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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Cookie Confirm is the ultimate Joomla cookie control extension, which helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law. It's easy to setup and it really blocks cookies unless they're allowed to set (¹). Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including an ‘Accept Cookies’ button. Visitors can change their preferences at any time via the cookie shortcut at the bottom of the page, which also shows their current preference.

This extension does not work with Joomla’s system cache plugin. However it does work with the Joomla cache of the global settings. You should have no issues if you use a supported Joomla version and a website that’s developed with good coding standards. Please see the system requirements on our site.

(¹) The Joomla session cookie will be set if you've enabled logging, because it's impossible to log in a s

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Reviews: 4
Today I bought this extension and after paying, the files were not visible for download. 5 minutes after I send my ticket I had an answer and 10 minutes later the problem was solved (although is was on Sunday-evening). GREAT support and not to forget a very simple installation!!
Reviews: 2
I feel it necessary to write a quick review.
Given the update in privacy laws relating to cookies within the EU, we needed to have an option where users and visitors have the option to accept or opt out.
We don't want to take the chance of getting taken to court.

There were 2 components options which we considered seriously, the documentation for this component is very good, beyond a quick start guide, each option is actually explained.
The component covers all the options you need to comply with the law and track how users choice, with logging for future evidence (hopefully never needed).

The component operates on a subscription model for updates and support - given the level of service that is a bargain.
We had a problem with the operation and the developer: Jurian Even - spent time to find and trace down the problem. It turned out to be components from 2 different developers not following joomla guidelines, he even wrote a code fix for 1 of them (we submitted it to the other developer).
Our website is running faster, since he found the defective components.

So in summary, the product is a complete solution, the developer and his service, solid.

We have no qualms about recommending him and his product. Cookie Confirm 2.0
Reviews: 3
This extension is really good and do the job excellent. Aften som install trouble on two sites with some very old jQuery, it just works. The support is at least 6 stars. The developer answered my mail in just 20 min. both on a saturday and sunday evening, and stayed on troubleshooting until the problem was solved. For me he went on until 2am monday morning. It is alot more than I ever could have asked for.
Reviews: 4
This component works perfectly just out of the box. Install it on your website, adjust the settings and you're ready to go. Currently it is J2.5 only, too bad not J1.5 since I also have J1.5 sites.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! Of course all the others as well!

The reason why there is no Joomla 1.5 version, is that J1.5 is almost end-of-life. It would take a lot of time to make the extension compatible with J1.5. In my opinion wasted time, since J1.5 websites needs to be migrated soon anyway. Beside that, the most extension developers will drop support for J1.5 soon or already did that.

I will use this time to further improve Cookie Confirm, so you could all benefit from it.

Reviews: 5
This extension (a complete Joomla-Component) has you need to handle the European Cookielaw.
In the Netherlands, the law is not very clear, but we need to handle with it.
This extension is very easy to install and to configure.
With all the options in it, it is very usefull.
I think this extension should be an Editors pick.
Reviews: 38
A professionally made component that works perfectly. The support has been fast, friendly and effective. The documentation is clear and concise. Looks great from the front end as well. Thanks for a great component!
Reviews: 6
This extension is one of the best extensions available rightnow!
The extension is really easy to configure, has a lot of extra features and the support is great.
This extension should be added to Joomla's Editor's Picks if you ask me..!

Keep up the good work! 5 Stars!
Reviews: 7
Very simple to install, easy to set and very good looking on the front end. This plugin really does the trick to comply with the new EU law on the usage of cookies. And after a small hick up in downloading, the response was within 5 minutes and very effective. I say: just do it and download this extension now!
Reviews: 4
I have tried a few 'Confirm Cookie' extension, but this one I will keep for sure!
It is easy to setup, looking awesome on the front-end on all the devices and browsers I have tried, and then it is very easy for the front-end users to use/confirm cookies and edit if they want to deny them again. (An awesome icon in the corner where the settings are keept)
And best of all: It do the job right!

The support is FAST and I mean really FAST!
I was having an issue with my theme but Jurian from support solved it in a few minutes. (It was not Cookie confirm there was the problem but my theme.)

So this Cookie extension I will keep because it do what it is supposed to do, and it does it with a beautiful simple interface.
Reviews: 3
The developer did a perfect job.
The plugin is easy to install, configure and to style.
The support when you have questions is excellent.
The developer is open for suggestions.
I'm going to use it on every website I create.
Reviews: 4
Download, enable and ready!
This is the way software has to be.

A question to the developer was within seconds answered.
Reviews: 1
I have downloaded and installed this extension. After testing i found it is working perfectly. A real "must have"
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