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Dynamic404 ComponentPlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
With Dynamic404 you can redirect 404-pages to other URLs easily. This way, visitors will never get an annoying "404 Not Found" page anymore, but they will be redirected to the right page. Alternatively you can disable this redirection, and just enrich the 404-page with a list of possible matches for the current 404-error.

The Dynamic404 component determines which page is the closest match by looking at Menu-Items and articles to find a matching alias. Alternatively, you can configure redirects yourself from within the Joomla! Administrator. This way you can even fix URL-typos made by your visitors. Also, the Dynamic404 component can be extended with Joomla! plugins that allow you to search for matches within the logic of other third party extensions.

When good matches are found, you can determine yourself what to do: You can display an optimized 404-error page to your visitors which shows a listing of all the matches, plus links to your site search. Or you can transform the 404-error into a 301 or 307 redirect to direct the visitor to the right page.

Despite what some SEO-experts have claimed, Dynamic404 will give you a higher ranking when the automatic redirection of Dynamic404 is enabled: In case of a 404-error, that 404-status never reaches the visitor, but it is transformed into a valid redirect. This makes Dynamic404 vital when migrating between major Joomla! versions (Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3 for example), or when migrating com_content to your favorite CCK.

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Reviews: 6
I purchased this little gem of a plug-in to enhance the boring Error 404 web-page and it just did the job brilliantly.

Thanks to "Dynamic404" now when my visitor types a wrong URL or URL to non-existing or moved page on my site, my Joomla system dynamically displays not just "Error 404" error message, but a list of web-pages closely matched to that mistyped or wrong URL.

Support from Jisse Reitsma was prompt and friendly.

Highly recommend Dynamic404 plug-in without any hesitation.
Reviews: 3
This is among the best extensions available for Joomla. It's both useful and very well developed. Support is awesome too.
Reviews: 3
I purchased a really nice ajax contact plugin that works very nicely but recently ran into a problem between it and ReDJ redirect plugin. I have around 150 redirects plugged into ReDJ which would all have to be manually moved into some other form of redirect program in order to keep the ajax contact form running. I found the Dynamic404 component and gave it a shot. In under 5 minutes of installing it and the Easyblog plugin my problem was solved and I saved my self 4 or 5 hours of work. It was as easy as enabling the plugin and the rest is history.
Great plugin, keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 6
This extension is fantastic, I already have used others exts to handle joomla error pages, all other lack of something, but this one is perfect. At first I had some issues to redirect not found Sobipro 1.1.8 entries, and you won't believe that developer wrote a plugin specially for Sobipro and issue is solved, the support is even better. You can also have custom error pages.I Highly recommend this ext.
Reviews: 1
Our site is now ten years old. In this time, we changed a few things here, a few things there. We migrated from Joomla 1.0 to 3...

And along the way we lost a ton of back links. We've tried a number of ways to reclaim these with varying success. Mostly it's a manual and time consuming process with Webmaster Tools, spreadsheets and htaccess files.

I stumbled across Dynamic404 completely by accident, and thought it was worth a punt for the price.

We have been stunned by the result. It seems that Google have pretty instantly credited our site with a ton of "lost" back links and we have leapt up in terms of impressions and clicks from Google, and of course traffic. Graph:

A great extention - a must have if you think you've changed some URL structure on your site - ever.
Reviews: 8
With around 10k of 404 errors accrued over the years it makes perfect sense to install dynamic 404 and set it to automatic url redirect. This means that instead of a visitor landing on an unsightly 404 page it lands on a page with matched relevancy. Thank you for your support and quick response to my forum posts and emails.
Reviews: 10
I have redesigned my personal-trainer website. Dynamic404 ensures that the number of visitors remains stable.

Moreover, fast and competent support. Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 1
Over time, I tried various "url prettyfiers", seo tools, 404 handlers etcc. and most of them had one or the other flaw after just a few weeks (or earlier). I installed this extension and after a while simply forgot it completely. I guess it couldn't be better - that is what such an extension is meant to be. Thanks for a good, solid piece of siftware.
Reviews: 2
I used Dynamic 404 during a major site rebuild. My client was on a defunct CMS and wanted to convert the site to Joomla. The old site had good search engine rankings, with over 400 urls, and we were faced with the challenge of maintaining these rankings after the Joomla conversion. Dynamic 404 helped us to manage hundreds of 301 redirects from the old urls to the appropriate Joomla ones. The result was that we saw minimal negative impact from the search engines, and zero loss in traffic after the Joomla launch. Hi highly recommend Dynamic 404!
Reviews: 1
work perfectly for my. The only extension i found for j2.5 that can redirect to ousite the site, then help me to migrate my site.
And most of all, very reactive assitance.
Reviews: 2
This affordable commercial extension was the solution to what seemed like an surmountable problem.

