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Forget waiting 24 hours for data in Google Analytics, see your visitors NOW as they are browsing your website. Discover behaviour patterns and why they left your web. Anti-spam will help you to get rid of spam bots. No large amount of data in DB !

Your Visitors

► I would like to know what's going on on my website right now..
See what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time, who's looking at what, and where they're from

► I don't know how users are using my website...
Everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site and tracking your visitors data
What browsing habits do your visitors have?
"Helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems"

► Who is currently online on my website and where the are, and when they leave?
"It is impressive and scares me how many are reading my articles"

Traffic Sources

► How people found my site and what words they used to find it?
Our tool will tell you from which search result number visitors found your website when using google and how many times

► What's percentage of traffic from social media?
With our tool you can track visits from facebook, twitter, google search, google ads and other


► Is there someone trying to harm my website?
You can identify harmful bots and easily block them
Is there someone trying to attack my site? Can I prevent that?
You can identify possible attackers on your site, and prevent any new

► I'm getting tons of SPAM-Attacks!
Maintain most used bad words list to identify spamming. "Just enabling the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%"
I'd like to BAN some visitors from using my website or countries
With ban feature, you are able to see a list of all banned IP's and then a clean way to un-ban them


► I'd like to see, who's on my website from my mobile phone
With our free app you can see your visitors as they are on your web right now just by simple one-touch from your mobile phone

► Right.. but I'm administering more websites.
You'll get an email every midnight, so you can read it in the morning to see how your websites perform

► Data Privacy
I don't want to share these sensitive visitor information with Google Analytics
With our tool they are in YOUR private database and in your control

update: 2014-07-11:
- significant performance optimizations

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Reviews: 1
This is maybe one of the best extensions they ever exists for tracking and analyse the behavior of you site vistiors. I bought it one year ago and I can't compare it with other tracking software such as google analytics and piwik. This one is thousend times easier and get you exactlly the input to know what users are looking for in your site. The best of all is the great support from Developer Site to face issue in less than one hour and its assesment for our specific problem.

This extension is strongly recomment and will be very usefull before make any change in your site structure in order to reach better expirience for users... with google something impossible!!
Reviews: 1
Hi i think it is great extension but if the developer has been put more distinctive CSS class in the joomla watch visitors module so every one can style it with out problem it would really better because every websites has its own style requirement Thanks
Owner's reply

Hi, JW appends it's own class to the front-end tables so you're able to write such CSS to style only that table the way you want. Please drop me an email, I'll show you how to style it properly / or we can discuss about some other ideas you might have regarding the styling which might be improved. Thank you.

Reviews: 1
I install this stuff...and after not more then 5 minutes, got it working...
I find this really amazing stuff, and i even not have pro version....:)
Reviews: 2
Hi, i’m using this toy since 2 year, its simple i now cannot live without it, i’m a blogger using joomla since its beggining, with joomla watch you cant track all you visitor, you can knwon all your referer an have real statistic, btw joomla watch is the ONLY compomoment who offer a REAL visitor counter who is reflecticting strict REALITY (and i have tried many)

Bty you can instantly ban the bad guy who are scanning your site, and the coder matej offer real time support even if he are on mail on his phone ! (true) this is why a do this review, i’m an old programmer and i know how to feel a good piece of code,

And trust me this software is a good one…

Best regards,

Reviews: 1
Its good, but could improve and facilitate ways to update.
Reviews: 2
It works, simple, fast, precise, clear. Great real time customer support. I paid 16 euro to give them a chance to go further in developing for Joomla!!!
Reviews: 5
Joomlawatch, now ExtraWatch is mine most used component in Joomla backend. It is first thing I do after I login to backend - I check what is going on on the website. I'm using this amazing component more than 6 months daily without single issue. It helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems (especially useful for registered users and their activities). It helped me to block website from unwanted spam and crawlers. I use it more often than google analytics even if they also offer realtime analytics - it has low value compared to joomlawatch. I'm happy that I purchased lifetime license so I can get cool updates like last one - heatmaps (just this will save you lot of money). Developer is responsive and focused on details - and best of all - component has very low price (I would say small donation for such component).

Few suggestions, just nice to have -extras :
- integration of google charts in historical reports
- few default historical line charts with tables for last 12months, 6months, 3months, 1month (with time unit month, week or day)

Thank you Matej Koval for such amazing component!
Reviews: 3
I love this component. It is easy, fast and best of all the support is awesome. I ended up buying the pro version simply because of its vast use. I recommend it on all sites and on all my commercial sites I have my clients buy it as well.
Reviews: 4
First minute LOVED it !
second minute bought the Pro version !
Support was VERY fast and very helpful !
I think there aren't any more features you may ask for !
very highly recommended !!!
Reviews: 6
Have the pro version installed on 5 sites (will be 6 as I'm buying one more today) and the free running on several others. The developer has definitely put out a great product. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
An amazing component, in real time.
Soon I will buy the full version!
Reviews: 2
When I started using this just under a month ago I wasn't sure what it would be like but thought it would be worth a shot. My primary concern was and is keeping track of traffic and this extension does just that. Many of the other aspects seem quite useful and judging from what I've seen thus far they will be so. The only thing I would like to see as improvement (unless it's there and I've missed it) is the ability to go directly to WHOIS from an IP. Since that is hardly a problem, I say JoomlaWatch is just what I wanted and is as advertised!
Owner's reply

You can easily do that in your current version: just open Settings -> Appearance and change the default url:{ip} to:{ip}/

{ip} will be replaced by the actual IP address, and the WHOIS detail will be open every time you click on the globe icon in Live Stats.

