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Cookies Pro Plugin

Pixelpro presents Cookies Pro. A plug-in designed to request user permission before installing any storage device, whether the user's or third party (cookies), in the user's system.

This plug-in blocks all cookies, for example, if we have an online shop and the user does not accept it, the user could encounter functionality problems with any processes that require them.

This plug-in is free, constructive criticism and comments are welcomed.

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Reviews: 1
I tested some cookie control extensions and this is the best I found! It works like a charm, is customizable and easy to setup.
Reviews: 6
I want to be on the secure legal side... and with this easy to set up and sufficient plugin I found it.

Thanks Hubert
Reviews: 1
It's a great pluging. It is easily configurable, and it works, but I've noticed that if I have activated this pluging, the Slideshow CK is not shown. My website is in Spanish, so I will activate when this little inconsistency is resolved.

Thanks David from Pixel Pro!
Reviews: 2
This plugin is really good. And free !!! I have to make some changes in CSS, and put the button after the link to see cookie policy.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this plugin. It's very easy to install, quick to configure and works!
Owner's reply

You are welcome ;-)

Reviews: 12
It makes what it says. Installed, tested an working in 2 minutes.

Thanks Daniel.
Reviews: 1
Have been fixed and new features added in this second version, such as whether or not to put cookies Joomla! and extensions of Google analytics and the choice of the administrator of the page.
Reviews: 2
It is very easy to set up, in two minutes it is already running.

Reviews: 10
It's very easy of implementation. Its in spanish and I dnt find to translate
Reviews: 5
Easy to configure. For my specific needs I modified xml and php files a bit and it was also very simple to read your code.
I recommend to add option to switch off in-line styling for people, who prefer css stylesheets only.
Reviews: 10
I have installed this on one of my sites and it certainly looks very good. But is does cause problems with logged in users. And in IE9 it keeps appearing and again causes problems. Some of my members dropdown menus will not work until logged in several times.
Basically it is excellent but needs tweaking. Would have posted on the site but it is in Spanish.