Dynamic404 helped our team with:
--Setting an article (from menu item) as the 404 page. That is such a nice feature, as now the site nav is in place, with our custom title.
--We can set the redirects to auto- this lets our client move articles from category to category as much as they want without their links breaking or needing to manually add redirects.

In addition, we had challenging issues with upgrading from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5. The support team at Yireo was extraordinary, offering assistance above and beyond.

I highly recommend the Yireo team for clear, easy to use extensions and fantastic customer service!
Reviews: 23
I gave it a low rating because of the result it gave. I was still using it on a site and didnt checked the dead urls in google that i had. The bad thing about this 404 component is that you do get indexed with 404 and thus giving the wrong server response, well to my opinion anyway. Even google groups say..."If you do as some people wrongly do, just show a "normal" page with a 404 message then Google will index it." And thats what happend. So in the light of that, this 404 component is very useless, no matter what the author might say.
Owner's reply

As author, I feel to provide some feedback anyway. You claim that Dynamic404 shows a 404-error anyway - yes, it does if it is unable to find a proper alternative in the database. It doesn't change any functionality of 404-errors here, nor does it downgrade Google ratings. What it tries to do however, is to search the Joomla! database for alternatives and if it does find an alternative, it removes the 404 and sends 301 redirect to the right page instead. It seems you have somehow not configure Dynamic404 to redirect properly yet. Unfortunate that this leads to a bad review, while a simple support request could have fixed your problem.

Reviews: 4
I installed this plugin and it just didn't work. I kept getting standard Joomla red 404 pages. Further, it broke the top menu links on my webpage somehow - every link led to Page doesn't exist, which wasn't fixed by uninstalling the plugin so I had to restore my webpage from a backup (the support is claiming this can't be the extension's fault but when I restored the website to the pre-dynamic404 state, everything worked).

As far as the refund for it goes, you will need to provide access to your Joomla backend to the developers so they can try to fix this / install the extension for you and determine wheter you're eligible for a refund or not. I didn't want to do this, but I probably would have gotten a refund if I had given them access (obviously I can't be sure about this).

All in all, 2/5 because eventhough I can understand their point of view, I'm still very dissatisfied with the way things ended up.
Owner's reply

Sorry this did not work out. There were various sides to this support-issue that made us believe that Dynamic404 was not causing the problems. First of all, Dynamic404 simply is not active when you reach a normal page, it only reacts on 404-errors. So if a normal page was working before, and suddenly it no longer was, most likely something else changed. Removing Dynamic404 makes sure that no Dynamic404 functionality is present anymore. This supports our belief that this problem was actually related to something else - perhaps enabling "mod_rewrite" in the Global Configuration while not having read the instructions on the htaccess-file?

Reviews: 7
Excellent plugin.

Great price, sleek and concise. Doesn't bulk up with a bunch of extra obscure features. Was installed and working within 5 minutes.
Reviews: 2
Brand new to Joomla, extensions, plug-ins, modules etc. We're in the process of moving our "grown out of proportions" many web presence items into a new Joomla site and feared many of existing (older) links will be lost or make new, returning visitors leave our site when encountering page 404.

Not now I've downloaded the Dynamic404 - simply created a menu item to make the whole "page not found" experience even more user friendly for future visitors to our - soon to be revealed - brand new compact site!
Absolutely brilliantly simple and worth the (tiny) investment
Reviews: 6
For my site I need to change content section, according to article content status. Dynamic404 really helps to avoid any 404 pages from external, not updated, links (a lot) and from autogenerated system joomla links. Looking at googl webmaster tools I have no more errors... well, it works fine.
Reviews: 3
perfect in its simpleness. Does exactely what it needs to, and nothing more or less
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I needed to get rid of the stupid 404 error. Thanks for a great piece of software at a reasonable price.