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Browser Update Warning Plugin

Set (and optionally require) minimum browser versions for your site. Using this plugin, you can display a warning message that the users browser is outdated, along with a suggestion that they update (or install) a browser that meets your requirements.

Using this plugin, you can choose minimum version numbers for the major browsers. These are the browsers supported by this plugin:

Internet Explorer

Users who don't meet the minimum requirements are shown a modal window suggesting that they update their current browser, or install a new browser - complete with download links! NOTE: You must enable each browser you wish to provide links to - by checkboxes located in the plugin configuration. By default - only the current browser is offered as a download option.

Administrators can enforce these minimum requirements by disabling the "Continue" option, which forces the users to meet the requirements by keeping the site just out of reach behind the modal window.

Aside from version and continue options, administrators can choose to use the default styling or provide their own styling via their template CSS, choose to disable the background overlay, and set the opacity of the background overlay.

For those with multilingual sites, all of the text is set by Joomla language files so you won't be leaving anyone behind.

This plugin is 100% MooTools, so it doesn't require any additional javascript libraries. It makes use of the BrowserUpdateWarning MooTools plugin by Andy Fleming with some of my own modifications to allow for multilingual sites.

The Demo site URL has very high (non-existent) version numbers set, so it will display for all users using the targeted browsers.

Version 1.4 - Joomla 3.0 compatibility update
Version 1.5 - jQuery compatibility update
Version 1.6 - Added mobile exclusion options
Version 1.7 - replaced incorrect javascript file

4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 8
hi, many thanks for your very helpful plugin. But i get a issue with Samsung mobile Phones and Tablets. Browser Update Warning Popup is showed on latest Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones. Mobile exclusion options does also not help here! i searched a while and found out that Samsung use TouchWiz App on Galaxy devices and seems it's not the stock Android (AOSP) Browser. The Samsung Browser has customizations on top of the stock Android Browser! Maybe it helps you to update your Plugin. It's not nice if my User get a Browser Warning on new Devices with latest Browser.
Reviews: 2
Does what it says, and it works very simple.

One option I would love to have is to show the update warning only 1/2/3 times to a specific user. That would be great!
Reviews: 12
Solved my headaches with old browsers. Bye-bye internet explorer 8! I'm very happy with this plugin and it's splash screen giving a choice of browsers without bias, it's clear and simple to the simplest of users. Thanks to the developer for a quality plugin! The only improvement I can imagine is to have the ability to easily modify the text of the warning, but this is minor, this plugin is rated Excellent!
Reviews: 6
This plugin is essential and i think it should be installed in every joomla site by default
Reviews: 2
It is time to say IE8 is dead. Who still uses this -beeped- browser, is strange. This plugin is perfect! to tell anyone to get back to life.
Offers a variety of options, is light a makes what it says.
Great! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Hi, your plugin is exactly what i needed! i just had one question, i can't find the language files in Joomla 3.2, too add some text to the existing message on the frontend.
kind regards,
Owner's reply

All plugins - language files are located in /administrator/language. The file you're looking for is /administrator/language/en-GB.plg_system_browserupdatewarning.ini

Reviews: 2
This plugin does what it said. It's easy to use, and written in clean code. Because all of the screentext is within the language files, you can easily translate them into your own language.

Joomla needs more of these great freeware plugins.
Reviews: 10
Easy to set. The dev is good at listening.
Reviews: 19
I love this guy and his works!please do donate if you enjoy his work even if its small.!
Reviews: 2
Wooow. it was a great plugin to mysite. thanks Michael Richey
Reviews: 2
With how fast web standards are changing it's becoming more difficult to keep up with what is current yet still make everything backwards compatible. . . this is a simple and effective plugin to help our guests stay current with their browser.
Reviews: 4
Great Plugin Works Perfect For Joomla 2.5, i just wish it had to ability to suggest browsers for certain browsers.

For example, tell everyone to update outdated versions for chrome, firefox and safari but tell internet explorer users to use firefox that the site doesnt display correctly with internet explorer.
Reviews: 1
Because people are too lazy to update browsers.

Works like charm and default theme and language option is great.
Reviews: 9
Does what it says. Nice work.
On my old J1.5 Site I used some other extension which used a warning message for outdated IE Versions. This extension gives me the possibility to choose minimum requirements for the main browsers.
That's what I was looking for a long time, as my site is just a private personal project it's easier to display a warning to the user instead of making the layout compatible to stoneage browsers.

Really fine work.
Reviews: 2
That's what I wanted to my site. But I want a little support to redirect IE (all versions) users to download FIREFOX.
Tried out some things but did not work out.
Owner's reply

This is the "Browser Update Warning" extension, not the "Website Requires Some Other Browser than IE" extension.

Many corporate users cannot make changes to their machines (like installing other browsers) - a situation I run into weekly.

Reviews: 3
5 stars for this extension, kudos for the support!
Had a little issue with the warning on my mobile phone and Michael responded very fast, correct and helpful.
Heads up for Android 2.2 users: You might want to turn Safari down to 4 (io 5).
Reviews: 2
This is the only available plugin I think for the latest version of joomla to show browser update warning.

There is just a small issue that the css not better work with older browser like ie6 to show warning, as we know this plugin work is to warn people that they are using old browser so the warning must look better and at place in older browsers.
And I haven't found the file to do modification in css or main file of the plugin? where it get installed I am not able to see it in plugin system folder?
Overall its working fine and able to show all the download options and continue if people want.
Owner's reply

The plugin css file can be found in /media/plg_system_browserupdatewarning/css/BrowserUpdateWarning.css

I wouldn't suggest editing that file though, as your changes would be lost if you installed a new version. I would suggest, however, that you copy the contents of that file into your template css file and make changes there. Then you can just turn the plugin css off in configuration.

I will do more testing for older browsers.