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JV Counter ModulePlugin

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This module helps you sum up the amount of visitors who has been visited your website. The statistics data is shown in sub-tab list: today, yesterday, week, month and total. The mentioned data (the number of visitors) may take the important role when the website owner wants to evaluate the website’s effectiveness in marketing activities or just estimate the attractiveness of it. So, if you run a business website and you want to know the amount of your website visitors, the JV Counter may be the right choice for you. Download and install the JV Counter on your website and it could give you some ideas to promote your business.
• Show the statistics data of Today- Yesterday- Week- Month- Total.
• Show the information of guest online: IP address. 
• Show the name of member.
• Support various digit styles.
changelog: v1.0.0.0
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Reviews: 13
See review below "Lot of problem with this extension". Confirmed by me! This extension is a page killer.
Reviews: 4
a very nice visitor counter, work perfect and yes I recommend it for everyone.
Reviews: 1
I install this extension on 3 different sites. After that i got many recurring problems. Because of this extension my sites been down, i loose lot of visitors and lot of time to find out that this extension swallowing all the memory of my server and generated many bugs...

I was so disappointed, especially because with just a quick look in internet i find out that many peoples get the same issues and nothing is done to solve it... except deleting this extension from my site.

I even try to install the last version and try to find a solution from the developer... nothing could solve it.

If you are like me and you don't like to be shame seeing your business websites down and displaying errors to your visitors.... Just pass your way...
Reviews: 4
Easy to install;
Clear functions and multiple options;
Only module that doesn't have hiden links;

Reviews: 2
Hits of this module (with Joomla 2.5) not working perfectly
And also a system plugin of this module absorbs php memory
Very fair module :(
Reviews: 2
On two sites that normally receive 20-30 hits a day JV Counter was reporting 800-1000 hits a day which is clearly wrong. I played around with the time offset but this seemed to make very little difference also no instructions are given as to what this setting does.

A shame as this is a nice counter that integrates well in to Joomla.

Reviews: 1
How can i change the languague for this module. Im from colombia and i need the mod in spanish thank you excellente work !!!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to config, also styles to change, and it worked!
Reviews: 9
I found this module worked straight away and was effective on my site. It has good presentation with a choice of styles available.
The only problem I have is that the display does not resize with the rest of the website, so when displayed on an Ipad (for example) the module projects beyond the edge of the page and appears awkward. I tried using settings for the module class suffix, including "_menu", but none seemed to affect the display in any way.
Reviews: 4
If it isn't going to work "out the box" then it's a waste your time

JV counter is waste of your time!
Reviews: 43
I just wanted a simple visitor counter for a client Joomla 1.7 website. I tried several and found that this one is perfect. There are a few styles to choose from so I am able to make it fit in with the template I am using and it looks great. Thanks!
Reviews: 7
Just what I needed, simple, easy to configure and it works like a charm!