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Saxum IPLogger ComponentPlugin

This is a simple extension which helps to log the IP-addresses of the registered user when they log in into the site.

The purpose of the component is to help to detect unauthorized access.

The log can be seen on a report. The component makes statistics about the location of users (country and city) estimated from their IP-addresses. To this the extension uses GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

You should inform your visitors in the terms of service of your site about the collection of data.


-overwritten for Joomla! 3

- block IP addresses
- list of IP addresses not to log
- sending email about unauthorized use of usernames
- data export to csv
- opportunity to upload datafile manually
- refresh or reidentify false geolocation
- fixed ACL related bug
- fixed pagination and sorting bug on Statistics screen

-compatibility with 1.6+
-more filter options on Report screen

- new plugin to log every unique pageviews
- compatibility with PHP safe mode (thanks to Chris Coleman -
- statistics with different grouping: by user and IP-address
- modified date format (can be set at parameters)
- 'check for new version' option

Report Extension



Reviews: 43
Thanks very much.

This is just what I needed to help track which registered users are logging into a client's website and how frequently.

A CSV export option in the report section would make it perfect!
Owner's reply

Please check version 3.1 for export feature

Reviews: 9
This is exactly what I have been looking for. A very useful component to monitor your registered users and works like a charm. Thanks very much to the developer for all the hard-work he's put into this.

Perhaps a function of exporting the 'users statistics' to an export file would have been better. Perhaps you may want to consider it in future versions.
Owner's reply

Please check version 3.1 for export feature

Reviews: 9
This extension has helped me a lot as I was able to track who all are visiting my admin page. I blacklisted them using another plugin. But this needs a little improvement as it has filled table with lots of data within 2 days, more than 10000. It should be able to filter some IP addresses and in same time should be able to purge data when certain limit is exceeded. Overall I like the component and wish that soon an improved version comes out.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive review.
Filtering IP-addresses and purging data are parts of the current versions (v2.1 for J1.5 and v3.0.10 for J2.5), please upgrade to the newest release.
Backlisting is planned to be integrated.

Reviews: 8
I found this extension while looking for something related to it. But, this is awesome.

The only problem I have and I hope it can be implemented next release is filtering of Blacklist and No logging list. Maybe Blacklist is not a must since there are a lot of those extension to use, but ability to NOT to log block of IP's is really important. For example, google which is clogging my logs. Most of those crawlers should be filterable and no logs.

Great extension.... !!!
Owner's reply

Please check version 3.1 for blacklist and list of IPs not to log

Reviews: 4
Not only is this extension awesome, but the Owner /developer is very very helpful. I had 2 minor issues, (my bad, nothing wrong with the extension) and emailed him, I got a responses right away and he guided me. Being a "non-ommercial" /free extension I wasn't expecting a reply / support in such a short time, but I was pleasently surprised. Product = Top Notch ...Service = Top Notch !! Kudos to both, the Product and the Developer /owner
Reviews: 1
A simple but very useful component. Perhaps they could add to the statistics the residence time of each visit. I congratulate them for their good work.

Although reports errors j1.7.2
Reviews: 16
Great idea, but there is no ability to not log guests. My site gets thousands of visits per day and I'm not interested in logging guests. The log file is going to make my database size huge! Give us the option to only log registered users and I would rate this 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Disabling Saxum IPLogger - System plugin results not to log guests. (This is the default status of this plugin.) Please read documentation.

Reviews: 6
Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for the Nice Component....
Quick Resolution for the Problem
i have searched lot of extensions but didn't find like this........

Reviews: 1
Log's IP per user

- IP address
- Number of logings
- Number of different IP addresses
- Number of different Countries
- Number of different Cities

Very good to detect hacked accounts!
I love this one.
Reviews: 6
Your idea is good, love the simplistic approach. But the real issue here is just what was written.

1) You have a list now of all the logins and no way to purge the list. I had to do this manually in the database. Not good and this should be priority number one. There need be a way to purge the list.

2) Grouping. You need to group IP by login or username. This was also mentioned with the other review. If I login 400 times, this should only show under my username. Not all mixed and mashed in the same page with all other IP. So some grouping is needed here.

Other than that, I like it. But it is close to unusable without being able to purge some data. And no one really wants to do this manually, it's to time consuming.

Would like to see these improvements, this could be a very useful tool.
Owner's reply

Please check version 2.0

Reviews: 12
Out of the box, it works -- it does record a registered user's IP address upon login.

Since this appears to be the first incarnation of this software, here's what's missing:

- There is no way to purge the long list of IP address being recorded. No way to reset the data. If you have something like 2500 members, one day of data collection is a terribly long list.

- There is no TIMESTAMP on the recorded IP. Only datestamp. As a result, you have something like user Charlie with 28 entries having identical IP address, all having the same datestamp. Not very useful data.

- The statistics page is grouped according to "user". So you can only view a user and see all the IP address he used. That's vague data, especially if he is using dynamic IP. A more useful approach is data grouped according to IP address, and see how many usernames came from a single IP. You can spot trolls and spammers this way.
Owner's reply

Please check version 2.0