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Forget waiting 24 hours for data in Google Analytics, see your visitors NOW as they are browsing your website. Discover behaviour patterns and why they left your web. Anti-spam will help you to get rid of spam bots. No large amount of data in DB !

Your Visitors

► I would like to know what's going on on my website right now..
See what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time, who's looking at what, and where they're from

► I don't know how users are using my website...
Everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site and tracking your visitors data
What browsing habits do your visitors have?
"Helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems"

► Who is currently online on my website and where the are, and when they leave?
"It is impressive and scares me how many are reading my articles"

Traffic Sources

► How people found my site and what words they used to find it?
Our tool will tell you from which search result number visitors found your website when using google and how many times

► What's percentage of traffic from social media?
With our tool you can track visits from facebook, twitter, google search, google ads and other


► Is there someone trying to harm my website?
You can identify harmful bots and easily block them
Is there someone trying to attack my site? Can I prevent that?
You can identify possible attackers on your site, and prevent any new

► I'm getting tons of SPAM-Attacks!
Maintain most used bad words list to identify spamming. "Just enabling the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%"
I'd like to BAN some visitors from using my website or countries
With ban feature, you are able to see a list of all banned IP's and then a clean way to un-ban them


► I'd like to see, who's on my website from my mobile phone
With our free app you can see your visitors as they are on your web right now just by simple one-touch from your mobile phone

► Right.. but I'm administering more websites.
You'll get an email every midnight, so you can read it in the morning to see how your websites perform

► Data Privacy
I don't want to share these sensitive visitor information with Google Analytics
With our tool they are in YOUR private database and in your control

update: 2014-07-11:
- significant performance optimizations

update: 2014-11-17:
- site requires registration before downloading free version (to be able to notify users in case of any important issues fixed)

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Reviews: 2
Really great functionality component it is like your own google analytic even better it shows live data and so much more.Installs with two click and it does what it is said to do... and that is really a lot.

The UI is giving me a brain hemorrhage. Really painful to look at. Cramming all available information on one page does not make you process it. On contrary it makes you ignore it or get lost in it. The reason that stopped me from giving the maximum.

To the developer/s:
You are amazing programmer/s no doubts about it. BUT pleeeeez hire a (interaction)designer to do the UI for the component. No offense meant.

Reviews: 2
the good news : it works like a charm on J! 1.5.22
the bad news : it is too addictive !

No problem at all. Very good job.
Reviews: 2
very good component, easy to install and use, install the component and agent module and visitor module, then enable each. It also can be displayed in frontend.

thank author for great job.
Reviews: 4
what a great component.
had just a little issue after installation, cause i didn't chmodded properly the specified directories.
once done, it works like a charm. you can follow every visitor, look at his route, look at the referrer sites in real time.
fantastic component, I donated 9 euros after ten minutes I started using it. thank you guys
Reviews: 1
The module is presenting incorrect data.
Reviews: 6
Left it installed for over 2 weeks and the information it was giving was total nonsense. Every day it reports differently to my server stats.

I then try it real time - I know visitors are there because I IRC them to test it. No sign of them - even tomorrow, yet they are in my server logs following day.

Will try something a bit easier to understand.
Owner's reply

Hi, this might be because you didn't have the correct timezone of your joomla system or user. If you didn't see any visitors, also in Live Stats module, you probably didn't have the essential joomlawatch agent installed and published in frontend. There is an installation video how to do that. Even though many people use this extension without issues like this one, I will try to make things even more clear and user-friendly in upcoming version.

Reviews: 20
Fantastic component! Installed quick and worked right of out the box with no problems at all. I have web stats in Google Analytics and my hosting CPanel... but this is SO much easier, plus I can keep an eye on visitors and especially bots. This is something that should be put in core, in my opinion.

Oh yeah: It does display ads in the backend... but so what? Only admins see it and it's NO big deal!

Kudos to the developer. This is a truly great piece of work!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an objective statistical module, and after trying several products I've stayed at JoomlaWatch. Great job! I wish you good luck from Czech Republic. :-)
Reviews: 1
One is the time on the main page (it's off by a whole day)

Second is the ban feature, you should be able to see a list of all banned ip's and then a clean way to un-ban them. With these 2 items fixed, it's an excellent product.
Owner's reply

Well, the site was offline because of the 3rd party extension I installed a day ago. I noticed that today at approx. 11 AM. After uninstall, everything was back to normal. My apologies, it was really unpredictable.
Regarding your second point: you can see the list of all banned IP's in Anti-spam tab. How do you imagine the better way to unban them? Thank you for any ideas.

Reviews: 9
I am impressed with Joomlawatch !

The information it produces, in real time, is better than watching TV. This is a must for any Joomla site admin who wants to know what is happening on their site.

Worked straight out of the zip archive :)
Reviews: 1
I use it in 5 of my joomla sites. Very helpfull.
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 6
This one of the few must have products for any site you create! Real time data and spam help that truly works. Just clicking the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%!

The only reason and probably the only down side to the product is the extremely slow tech support. I do understand, there is a pay version for faster support. It you dont pay, you might not see help for a pretty long time. The good thing is, that once it's working, it WORKS!
Reviews: 7
This Component is a must-have for every website based on Joomla!
The actual Version helps also preventig SPAM-Attacks over POST-Froms. Great Job!
Reviews: 1
Excellent job. Easy to install and use.
Reviews: 1
All my web. i install joomlawatch for watch every person came to my web, for Optimize my SEO.

thank you mann.
Reviews: 1
works pretty nicely, don't mind the ads either but having the icon on every page of my site just doesn't fit.
can be hiden all right but then you have to pay so... won't keep it.
Great tool but not for my needs.
Reviews: 1
I had been using on my old non-Joomla site and it was always nice to see live stats. JoomlaWatch blows that out of the water with so many stat options to view... very impressive. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
Their website states: "The download link will appear here then. To deactivate the ads in your version - use the donate buttons below (if available)."

So, if you don't pay there are ads... Thats COMMERCIAL!!
Owner's reply

you are right, I've changed it to Commercial and added this section to description to make it more clear for users:

> 2 flavors available: or 9 EUR / 15 EUR (+ prioritized when answering support questions, link on donation page) (optional)

Reviews: 1
Hi everybody,
Convenient and easy to use

Thank You for making JoomlaWatch
Reviews: 1
Works very well. Easy to install and use.
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