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EU e-Privacy Directive ModulePlugin

Comply with the EU e-Privacy law (AKA the EU Cookie Law)! Block all cookies until the user has accepted them - Session, Language, even 3rd party cookies and cookies set by JavaScript!

Those are some big claims, so I must explain that there are some caveats. 3rd party cookie blocking requires PHP 5.3 and the PHP Reflection Classes. Blocking cookies set by JavaScript requires IE8 or greater, FireFox, Chrome or Opera (probably other modern browsers as well). This plugin can prevent 3rd party cookies, but cannot remove them once they're set (due to the Javascript same-origin restriction).

This plugin and module combination aims to be the final solution to the EU cookie requirements. This plugin overrides and prevents any cookies sent by Joomla, and any JavaScript cookies from being set until the user accepts them. Many of the other extensions here in the JED don't block cookies at all - or they allow the cookies to be set and then immediately unset them with JavaScript (which is cheating and will fail when JS is disabled).

New in version 2.0 - Most of these additions are the result of user requests:
- 5 methods for display: Message, JS Confirm, Module, Modal or Ribbon.
- 1 method to just remove and prevent cookies.
- Option to decline - which shows a minimal message allowing users to reconsider.
- Option to remove cookies after they've been accepted.
- Option to display only to users visiting from EU countries.
- Option to log users who have accepted cookies (persuant to laws in certain EU countries)
- Option to block 3rd party cookies (requires PHP 5.3)
- Option to customize or omit the CSS style for certain output methods.
- 87% more awesome, bringing the total amount of awesome to 187%.

Update 1.8 - Joomla 1.5 long-term cookie test revised.
Update 2.6 - resolved bug in module when geoplugin enabled.
Update 2.7 - resolves issue with non-html pages
Update 2.8 - resolves an issue that prevented the javascript from loading in certain circumstances.
Update 2.9 - removed code that disabled geoplugin which was added for local testing
Update 2.10 - repaired bug on cookie checker code
Update 2.11 - fixes javascript load order issue
Update 2.13 - Add Joomla 3.x compatibility and jQuery/Mootools framework option.
Update 2.14 - logging bugfix - if you use logging - definitely upgrade!

Joomla 1.5 users - please be patient. I am still backporting the J2.5 version! Joomla 1.5 is so inflexible compared to 2.5, I may not be able to replicate all of the functionality...

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 1
Great module. It does what it says. On thing though I have some difficulties with "formating", design of the module/messages. One section about formating the elements (delete cookie confirmation window is soooo wide :) )in documentation page would be great. Great module for stupid law.
Owner's reply

Documentation link on this page, and linked from the page where you downloaded the extension.

Reviews: 6
Good extension although not excellent as I had to go away and do some research.

I had it installed and working in seconds.

Following on from that I tested using a proxy browser and the message displayed so I went and installed the GeoPlugin mentioned. That solved that problem.

I then accepted the cookie from an EU IP and was presented with the reverse option so I wrote some fairly basic CSS to hide that once the cookie was accepted.

Overall a good extension and as the CSS dividers were separated for accepted and not accepted messages it was an easy fix to hide the message once a user had accepted the message.

Perhaps a clear form of contacting support would help for future development as this is by far one of the better Cookie Policy extensions available.
Owner's reply

Thank you for mentioning that you were able to hide the decline and reconsider options.

I made them visible because I wanted the extension to provide full circle options to the end user - they would always be able to reverse their decision.

My site has a contact link visible on every page (look for the big envelope icon on the top of every page)

Reviews: 5
Excellent plugin with all the options that suit your template/style available in module/modal popup/ribbon and what not, all stylable to suit your, your client, and EU needs. And the best part - its free. 10/10.
Keep it up & thanks a lot!
Reviews: 23
This worked okay and has lots of features.

It blocked Google cookies until the user accepted cookies, but all other cookies were set prior to consent.

This is probably okay in the UK where the ICO has accepted presumed consent.

But whilst the package has lots and lots of useful features, an option for presumed consent is not one of them.

I was able to get two display modes working - modal and ribbon and with the options for CSS styling this was enough flexibility.

If either a presumed consent option is added or if its improved so that it blocks all cookies as advertised (is this even possible???) I'd continue to use it.

As it is I am not sure whether it is even possible to block all third party cookies.
Owner's reply

Regarding cookies not blocked - you may have had session cookies already present or cookies from a subdomain (which are inaccessible). I worked very hard to be certain that I was not making a claim that I couldn't back-up when I said it blocks all cookies.

And regarding implied consent - yeah, ICO changed the rules mid-game and I haven't adapted. There are a few other free extensions in this category that operate only in the implied consent model, so you have options.

