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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
Forget waiting 24 hours for data in Google Analytics, see your visitors NOW as they are browsing your website. Discover behaviour patterns and why they left your web. Anti-spam will help you to get rid of spam bots. No large amount of data in DB !

Your Visitors

► I would like to know what's going on on my website right now..
See what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time, who's looking at what, and where they're from

► I don't know how users are using my website...
Everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site and tracking your visitors data
What browsing habits do your visitors have?
"Helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems"

► Who is currently online on my website and where the are, and when they leave?
"It is impressive and scares me how many are reading my articles"

Traffic Sources

► How people found my site and what words they used to find it?
Our tool will tell you from which search result number visitors found your website when using google and how many times

► What's percentage of traffic from social media?
With our tool you can track visits from facebook, twitter, google search, google ads and other


► Is there someone trying to harm my website?
You can identify harmful bots and easily block them
Is there someone trying to attack my site? Can I prevent that?
You can identify possible attackers on your site, and prevent any new

► I'm getting tons of SPAM-Attacks!
Maintain most used bad words list to identify spamming. "Just enabling the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%"
I'd like to BAN some visitors from using my website or countries
With ban feature, you are able to see a list of all banned IP's and then a clean way to un-ban them


► I'd like to see, who's on my website from my mobile phone
With our free app you can see your visitors as they are on your web right now just by simple one-touch from your mobile phone

► Right.. but I'm administering more websites.
You'll get an email every midnight, so you can read it in the morning to see how your websites perform

► Data Privacy
I don't want to share these sensitive visitor information with Google Analytics
With our tool they are in YOUR private database and in your control

update: 2014-07-11:
- significant performance optimizations

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Reviews: 20
A brilliant and usefull extension, works smooth and makes the job very easy, especialy for those who dont want (or dont know how) to use the hosting panel each time they want to see statistics. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
This is one of the few extensions that can truly be rated excellent. It comes with a clear installation instructions file, it works, and it's free. What else can you ask for?

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Extremely useful component to monitor activities. Great job! TNX.
Reviews: 1
It may not look the best, but does the job and best part is that its FREE. Doesn't got fancy graphs, fancy reports or graphics like ninja clicky or stalystics2, but again its FREE. Hope new updates come with those features. Thanks alot
Reviews: 6
I like joomlawatch but it seems to have two major flaws. First, it completely misidentifies country locations. For example, I am now in Italy but according to joomlawatch I am in Spain. And I have a friend visiting my site in Germany but according to joomlawatch she is in the U.S. So I cannot trust it at all when looking at visitor countries. Second, I can't seem to set the number of visible visitors on the backend. For example now I set it to 50 but I can only see some 15 or so.
Reviews: 2
This is a very, very useful script. I don't know, how much time I wasted in the last years, to kick spammers off. With JoomlaWatch this is no problem, one klick and the evil spammer stands in front of a closed door.
Reviews: 12
Thanks for a excellent component.
I suppose I´m not the only one who has been migrating from 1.0 to 1.5 Therefore it would be nice if it could be possibly to add the number of visitors from "before"
Reviews: 1
I needed something to see user ip's on all that are logged on my site that I could monitor in the admin backend. This does that plus a whole lot more. This should be built into joomla. Wouldn't run another site without this.
Reviews: 2
helped me a lot finding out several issues on my page and the best is, you can track down if your page strategies are good or not (guess having logical click paths).
Reviews: 3
8 euros doesn't sound like much to have the ads removed, but its still annoying.

A nice extension, but I'll save 5 stars for developers who really are sharing their work.
Owner's reply

Hello "pacificwalter", ok, it's your opinion, so I'm respecting it. But you know, it's hard to have everyday programming job, and then after you are tired of all the work duties, to reply the support emails and to fix bugs, develop the new requested features - everything during remaining spare time and weekends. And yes, share it with the community without anything in return. This concept is nice, but it won't pay your web hosting expenses or won't buy you a coffee. These ads are some compromise, I'm not making millions out of it. It's intention is more like to cover the "costs". The code is GNU/GPL, so you can still remove the ads by yourself. Thank you for your understanding, and I'm glad that most people are fine with this model.
I want to release the new stable version with all the new features and translations. I hope it will be very soon :)

Reviews: 1
This is the first time I've submitted a review about *any* Joomla extension but, after having used Joomlawatch 1.2.7 for a few days, I was so impressed by its excellence that I had to write something.

I was looking for a tool that provided basic defences against spamming/hacking but this tool also provides a good degree of web analytic capability. If future enhancements are as good as the current version, we'll all be safer, wiser and better off. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extensions I have ever used. It does everything it says it will do an more. It is totally awesome to watch in real time the people hitting your site. Highly recommended a must have.
Reviews: 3
Use the dev version 1.2.8 works great.
Now i could block a bot wich was hitting my site every minute for a whole day. I can see how people found my site and what words they used to find it. really really great!

Best plug-in so far!
Reviews: 1
This installed easily and runs perfectly for me. It does all I wanted and more, and in a very attractive format.
Reviews: 9
First of all to download this thing you have to register with your email to a meaningless website and confirm your email and agree to an obscure terms and conditions contract.

The component's idea is good, and I am surprised that there aren't more components like this. But the module that goes with this is HORRIBLE!

It usurpes 1/4 of your webpage with a link to this guy's website. It shows a stupid list of countries where each and every one of your visitors came from, as if any one cares. It has a HUGE space for showing some useless traffic stats to your Visitors, as if you want every one of your visiotrs to see all that data, what is the point?

As I said good idea, terrible implementation. As soon as someone else makes a similar component this will dies out in minutes!
Reviews: 9
I used 1.2.6 and thought that was great, 1.2.7 it incredible. Installed and configured perfectly. The new version and the MODULE is GREAT. Backend ads are OK as long as they don't get offensive. I will click on them everyday as long as the dev team is getting $$$ for them. Only thing I would like to see added right now is Bot ID below the ip address like the user ID below the users ip. (ie: google, yahoo, shopwiki, live, etc)
Reviews: 5
I've been using 1.2.6 for a while with no problems but the new features in 1.2.7 are terrific. Very easy to install and very easy to use. Zero problems.

Happy to donate and would be happy to pay if it were commercial.
Reviews: 2
I'm using JoomlaWatch 1.2.7b which has better functions and data output. I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
I would buy this ext. if it is a commercial. 4 Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
Hello, friends,

Excellent extension, thanks to her could identify possible attackers on my site, and prevent any new share them. Congratulations for the beautiful service!

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