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Forget waiting 24 hours for data in Google Analytics, see your visitors NOW as they are browsing your website. Discover behaviour patterns and why they left your web. Anti-spam will help you to get rid of spam bots. No large amount of data in DB !

Your Visitors

► I would like to know what's going on on my website right now..
See what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time, who's looking at what, and where they're from

► I don't know how users are using my website...
Everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site and tracking your visitors data
What browsing habits do your visitors have?
"Helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems"

► Who is currently online on my website and where the are, and when they leave?
"It is impressive and scares me how many are reading my articles"

Traffic Sources

► How people found my site and what words they used to find it?
Our tool will tell you from which search result number visitors found your website when using google and how many times

► What's percentage of traffic from social media?
With our tool you can track visits from facebook, twitter, google search, google ads and other


► Is there someone trying to harm my website?
You can identify harmful bots and easily block them
Is there someone trying to attack my site? Can I prevent that?
You can identify possible attackers on your site, and prevent any new

► I'm getting tons of SPAM-Attacks!
Maintain most used bad words list to identify spamming. "Just enabling the spam filter dropped my issues almost 100%"
I'd like to BAN some visitors from using my website or countries
With ban feature, you are able to see a list of all banned IP's and then a clean way to un-ban them


► I'd like to see, who's on my website from my mobile phone
With our free app you can see your visitors as they are on your web right now just by simple one-touch from your mobile phone

► Right.. but I'm administering more websites.
You'll get an email every midnight, so you can read it in the morning to see how your websites perform

► Data Privacy
I don't want to share these sensitive visitor information with Google Analytics
With our tool they are in YOUR private database and in your control

update: 2014-07-11:
- significant performance optimizations

update: 2014-11-17:
- site requires registration before downloading free version (to be able to notify users in case of any important issues fixed)

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Reviews: 1
This was by far one of the easiest extensions to get up and running that I've tried for Joomla! I didn't even have to tinker with it.
Does exactly what it says and is a great way to see what your visitors are doing on your site. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
'Does what it says on the tin!'

and does it well. Seems to be working well in 1.5 for me at the mo.

As for complaining about a couple of ads. They're backend for a start and don't get in the way in the slightest. I have absolutely no problem with that at all.

One of the best extensions for joomla about!
Reviews: 10
Does what it says on the tin!
Reviews: 4
This is a good component to use however i do think it's a little bad that they put ads in the backend. but you can remove the iframe in the backend and the icon in the front if you know basic html. I provide donations to the free extensions i use however i don't like the fact that they try and use ads to generate revenue. I think this is not in the spirit of open source
Reviews: 8
While I like the stats bit of it very much I was not pleased with 1. the frontend icon and 2. the google ads in the backend.

1. Even when the icon is hidden it still takes space (in IE, not in FF) and I don't have any in my design.
2. The google ads are projected in an iframe comming from codegravity. I think this is right on the edge of acceptable. The corporate clients I work with are not happy with google ads in their admin.

The professionalism I hope to show my clients is under pressure with these two points. I wish the developers would have given people a choice in these matters.
But as I havent found another good stats component I am almost forced to use this one.
Reviews: 2
I was using google analytics but my account kept 'losing' my site. Decided to use a self contained module and chose this one. Its light and simple after installing both module and component all I had to do was re-position the small image on my front page. Would be good if you could choose a different logo or text to replace the original pic. Apart from that no problems!

Hats off to the author! :)
Reviews: 4
Excellent component. Installed on 1.5.3 and worked straight out the box!
Reviews: 10
I installed this component a while ago and it's "performing as advertised". It takes a little "tweak" here and there to get it setup to one's liking, but it works fine "out of the box".

Reviews: 2
This component is a fantastic way to watch what your site visitors are doing in real-time. Aside from the obvious tracking and stat collection benefits, it's just darn cool to see who's looking at what, and where they're from.

