Auth Token.
- Tracking Methods supported: JavaScript with Image Fallback, JavaScript Only, Image Only, Server Side.
- Uses the latest Piwik JS tracking code (Asynchronous JavaScript).
- CloudFlare CDN Support with multiple options.
- MaxMind GeoIP Database Support with multiple options.
- Send the IP of your choice to Piwik (Server Side Tracking).
- Set Goals based on referrer.
- Track RSS/Atom feeds Server Side.
- Custom Domain (FQDN) for the website with Scheme choice.
- Custom Domain for Cross-Domain Tracking.
- Country, Region, City, Latitude/Longitude, Local Time (and more) can be sent to Piwik using GeoIP.
- The time for a visit can be based on your Joomla timezone.
- Select the Tracking Area to be, Site (Front End), Administrator (Back End), or Both.
- Improved statistics accuracy by storing the Piwik Visitor ID to the Joomla session with option.
- Bots, Spiders and Services can be ignored, excluded or included to the statistics separately.
- Custom Lists for excluding IPs, User-Agent strings, Hostnames and Referrers.
- Log Visits to File with choices, split the log, have a custom filename, custom path, or set file permissions.
- Do-Not-Track (DNT) Support for all tracking methods. Respects the visitor's choice.
- Cookies can be enabled or disabled.
- Cross-Domain Tracking Support.
- Choose the position of the tracking code in the document (head or body) when using JavaScript or Image Tracking.
- Enable or Disable tracking Local Area Network IP ranges (LAN).
- Set Custom Variables for Visitor and Page View. They can be Enabled/Disabled separately for each tracking method or globally.
- Custom Variables can be dynamic, i.e., Logged In/Guest User, Site/Administrator Area, Name, Username, Registration Date or Site Language.
- Custom Page Title options when using Image Tracking (i.e., a Page Title Suffix).
- Track a Goal when Image Tracking is in the selected tracking method and used.
- The Scheme for Image Tracking can be set to Auto, http, https, or Scheme Relative.
- Set the Campaign Query Parameter Names (Name and/or Keyword).
- Hide known alias clicks to URLs of the site domain.
- Custom List for the Alias URLs.
- Add the Domain name to the reports Page Title.
- Minify/Compress the Tracking Code (Javascript and Image) to gain performance.
- Tracking can take place in both Online and Offline site modes.
- Uses the native Joomla Update system (You can upgrade to the latest version directly from your website).
- Information Tab: Server Version Check and Release Notes (Does not auto-check for update).
- All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.

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