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Extended User Info Module

Extended User Info Module v4.0.0 for Joomla! 2.5.x.

Displays a bunch of information about the site visitors computer system. The module is easy to use and is Extremely configuarable. And the module is XHTML 1.0 Transitional valid!

*New* Improved Administrator interface

*New* HTML code is allowed in ALL the text fields

*New* Module now includes the user Country Flags identified via their IP address

* It obtains the information through various Javascript and PHP functions.

* ALL options, including the titles, can be set to display - or not!

* All Labels can be changed to your own description and/or language.

* There is a 'Free Form' field included that you can add your own 'static' information into. You can include HTML code into the field and, if you want, you could disable all other options and just display that info!

UserInfo Display Options:
-IP address
-Country Flag and Name
-browser type and version
-Number of pages visited in session
-Operating system and version
-CPU version
Plugins Status including:
-Flash and version
-Windows Media Player
-Quicktime Player
-Acrobat Reader
-SVG Viewer
Misc Settings including:
-Screen resolution
-Languages installed
- Brower
- User
- Systes
-Javascript base version
-Javascript engine
-CSS stylesheets
-Smooth fonts
-Show images
-User Time
-User Date
-Static Info with HTML capabilities

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