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Do Not Track Plugin

The problem with Do Not Track is that site owners and services ignore it. Be part of the solution - implement Do Not Track and make the web a better place.

For those who don't know what Do Not Track is all about, please refer to this site:

This plugin detects the Do Not Track browser setting and adds or removes a Joomla Access Level based on that setting. Components, Modules and Plugins which set tracking cookies can then be added to that access level.

Implementing this successfully will take planning and configuration. THIS IS NOT A PLUG-AND-PLAY EXTENSION!

An administrator creates a Do Not Track - Opt-In group and access level, and assigns that level within the plugin configuration. When a user arrives with Do Not Track turned OFF - the access level is added to the user and any components, modules or plugins that are assigned to that access level are allowed to run. When the user turns Do Not Track ON - that access level is removed from the user and those components, modules and plugins are not allowed to run.

Step-by-step instructions are provided on the download page. You can respect the wishes of your users and make the web a better place if you really want to. The Do Not Track plugin can help.

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