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EU e-Privacy Directive ModulePlugin

Comply with the EU e-Privacy law (AKA the EU Cookie Law)! Block all cookies until the user has accepted them - Session, Language, even 3rd party cookies and cookies set by JavaScript!

Those are some big claims, so I must explain that there are some caveats. 3rd party cookie blocking requires PHP 5.3 and the PHP Reflection Classes. Blocking cookies set by JavaScript requires IE8 or greater, FireFox, Chrome or Opera (probably other modern browsers as well). This plugin can prevent 3rd party cookies, but cannot remove them once they're set (due to the Javascript same-origin restriction).

This plugin and module combination aims to be the final solution to the EU cookie requirements. This plugin overrides and prevents any cookies sent by Joomla, and any JavaScript cookies from being set until the user accepts them. Many of the other extensions here in the JED don't block cookies at all - or they allow the cookies to be set and then immediately unset them with JavaScript (which is cheating and will fail when JS is disabled).

New in version 2.0 - Most of these additions are the result of user requests:
- 5 methods for display: Message, JS Confirm, Module, Modal or Ribbon.
- 1 method to just remove and prevent cookies.
- Option to decline - which shows a minimal message allowing users to reconsider.
- Option to remove cookies after they've been accepted.
- Option to display only to users visiting from EU countries.
- Option to log users who have accepted cookies (persuant to laws in certain EU countries)
- Option to block 3rd party cookies (requires PHP 5.3)
- Option to customize or omit the CSS style for certain output methods.
- 87% more awesome, bringing the total amount of awesome to 187%.

Update 1.8 - Joomla 1.5 long-term cookie test revised.
Update 2.6 - resolved bug in module when geoplugin enabled.
Update 2.7 - resolves issue with non-html pages
Update 2.8 - resolves an issue that prevented the javascript from loading in certain circumstances.
Update 2.9 - removed code that disabled geoplugin which was added for local testing
Update 2.10 - repaired bug on cookie checker code
Update 2.11 - fixes javascript load order issue
Update 2.13 - Add Joomla 3.x compatibility and jQuery/Mootools framework option.
Update 2.14 - logging bugfix - if you use logging - definitely upgrade!

Joomla 1.5 users - please be patient. I am still backporting the J2.5 version! Joomla 1.5 is so inflexible compared to 2.5, I may not be able to replicate all of the functionality...

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 2
I looked at commercial EU Privacy plugins, but this non-commercial one looked really good, so I decided to give it a go. I was very impressed with not only how well it worked, but also how nicely it had been designed so it could be very easily customised. I've been able to get the cookie messages looking exactly the way I want them, thanks to the nicely designed CSS.

The other really neat future is the very granular control you have over which content is displayed to users who have either accepted, or rejected cookies. This really puts the plugin head-and-shoulders above the rest in my opinion, as it means I can effectively disable *any* third-party content on my site which sets cookies using joomla view levels, which ensures no cookies will be set for users who have rejected cookies.

The only issue I've encountered with the plugin, is when a user, who has accepted cookies, clears their browser cookie cache (but not their DOM Storage cache). This results in the plugin thinking the user has accepted cookies, but the site does not display any of the cookie-reliant content. I've e-mailed the author about this issue with a hope that there might be a fix.

All in all a brilliant plugin which does as good, if not better job than some of the commercial samples I've seen!
Owner's reply

I will have a fix for that scenario soon. Thanks for the great review!

Reviews: 1
This is a very nice plugin! One question remains: how can I get rid of the ever-remaining question to "reconsider cookies" when a visitor declined to accept?
Owner's reply

Lets see... You could modify the CSS - which I provide within the plugin configuration, or you could override the output - because I conveniently wrote the extension using the MVC pattern specifically so this could be done, or you could have asked a question of me directly - which would have preserved my extension rating.

Reviews: 1
Thank you for such a great and simple extension - does exactly what it needs to and offered me many ways of adding it to my site. I went for the module position which fitted my website perfectly.

