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Qlue Custom 404 ComponentPlugin

The Qlue Custom 404 component detects when your website has a page error and redirects a user to your own custom 404 error page. The component will redirect any HTTP errors including 404 Page not found, 403 Forbidden and 500 Internal server error.

This means you can improve on the ugly standard error page and generate an error page that's user friendly, navigational and even include a search box to help direct the user to the page they are looking for.

Return the correct HTTP error (many other extensions do not do this and it's important for SEO!)
Detect errors (eg 404 Page not found) and display a custom page in your own template
Custom error page can include modules!

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Reviews: 8
It didn't work on my site. But, thats probably because of the 404errorpage handling by my template. But still it was to much hassle to figure it out so I decided to uninstall this extension.

Received an error on the uninstall, it didn't do it properly. So I had to remove the last plugin entry from the database manualy. Very anoying when the uninstall won't work properly; it gives you the feeling it messed up your site.

Another thing. After installing the plugin my MCE editor is messed up. It doesn't show the icons/buttons anymore. It seems that for some reason Unicode characters are not supported anymore after installing this extension.
Reviews: 6
Read all the Joomla stuff about custom 404 pages, complicated!
Found this mod, installed, activated, works. Excellent and so SIMPLE. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
I've used this mod on a couple of websites and I've never had an issue with it. It works very well and I'm grateful for the work carried out.

Looking forward to a version for joomla 3.
Reviews: 4
Well, this component chrashed my site both frontend and backend....

Installed the package and set up and error page but the thing does not work. After uninstalling the component it chrashed my site completely.

Thank god I just made a backup before this mess.
Reviews: 8
didn't work when i installed and configured, then when i uninstalled i got a blank white site in the frontend and backend. i truly hate when developers do not program uninstall process perfectly and sites break.
Reviews: 2
I have been using the non-commercial version of the plugin and as it turned out it does not return the correct http error header as featured. All my not-found pages return code 200 as if they actually exist. This is sad because i like both the simplicity and functionality of the extension but can't use it:( May be its something that you can get in commercial version although featured in both.
Owner's reply

Hi, the free version of the Qlue Custom 404 does work, it does generate the correct HTTP status code. It is likely that another extension on your site is causing a conflict. The one thing that you do get with the pro version is great support and I'm sure the team would quickly get to the bottom of this!

Reviews: 19
Good alternative for those who don't want to use SEF components like sh404sef which has all the functions this components has.
Reviews: 3
all of my sites run this extension
i hope new version for joomla 3 will be available soon!
Owner's reply

Hi, you'll be glad to know the Joomla 3 version is now available!

Reviews: 7
Went through the official "set up a custom 404 page" which was informative, but then found this as the second listed page down and wondered why I'd wasted time. Works instantly, installed and up and running in less than 5 minutes. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Although the refrigeration system that is effective, support and designer is not it ... I bought and it may be working too well. All images are in the 404 list of tens of png and jpg link. The media does not respond to my request which is how to avoid having his images in 404? that is why I removed two stars!
Reviews: 1
Must be conflicting with some kind of core joomla script because I cannot create a new menu item with this plugin enabled. If I disable, no problem publishing a new item. I cannot have a client enabling and disabling this plugin every time, so its pretty much worthless...
Reviews: 8
Easy to install.
I use it on many website and works fine on every.
A must have.
Reviews: 2
This is a well thought-out extension that installs easily and works first time, and could be especially useful to those upgrading sites from J1.5-2.5 (as I am currently doing). If all you want is a good-looking and helpful custom error page, you'll be more than happy with the free version. I paid for the pro version because I wanted the ability to redirect changed URLs to a new page.
Reviews: 2
I'm a Joomla novice and was having a very difficult time setting up a custom 404 error page. I found the Qlue Custom 404 Pro extension, downloaded it and installed it in a very short time. It did an excellent job for me and was very easy to set up.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and configure, works great, is one of the best components I have. It helps me solve the problems I had with my Urls.

Thank you very much
Travel Brasmar
Reviews: 12
Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Took me about 5 minutes to install and have my error page working.
Reviews: 8
Best component i have come across in ages - works out of the box, simple to configure - client had got himself into a mess with missing links and i managed to get issue resolved very quickly with this product - worth every penny
Reviews: 4
Installed and working on several servers but had issues that were server related. I opened dialouge with the developer who was helpful, prompt and knowledgable. Within a short time the issue was narrowed down on our server, changed and the link checker worked flawlessly.

This is a very useful tool for sorting that boring but vital job of link checking. A big thankyou for such an excellent product.
Reviews: 6
Qlue Custom 404 works very well for the standard errors when generated from within a Joomla site. In my site I could not get a reference to the Qlue error 'page' to work for non Joomla site components, but that was easily overcome by creating a second identical error 'page' and pointing to it from a conventional .htaccess file in the site root.

Much better than relying on the standard 404 error pages etc. as you can direct the user immediately back into your main site.

Especially useful when major site updates break a lot of existing search engine references.

Qlue is simple to install and configure.
Reviews: 23
Very nice piece of software,
very simple interface - easy to integrate and follow, very usefull and does what it says,
i opted for the pro version, well worth the dough!
the only snag i can point out, is that if you're running a home page which is module based, the customizable redirection text area will appear in the content area - below the modules - but still, you're better off landing in the homepage rather than an ugly 404 page - it would have been nice to have been able to redirect from within the component to a specific joomla a specific menu item rather than to use the htaccess to point it at the qlue content id., which is dependent on the parent.
but other than this - it's great!
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