Installed and working fine right out of the box on J!1.5.2. Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 8
This statistics component works wonderful with joomla 1.5
Very nice admin backend graphics and layout which enables good insight in several stats within seconds, precise robots tracking, do not slow down page load like Google analytics.
If in future it will have information from which pages visitors are coming, it would be definitely in top 3 joomla stats all the time.
Reviews: 6
Works right out of the box, and very easy to install - great documentation. Works great for 1.5. Thank you for sharing your work!
Reviews: 1
All i want to say this is best Joomla component if you want to track your visitors data. Much better then Joomlastatus.
Remember to purge database weekly if you have lot's of visitors or switch to a Dedicated web host. Do not blame the component.
Owner's reply

Hi, you can use JOOMLAWATCH_STATS_KEEP_DAYS setting for that.

Reviews: 10
Iknow, I know, I did read all about it first and saw that there were issues with the program for 1.5 before I installed it. As usual, I figured I would be one of the lucky ones that it worked for.

Unfortunatly, I wasn't!!

It installed fine with on problems and I did make sure that Legacy was enabled before the install. As I said, it installed fine and then I went to configure the module and BOOM... "big blank white screen". Loaded the frontpage of the website BOOM.. "Big blank white screen"

Disabled the module and the website came back up then I uninstalled it!

I'll keep checking back for a stable version. Looks like a great product in the Demo.
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm really sorry, what happened. Many registered users downloaded 1.2.4 and no-one complained about anything, so I announced it here. One user unfortunatelly asked me to change the retrieving of the live site with &cmsInstance('CMSCore') which worked for him, but not the rest of the users.

Reviews: 6
This component works great and allow to know everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site.

Have installed on two configuration, one worked very well, the second installation has crashed the site and I had to remove it straight after.

So use it with caution, if you have a blank page at the end of the installation process, that means you'll maybe have the same issue as I had when installing the module. I installed it on the home page and every other module just did not show - left or right column was the same.

Both configurations were 1.x
Maybe the creator of the component has got more info to add in here.

Owner's reply

Hi, thank you. Yes, you are right, some installations might crash, but mostly because the user didn't meet the requirements. They have to have at least 20MB of free space because of the big database table for ip->country resolving or permissions. And many systems are very specific, so it's hard for me to find out why did it crash. If such a situation occurs, I will appreciate a bug report or a solution. 18.3.2008 I replaced the with the one with some minor fixes, so you may try to re-download the way you did and re-install. Thanks to the whole Joomla community and many user suggestions that helped to make this component better with every version.

Reviews: 1
Not only do I like the component a lot, but the best part for me is the blocking of the irritation spam bots.
I immediately identified the harmful bots and could easily block their whole ip range.

I will see if it completely stop them. If it does, this will be one of the best components.

I tried it on one and immediately implemented it on my other sites.

Nice work
Reviews: 2
Totally agree with every other post awesome totally awesome. When can we expect a version to run on 1.5?
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install. Even easier to use. A must have if you like to see whats being viewed on your site in real time. I love it. Why are you still reading this, GO GET IT.
Reviews: 12
Installed the component and module quickly and easily. The module must remain published upon all pages in order for comprehensive tracking to take place. I'm not a fan of the 16px X 16px icon the module produces, since it is intrusive, but I'm sure that can be dealt with in a number of ways, including by replacement of a blank. For now, I opted to publish in the debug module location so that it is out of the way. Immediately upon publishing the module, the stats began rolling in. The use of AJAX indeed allows for the page to populate in real-time before your very eyes. The site I'm testing it on generates approximately 35,000-40,000 unique visitors per month for over 500,000 page views. Joomlastats has been used several times because of its ease of use - minus a few bugs. But Joomlastats quickly generates a massive database and cannot be used because of this. While I'm sure Joomlawatch will also produce a large database, I'm anxious to see just how large that database will become when compared to Joomlastats. Either way, Joomlawatch appears far better because it installs easily and it uses AJAX. Some more time will tell whether its layout will work better than that of other options, including Joomlastats. It's unfortunate Joomla Extensions does not allow for multiple reviews from the same member.
Reviews: 1
I was really awed and amazed at what this component can do. Works right after installation. This is the best stat component for Joomla.
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