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Jacarlin Redirect Plugin

If you browse a Joomla web site, content that is not for public users returns the following message: "You are not authorized to view this resource." This plugin redirects users to either a login page, registration form or custom URL, instead of returning the standard Joomla message.

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Reviews: 8
It does exactly what it says it does but as another reviewer pointed out, you have to disable the System - Redirect plugin .. that might be a problem for some people..

You might be able to get away with re-ordering the plugins so that the default redirect plugin is below this one.. I haven't tried that yet to confirm, I know on some of our sites we make use of the built in redirect so this would be a big problem on those sites.

So clearly documentation on that particular, rather important issue is sorely needed! .. I spent a good hour trying to figure out why this wasn't working until I went back and re-read the reviews for help ... The author's site has a forum but it has zero posts and it only has "Suggestion Box" .. so no help there.

The lack of help/documentation is the only thing that kept me from giving this a perfect score..
Owner's reply

Not need to disable just you can play with ordering of plugins, sort this plugin in top of all

Reviews: 8
This tool is perfect and can redirect to different pages for each type of error, (login and registration page being standard options).
HOWEVER, to you must remember to turn the plugin ON and the standard redirect plugin OFF.
Reviews: 14
Have teated very briefly. But this does precisely what it is supposed to!

Reviews: 7
I am amazed this plugin is not part of joomla itself... a non-authorized page should NEVER go to a 404 page. This plugin fixes exactly that.

A good start to the plugin and doing me fine in a pinch.

I wish it had one more feature, such as: After a successful login, then go to the page your were originally on, i.e. the one that forced you to login at the start. Setting that dynamically would be great. thx Jacob