Had a few niggles with it on a couple of pages, contacted Michael and he had it fixed very promptly. A++
Reviews: 4
Hi everyone,
I have used this plugin in joomla 1.5.
There where some minor problems but Michael helped me with these.
Support and plugin are excellent!
Have you made your donation yet? I have.
Michael, again thank you for your support.
Reviews: 2
The fact it integration with Joomla works perfectly even if you use an intermediate access level.
Several choices for the module.
If you have a Joomla site, this plugin is essential. Simple as that.
Reviews: 13
My experience with the product is excellent, had a question for Michael and had a response within 24 hours plus included was the fix to my request.
It does not get better than that. At the moment I am using 2 products from Michael 1) EU e-Privacy 2) Splash page. Impressed with both, they do exactly what is advertised they are supposed to do. My gratitude to the developer.
Owner's reply

I want my extensions to be the best they can be. When users report bugs, it helps me to make them better.

Thanks for the bug report - and the great review!

P.S. SplashR is on the operating table now getting a major upgrade. If you thought it was useful before, this new version will blow you away.

Reviews: 11
I toyed with ignoring this directive and just not have the cookie thing. I didn't like so many of the ones I saw on other peoples sites.

In the end I looked at doing it and decided on this plugin because it actually just drops into my template layout and when I used it with the cookies disabled it did no harm to some fairly complex billing and client data sections so, its now in use.

Thanks for a nice clean and simple solution.
Reviews: 11
As always RichyWeb delivers a top notch product and doesn't force people to pay for his services, especially considering this will be required on all EU websites within 12 months.
Owner's reply

I feel it necessary to clarify. I do not charge for my software - but I do charge for my services.

My extensions in the JED are like a business card. Many of the extensions I've released were paid for by my customers, who chose not to purchase exclusive rights - or wanted the extensions released for free.

Reviews: 1
Easy to install.
Worked perfectly and did what it said.
No cookies until agreed.
Excellent work from the author. I shall be donating as soon as I finish writing this review.
Reviews: 23
I want to comply to what is necessary by law. So I started to look at e-privay plugins. Did not want to kick off spending money for something that is not that important to me (as my site is absolutely non-intrusive considering the information and cookies involved). I installed Mike Richey's plugin. Discovered some issues, sent a message to the developer, and within minutes (absolutely true) got response. And Mike started to work on it. Two days later he had sorted out several things, and improved the plugin. It was not only that he likes to help you, but he also wants to make his product perfect.
Must say, that there are some commercial plugins which look nicer. But this one really does what is promised, and if not Mike takes care of it. Of course you have to customise some text if you are critical about how you present your website's content .... who's talking...
Importantly, visitors are able to reconsider their choice on cookie acceptance at all times. This is visitor friendly, of course, and shows you are serious about e-privacy/cookie use. A job well done and ongoing progress if you run into issues.
Owner's reply

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I apply that to the support I give, as well as the promises I make. I provide good support because I expect good support.

Thanks for your great review!

Reviews: 1
Can you make an option to hide the Decline button or When someone click on the Decline button he'll redirect to an external link/website.

And if someone click on the Accept button, the page refresh it self, so the user visit is also log to analytics...
Owner's reply

This extension is built with the MVC pattern, which allows a site owner to override the output of the module. Simply copy /modules/mod_eprivacy/tmpl/default.php into /templates/YOURTEMPLATE/html/mod_eprivacy/default.php and modify it to your satisfaction. To keep the extension operational in IE6 and IE7, you must leave the div with ID "plg_system_eprivacy"

And (for the very reason you gave) as of version 2.3, the plugin auto-refreshes the page when a user accepts cookies.

Reviews: 1
This extension is easily the best available for user level cookie control to comply with the new EU rules regarding cookies. It's easy to install, easy to use and will be up and running within moments of it being integrated into your Joomla CMS. On top of it's user friendly setup, it is massively customisable and has many different options to play around with to get it to look and feel just how you want it to. Then, just when you thought that would be it, the product support is fantastic and extremely fast!

So, if you've already spent money on a 'Commercial' option, you're seriously missing out as so far, nothing I have tried even comes close to this. Also, remember guys, if you like the product leave a review or even better, make a donation and buy Mike a beer!
Owner's reply

Normally I like Guinness, but lately I've enjoyed an ale called Land Shark.


