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Sitelinkx Pro ComponentPlugin

*** NEW: Sitelinkx Pro is now compatible with Joomla 3.x! ***

Sitelinkx Pro replaces keywords with links.

- native Joomla 2.5/3.x component
- PHP 5.3
- seo friendly, created code is w3c-valid
- define unlimited sitelinkx
- works with many 3rd party extensions e.g. Virtuemart, Joomsocial etc.
- shows links in existing or new window/tab
- define a title for your link
- component can be translated in any language
- localisation files : GERMAN, ENGLISH, GREEK, HEBREW, DUTCH, more possible and coming!
- possibility to sort Sitelinkx
- Checks if the site that you want to link to is reachable
- Added pagination
- Termination , ie determine a date when links should be published/unpublished
- Directly select an Joomla article as a link
- Select a replacement method, strict or loose
- links can be styled via the class name 'sitelinkx', can be edited by CSS
- multiple keywords per link, comma separated
- you can determine per link if it's a nofollow link or not
- you can limit the number of generated links per keyword
- you can determine menus/articles where keywords shouldn't be linked
- the "powered by sitelinkx" message has been removed

- Sorting has been improved
- sitelinkxoff is back, as an easy possibility to prevent the plugin from replacing keywords
- some small bugfixes

News in V1.1.0 - V1.2.1

'Links in links' will no longer occur, i.e if you already have a static link in your article that contains the keyword, Sitelinkx will no longer replace it with its own link. Additionally, a greek language file has been added.
Additionally, hebrew translation has been added

V1.3.0 - V1.3.7
This Version adds support for Joomla 3.x, additionally, some speed optimizations have been made. The plugin is now much faster than ever, and much much faster than the non-commercial Version!
Adds dutch and polish language files and fixes a minor bug, added chinese traditional, italian, russian, french and bosnian language files, and improves compatibility with J3 and PHP 5.4

NEW: V1.3.8
This maintenance release adds brazilian portuguese language files.

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