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Qlue Custom 404 ComponentPlugin

The Qlue Custom 404 component detects when your website has a page error and redirects a user to your own custom 404 error page. The component will redirect any HTTP errors including 404 Page not found, 403 Forbidden and 500 Internal server error.

This means you can improve on the ugly standard error page and generate an error page that's user friendly, navigational and even include a search box to help direct the user to the page they are looking for.

Return the correct HTTP error (many other extensions do not do this and it's important for SEO!)
Detect errors (eg 404 Page not found) and display a custom page in your own template
Custom error page can include modules!

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Reviews: 5
I installed Custom 404 and had an issue with some redirects. Contacted tech support and Aaron was on it within hours. Turned out to be a hosting issue. The product works exactly as I hoped and support was excellent. Very professional.
Reviews: 2
The component installed very easily and with no trouble. It does exactly what it says. Both on Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 :-)
Reviews: 19
Wow, that was easy :). I installed the component on my J! 1.7 site, created a custom 404 page and that's it. I tested some Google results which still referred to the former J! 1.0 version and some non-existing pages and all worked fine.
Reviews: 6
This works as expected and more. One thing not clear in the set up and documentation is the need to edit the htaccess file. Rapid response from tech support got us up and running.

Bonus result of this app is you can see the broken links and spot malicious attack attempts on your site.
Reviews: 51
The component is a very nice addition to the site, it handles the usual error pages, and it even helps you spot those pages that are missing from the site, by logging it all.

The only problem I can see is that I had to buy it on faith, it wouldn't display properly on my template, and I couldn't figure out why, reporting a bug to them didn't help, and they insist on not giving help out if you're not registered. So on a leap of faith I registered thinking that they must be able to solve this.
After registration I opened a ticket, which they responded to immediatey, and they solved my problem within two updates to it.

Just too bad that this leap of faith had to be taken, if they had helped me without registration, this would have been an 'excellent' rating.
Reviews: 1
Originally I was working in a normal Joomla 1.6.3 Website with the Normal Joomla Sample Data and I was using the Free Joomla Template YouGrids from

Everything was looking fine until I reach my first 404 Error page which in fact I never reached because the extension totally broke my template creating a PHP and JavaScript Error.

At the beginning I was thinking that probably the problem was on my side so what I did is I installed another template from

This time I was using Jooroos Template and what I found was that the error was gone but for some reason the Extension was breaking my CSS Files.

By this time I was checking the Website Help Support from this Qlue Extension because I was lost. I did not found any helpful information in there for Joomla 1.6 and when I contacted the owners they answer me that they not provide help to this Extension unless you buy the pro Version and pay for that.

After that what I did, I totally installed Joomla 1.6.3 from scratch with the normal Sample Data to test the Extension in a normal Joomla 1.6 Website without using any other extension or personal Data. This time I found that the Extension was working only with one template.

If an extension does not even work with the Sample Data and the standard Joomla Templates plus there is no help for this extension in Joomla 1.6, this is a not to go extension.

This extension only worked with Beez5 - Default-Fruit Shop.

Regarding Beez2–Default and Beez2-Parks Site, it just kept breaking the CSS Files.

This is my Rating

Extension for Joomla 1.5 = 5 Starts
Extension for Joomla 1.6 = 1 Start
Support = There is no support for the FREE Version unless you buy the Pro Version.

Overall Rating 5+1 = 6
Which makes 6/2 = 3

I hope with this review the owners see after this problem because so far they offer me no help while contacting them and it seems like a promising extension.
Reviews: 4
Downloaded this free component and liked it so much I bought the Pro version to have different pages for 404 and 500 etc. Had some questions to ask and the support has been excellent. If you use the Joomla 1.6 Redirect component, you might need the Pro version like us as Joomla doesnt seem to like having 2 seperate routines (Qlue404 and Redirect) for handling errors, so the Pro version integrates a redirect handler to solve this but if you just need to handle 404 messages much nicer than the default Joomla messages, this component makes a great difference to your site
Reviews: 1
I spent the past two days trying to get a custom 404 page set up on my Joomla 1.6 website.

Then I tried this extension. I got things set up quickly and the only thing I couldn't figure out was how to get it to work for top level domain errors. Then I saw the handy (in bold face)instructions on the module page telling me exactly how to edit my .htaccess to get it to work and everything is now working perfectly.

My 404 error page is BEAUTIFUL and just looks like another nice template article. I am am so happy with this extension. :) :)
Reviews: 3
excelent component, it works witout a problem, the only problem is that i have installed it in joomla 1.6 and there isn´t any option to assign a template to 404 page, so when it is activated it show without any template showing an ugly template
Owner's reply

Hi Carlos,

There has been an update to my component which will allow you to assign templates or modules just to custom error pages.

Click on the documentation link to see how to achieve this.


Reviews: 1
Installed and created pages fine. Went to check functionality and it just redirected me to my homepage. Looked for documentation and watched video. No clue as to why it doesn't work. Uninstalled...
Owner's reply

This is not a problem with our component. It is a problem with core Joomla. For Qlue Custom 404 to work fully, SEF URLs must be enabled.

We have now added a bold note on the overview to point users to the FAQs where this problem is described.

With SEF URLs disabled it is not possible to detect all page errors without hacking core Joomla. We prefer to suggest the far better solution of enabling SEF URLs.

Please read all documentation before reviewing - this is an exceptional, free extension that solves a long-standing problem in Joomla and knee-jerk reviews like this don't help other users.

Reviews: 1
Installation was easy, and the process of creating an error page was pretty straightforward but when I tried it out the module positions on the page which was displayed were all wrong. The layout was totally wrong. I am using Yoo Flux. The error page reset the theme settings to the default colour scheme.
Owner's reply

I'm glad to see installation and set up were quick and easy.

The component works perfectly in J1.5 and J1.6.

The answer to your problem is in our FAQs. You just need to check the Template Manager : Edit Style options.

We're happy to help, you just need to ask instead of writing misleading reviews.

Reviews: 46
Worked on joomla 1.6 straight away
Easy to use.
Nice work
Thanks to developer
Reviews: 4
I downloaded the Joomla 1.6 version of this component. This component is great - It works as expected and is easy to use.
Reviews: 41
It wasn't smooth sailing to get this working, but faultless, quick support helped enormously. It does prefer SEF mode and if you have modules showing on your custom 404 page you don't want, follow these instructions.

1) Create a hidden menu (Google it!)
2) Create a link to the Qlue 404 component in this hidden menu.
3) Within the basic parameters of this link, choose your custom 404 page.
4) Set your modules not to show on this menu link and make sure that on Module Assignment, you have "Include no Itemid" set to "Yes".

Bingo. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
This extensions installed easily and with no trouble and did exactly as it said it would.
Reviews: 8
It is extremley simple. You just install the component, and there is only one button. Press it, and BAM! you've got a fully functional 404 error page.
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