Reviews: 1
Great component, very convenient and multifunctional! And most importantly very fast support in solving the existing problems. I advise everyone to use!
Reviews: 1
For a Joomla website, the layout and functionality of the web site is dismal.

Forums seem restricted to paid users for, though I registered, never found a link to start a new topic. I can contribute to supporting others all I want but not seek support.

I can understand ticketed direct support restricted to paying users. But for those getting to learn the extension and needing assistance to debug installation the arrangement experienced does not follow the spirit of Open Source.

Online documentation is not legible due to an iframe or other container that is too wide for the width of a middle column on a 4:3 aspect ratio of 1280x1024. This screen dimension is still a standard in web design and should be respected.

Lastly, navigation system is horrible with transparency of the menu background so low text of middle column interferes with choosing sub-options of the menu fly-out
Owner's reply

Hi, first of all I must say that I'm quite sad. Not because of only one star, but because of fact that this review is very unfair.
I can cope with a constructive critics, but not in case that most things are simply untrue.

"For a Joomla website, the layout and functionality of the web site is dismal." - I rearranged it many times, removed unrelated articles, etc.
The whole website contains approximately 4 250 indexed pages! from which 2773 are the forum topics..
But ok, there is still a space for improvement and I'll do my best to make it most convenient for our users.

"Forums seem restricted to paid users for, though I registered, never found a link to start a new topic". - This is also untrue.
It's free for everyone and always will be. I'm of course paying more attention to tickets from customers, but you can check if
the forum topics are answered or not.. The "start new topic" link is the first one which appears
if hover over Forum link in menu. I can place it in more places so users can find it more easily.
I just wonder why didn't you contacted me directly. There is the "Contact Us" link on every page in heading..

"Online documentation is not legible due to an iframe or other container that is too wide for the width of a middle column on a 4:3 aspect ratio of 1280x1024."
- I found that it was caused by bad way how Joomla rendered the content of a category (2 columns). There is no "iframe".. and it has to do nothing with 4:3 aspect ratio.
But if we're talking about resolution, there were some users who complained that they were not able to view website in "1024x768", we have also some users with disabilities.
That's why it's optimized for this resolution.
Regarding the documentation - the truth is, that there are 12 professional articles to be completed on JoomlaWatch functionality at the end of this week.
There are also multiple instructional videos on JoomlaWatch functionality and there is more to come :)

"Lastly, navigation system is horrible with transparency of the menu background so low text of middle column interferes with choosing sub-options of the menu fly-out"
- please send me a screenshot how it interferes, no-one ever complained about that. If you or other users experience such a problem, please send me an email or submit it via contact form. contains a menu too .. This menu system is very effective, because you simply cannot fit everything on one page and it allows you to find things in one click.

For all other users - if there's anything I can help you with, in case you have any problems, feel free to contact me via link in heading of the website.. Have a nice day

Reviews: 2
After having used Joomlawatch for several months, I had to reinstall it when upgrading to Joomla! 2.5 and Joomlawatch 1.2.18. Unfortunately I did not have a record of my license key.

I submitted a helpdesk ticket in this regard, expecting to wait at least a few hours for a reply. Lo and behold, literally four minutes later Matej responded with my license key and my site was fully functional again.

This goes beyond customer satisfaction. I'd call it customer delight.
Reviews: 2
Joomlawatch is a component every Joomla site builder and owner should install. JW gives you an advantage with your site by reporting and gauging pertinent site activities. We depend on this component and its accuracy daily, therefore give it 10 stars recommendation! Most importantly, the support that this company provides with the product is second to none!
Reviews: 2
This extension gives you information about your visitors on your site. Whith some usefull functions, I can tell you the pro version is your money worth.

With great and fast support, thanks Codegravity!
Reviews: 1
Had JW installed and running to full satisfaction on one domain and decided to install it also on another one. That domain was hosted differently and there was a problem with the resolution of a variable returning an essential IP. Thanks to Matej (the developer) who put in an enormous effort this problem got solved and JW performs super.
Great tool with absolutely GREAT support
Reviews: 6
good very good component, working exellent
Reviews: 1
I downloaded thinking not much, but I was wrong, the component is just fantastic, very good! I'm going to buy the commercial version of this component to have enjoyed so much and not too expensive! Congratulations!!
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