Thanks for the review! As a developer, I can tell you that the ratio of reviews to downloads is very very low.

Reviews: 1
I needed to always block session cookies for the front end user. Simple configuration, a couple clicks and I had what I needed.
Reviews: 4
I found your extension really good!

I also translated into Italian this excellent form and its plugins.

Thank you for your work. Nicely done.
Reviews: 1
A very nice plug-in that I highly recommend to everyone except those who use opencart extension for Joomla called Jcart. In my case eprivacy prevented some customers from accepting cookies, so their shopping cart appeared intermittently empty after adding item to it. There was no known solution for opencart that worked to solve this. I don't need to explain how confusing that might be for a shopper, so I just had to switch eprivacy off, but still use it on other websites with no problems to report. Hope this might help some people using jcart in solving their issues with empty basket.
Owner's reply

Any extension that relies on cookies will be affected by my extension blocking all cookies. That wasn't clear?

Reviews: 2
Very good and easy to implement.

One question though. Is it possible to direct users to a specific page when they don't except the cookies? At the moment it directs users to the log-in page.

Thanks for a great extension.
Reviews: 2
It works, but not totally
On my website the blue bar doesn't disappear after accepting cookies.

And on the iPad I accept cookies, but the notification doesn't disappear.
Owner's reply

Works fine on my 2 ipads, running IOS5.1 and IOS 7.

Reviews: 31
Exactly what I've been looking for, very easy to install and configure on V2.5 - excellent, thank you!
Reviews: 1
Great extension helped me greatly while updating my site to comply with the EU laws along with a basic installation and set-up process with the J1.5 version
Reviews: 1
I wanted to ensure that my website was compliant and followed "professional trend" with other websites and so I looked for a Cookie Compliance extension.

This extension is absolutely brilliant for ease of use, particularly with the support I received from Mike by Email.

Cross Browser Compatibility is not an issue with this extension. Thanks again to Mike for being most helpful and for a brilliant extension.
Reviews: 2
Fantastic product, easy to set up and looks professional.
One question, if we want to edit the text shown in the ribbon, which is the correct file?
Owner's reply

The best thing to do is use the Language Manager - Overrides within Joomla /administrator. It's easy and it survives extension/joomla updates!

Reviews: 3
The package contains plugin and module so that the user can accept cookies and subsequently delete and reconsider if they so wish. Installation was straightforward. I had a few issues with configuration but the author was very helpful and supportive. I would advise anybody to read the documentation carefully - life would have been easier had I done so! I can recommend this extension.
Reviews: 6
I installed EU e-Privacy Directive today after realising that the exsting solution I had might not be good enough.

This extension covers it all. I used the the top ribbon oprion and displayed the module in my side menu section. I was able to remove /and or edit the displayed text to suit my site. I can't believe how good this is!! I included an opacity section in the ribbon CSS files which lets me see the web site header behind the cookie banner. After accepting cookies the module content updates and if I then choose to click remove cookies the module then displays a enable cookies button. Then when clicking "enable cookies" button up pops the ribbon bar again. It is just fantastic and thank you so much for this.
Reviews: 1

I take great pleasure in using EU privacy package for joomla 2.5
Now I notice that when the module shows
that every page change just flashed with the choice option
and this choice you made

Really it flash briefly further works fine
Reviews: 1
3 minutes and you've done. You have all you need.

The only point is that although I've created el-GR files by translating the en-GB.plg_system_eprivacy.ini file, the letters are not somehow "compatible" and strange symbols are shown in place of the greek letters.
Owner's reply

You might want to verify that your editor is saving the file with the UTF-8 format.

Reviews: 1
Installed it, configured it as mentioned in the documentation and it did not work as expected. So raised a support question, which was answered within a day, mentioning some very useful tips. After upgrading my sites to another server (done by the provider), the plugin was working as expected.
Reviews: 3
This is the fourth extension that I have tried, and it clearly beats all the rest for ease of use and function.

I would like to see an option to display the Accept/Decline block prominently at the top (and disappearing when one of the selections is made) with the "reconsider" block less prominently displayed at the bottom. This may be covered somewhere else in these reviews, and I'll plough through them to see if I understand them!
Owner's reply

You might try using the ribbon display option, with the module placed in an inconspicuous place. This way, the "accept cookies" request is prominent (at the top) with the reconsider/remove is placed in a less prominent position.

Reviews: 2
Thanks you, fantastic plugin, does just what it says on the tin, easy to use, easy to style, works without any hassles.

Highly recommended. many thanks
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