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PixCookiesRestrict ModulePlugin

On May 26th 2012, new rules governing the use of cookies by websites comes into force in Europe.
The new regulations require that users or subscribers of the website consent to the placement of cookies on their device.

PixCookiesRestrict module and system plugin will prevent the placing of standard Joomla installation cookies on a web device until the user has actively agreed to accept them.

What does PixCookiesRestrict do?
It will stop the standard Joomla installation cookies from being placed on the visitors device until the visitor has actively agreed to accept cookies by clicking the module button. It will also look for cookies placed there by JavaScript and remove them.

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Reviews: 1
Really worth the money. With a few clicks I had a complete solution to comply to the EU-cookie legislation. No PHP- or JavaScrip coding.

I installed and tested on a local Xampp system and a Linux/Apache Webserver. Php versions 5.3 / 5.2. It is a little bit hard to test and to 100% confirm. How look for something that's not there.

Tested for 2 cookies and 1 local storage (Beez template fontsize). None was sent to the browser before clicking the accept button. i.e. I didn't have to confirm the cookies by the browser. I tested with Firefox with confirming single cookies activated.

1. The sessioncookie was omitted.
2. The multi-language cookie was omitted. To my surprise the multi-language still worked. i.e. I could switch language to read the "EU-cookie acceptance text" and the Privacy Policy in another language.
3. Beez font-size changer didn't work when changing pages. As expected. This one is set by the template and started before other extension.

After clicking the accept-button I got 3 cookies.
1. A cookie from the extension.
2. The session cookie.
3. The language cookie
and 4. The Beez font-size changer worked.

If you use Google Analytics the developer has a free plug in for it. I did not test this but assume it works fine together with his own cookie protection.

I contacted the developer and he promised to add a "regret" functionality with, if possible, deletion of the already set cookies.

Well, with this installed we now only have to decide on the needed texts to be used by the module and the Privacy Policy text about used cookies that might turn up as a novel.