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Qlue Custom 404 ComponentPlugin

The Qlue Custom 404 component detects when your website has a page error and redirects a user to your own custom 404 error page. The component will redirect any HTTP errors including 404 Page not found, 403 Forbidden and 500 Internal server error.

This means you can improve on the ugly standard error page and generate an error page that's user friendly, navigational and even include a search box to help direct the user to the page they are looking for.

Return the correct HTTP error (many other extensions do not do this and it's important for SEO!)
Detect errors (eg 404 Page not found) and display a custom page in your own template
Custom error page can include modules!

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Reviews: 1
This extension installs quickly and easily. It does a good job of picking up error messages and allowing me to to redirect them to the proper pages. Having recently upgraded a site to 2.5, I had a lot of URL cleanup work to do, and this extension has been quite helpful. I'm using the commercial version and think it's worth it for the extra features.
Reviews: 5
Worked straight out the box. Was so impressed in the first coupld of mins I bought the pro version straight away.... best few quid I have spent.

We have a MASSIVE joomla/virtuemart site which is moving to a new server, and we have just had a custom router.php written... so all our links have changed.

The ability to view broken links and easy fix them has been a godsend.

I only wish there was a way to export a list of redirects into a csv so I could add them to the .htaccess file.

Nice job to the Devs.
Reviews: 40
Very good component and can recomend for all site. Working perfect ans support is fast.
Reviews: 3
In less than 30 minutes I paid for this, downloaded it, uploaded, and configured it.. This does exactly what I wanted and it is spot on!! My client is happy and I am too!
Reviews: 4
This works right out of the box, really. There are options to customize it, but those really are optional. After playing with the non-commercial version for 20 minutes, I was happy to pay for the pro version. Setup there is a little more involved, but it's not that bad. Yes, there are changes to the .htaccess file, but they are straightforward.
The ability to track broken links has been quite useful. The major project we're working on right now involves cutting over to a new site from an old one, so knowing what is missing - and being able to redirect them to the correct page - has been great.
Well worth the cost!
Reviews: 3
This extension (non-commercial Joomla 1.5 version) was easy to install and to configure. Does everything it is supposed to do.
I only wish there was a way to configure custom 404 error pages in different languages (on a multilingual site using Joom!fish).
Reviews: 11
Upon realizing that K2 component articles have been deleted - a lot of broken links from indexing were noticed. While re-indexing is taking place, it was imperative to "fix" all the broken links directing to the site.

Tried the non-commercial version and it work "out the box." Realizing the value of this extension, we have upgraded to their commercial version for 19 bux. FAST fix for all the broken links (including 500's) - less than 10 minutes - the site is fully functional. That was done without reading their documentation. The only thing we are still struggling is assigning modules to custom pages - perhaps it is time to read the manual... :)
Reviews: 2
I was struggeling with many 404 errors on my magazine website. I have done some changes in the menu and categories as well, there is a large live forum too. So that I started to solve out redirections and page not founds. I tried one component but it didn'n work properly, then I discovered Qlue custom 404. Installation in a bit, set the 404 page with my custom and description includes link to the homepage. Job done in 5 minutes. No htaccess file changes needed in my case (non-profi version in use). Thank you guys!
Reviews: 5
This component is easy to figure out (I didn't need any guides, just poked around) and quick to set up. You can add some htaccess code to change the error page to the custom one you've created with Qlue, at which point users will see a fully-integrated 404 / 500 / 403 page.

That means these errors will be displayed within the content area of your template, so the user never leaves the template and will retain access to menu items or other important navigation functions (like searching).

It also notifies you after X attempts to visit a broken URL, so you can locate what needs to be rewritten and address those issues.

I have the commercial version, it's totally worth it. I'm very happy with the functionality and support - I got a reply within minutes of sending a question.
Reviews: 11
Easy to use, no issues installing or configuring. Support has been responsive to requests for additional help / features.
Reviews: 3
Documentation needs a bit of work, but apart from that it worked for 404 errors however my main issue was with 403 as I wanted to improve the standard Joomla message.

Initially the extension didn't work but I contacted Aaron and he had a fix out to me in less than an hour which I understand will now form part of an upgrade.

Well worth $19
Reviews: 1
This extension is not working for me. I watched the video read the minimum documentation (the FAQ section) but I cannot get the error page to appear within my yootheme template. Yootheme provides a better looking error page anyways!

All I get is the text I specified in the Qlue custom page but the template is not assigned. The extension owner in previous reviews claims that the documentation tells you how to do it but I haven't seen that notes anywhere. My website has SEF enabled and the template style is assigned to All.

It seems that I have to get the commercial version in order to get the non-commercial version to work!
Reviews: 4
You have to modify the .htacces file, it is the only difficulty I see. Except that, realy nice and useful component!
Reviews: 5
This is a tricky one. Qlue seem to be the only developers that make a Custom 404 product beyond 1.5 and the component does the job. However, the documentation is very poor and it took me a while to figure out how to get it working.

You create an error page from within the component, then you create a menu item and link the menu to the error page from within the component (rather than say an article as you normally would). Don't publish the menu on any of your pages and set the menu in the rhs prefs for bots not to scan etc (you son't want Google crawling it). This seems to then publish whatever you have put in error page you created within the component into the main body field on your page.

I'm assuming this is how it works with the non commercial version as well, I upgraded to the commercial version in the hope that I would get some customer support (Qlue do not offer any support for the free version).

With a comprehensive how-to doc, this would be an outstanding product.
Reviews: 3
A wonderful little extension. Quick & easy to setup and it does what it's supposed to do. I had some questions which the developer answered extremely quickly. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 5
I've manually set up error pages for a Joomla site before so I figured I would do the same again. After wasting several hours making a static HTML page etc, I still didn't have a working solution. So figured I would see what was available in the way of extensions.

Found this little gem, a little money and a little time and working Custom Error pages. Should have used this right from the start.

The tracking of bad URL's is a great feature as well.
Reviews: 2
Great little component. Bought the pro version ... well worth the $19 - I recommend to other developers and site owners.

Best of all - the support was the fastest I have ever encountered by any component provider.

Thanks - keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Long ago I was looking for an extension to do this function without complications
Qlue is a quick and simple solution to customizing pages 404. I recommend it ..!
Reviews: 5
Exactly what I was looking for! Does a great job! Considering getting the pro version soon.
Reviews: 4
I installed the free version on my 1.5.23 site, switched to SEF URLS (as required), created a simple custom page, and it works perfectly. Thanks for the great plugin! I'll be upgrading to the Pro version because I need custom 403 error pages also.
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