Reviews: 4
This is a great extension that adds the cookie warning very nicely.
Took a little playing around to figure the best position for the module.
I did find that trying to hide the post acceptance message worked to a point but although the message was hidden as far as the template was concerned the space for it was still allocated causing an unwanted blank area on my site.
I solved this by placing the module in a "bottom" area so it did not affect other content
The plugin worked best in the "Page Ribbon" mode which gives a hard to miss warning across the top of the website
A little CSS sorted out alignments and now I am quite happy with the result.
Thanks for providing a quality addition.
Owner's reply

I like the page ribbon too! The JS Confirm option demands that a user make a choice before they can continue - so it's a very unique option. I tried to come up with many options for display, so the site administrator had a choice - as well as styling options.

Thanks for the great review!

Reviews: 1
I needed to change the position to which the plug-in had defaulted to displaying the e-privacy messages to the end user. (Joomla v1.5)

Emailed Mike for assistance, which he kindly replied within a few hours. Great support for a great extension!!
FYI - That is part of the template index.php file. it is the system message area.

Look for
Owner's reply

The code that doesn't appear in this review is for a jdoc:include statement. Since code isn't exactly allowed in reviews, I'll type it here as best I can without using the punctuation that makes it complete.

jdoc:include type=message

Add some quotes around message, and prefix it with a less than sign, follow it with a slash and a greater than sign - and you'll have the complete code. It should be located above/before the type=component statement.

Reviews: 1
I found this an easy to use extension. The instructions are clear and accurate. The various options were helpful to meet the design needs of my site.

For me, I would have liked the ability to turn off the message that appears after accepting/declining cookies. i.e I would prefer that once the user has made their choice no further messages are displayed.

I haven't yet worked out how to switch that part off - most likely due to me not reading/understanding correctly.

However functionally this extension is much better than some other EU-Directive extensions that I've seen.
Owner's reply

This extension is fully MVC. This means that you can override the module output to omit the parts you don't want to use.

You could do this by copying /modules/mod_eprivacy/tmpl/default.php into your /templates/yourtemplate/html/mod_eprivacy/default.php

Then edit default.php to remove the divs with classes "plg_sys_eprivacy_accepted" and "plg_sys_eprivacy_declined"

Overrides are super easy and really useful once you get the hang of them.

Reviews: 4
Very nice module/plugin and really fast and good support! Just what I needed.

I had some trouble with some browser and with this very fine support every works like a charm!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for an great extension.
Easy to install.
Problem with one Joomla 1.5 site that turned out to be a template problem not an extension problem. Very quick and helpful response from developer.
The template was missing the line
which hsould have been above, , once this was added the extension worked perfectly.
Reviews: 2
This extension is rock solid. Installed quickly and functioned exactly as described. The only thing I'm having trouble with is configuration to suit my site. I can't find any detailed instructions on this and I've been in an out of all the extension files, and the admin panel, without success. I want to:

1. Turn off the module title bar (none of my site modules show the coloured title bar, so this one is now standing out and looks odd).

2. If 1 above isn't possible I want to change the title from mod_eprivacy to 'Cookie Info' but I can't find any language files. Where are the language strings kept?

3. As in 2, I want to amend the language string in the ribbon, but can't find the language files to change the text.

I'd appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks. Excellent coding work on this.

I wrote to Michael and he kindly send me this reply:

"Your concerns are easily addressed. I'll answer them in order.

1. The module title placement is a function of the template. I can't control that. This is how it's configured: Within the template index.php file, is a series of statements. The display of the module depends on the structure of these statements. Additionally, you can choose the title display within the module configuration, just below the module title, you can choose "Show Title" show or hide.

2. The title - you can change it to whatever you like. "mod_eprivacy" is just what the installer names it during install - it serves no purpose other than to fulfill the requirement that the module has a title.

3. The language file for that is located in /administrator/languages/en-GB/en-GB.plg_system_eprivacy.ini

I would suggest using the language manager to override the language string instead of rewriting the language file. If you rewrite the language file, then install an update later - all of your changes will be lost. Using the language manager to override the string will survive future updates. "
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, configure and use. What more can I say.
Reviews: 2
Really pleased with this extension, does exactly what I need.
I had to mess around choosing which style to use (in my case the ribbon) and positioning, but that was fully explained in the documentation. If you are have trouble getting it to work, I suggest just trying different locations for the module (for me it was Position 2 which is breadcrumbs on my template) and the style. This is no refection on the extension, but more to do with your preference of location and template.
Good work.
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