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We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. Satisfy many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.
sh404sef also includes many security features.

sh404SEF® id the most popular and longest developed Joomla seo extension. We are dedicated, full-time Joomla professionals who work each and every day to bring you the very best extensions and prompt support. Our staff have over 20 years of combined experience with Joomla (and Mambo) and we maintain some of the longest, continually developed Joomla add-ons available.

* sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting):

* NEW: Google Authorship support
* NEW: Twitter Cards support
* NEW: Google Analytics Universal support
* NEW: Google Tags manager support
* NEW: all output through JLayout, easily override in template
* full support for Google rel="prev" and rel="next" header tags, to improve SEO of paginated content
* built in caching database layer, speeds up sh404SEF. Backed by memcache, APC, etc
* Create and insert Open Graph data
quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site to allow sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
* Integrated Google Analytics including support for social sharing
* Automatically generate tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
* Full urls and bulk meta data management
Multi-lingual support
* Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS
* Instantly add global support for canonical URLs (add rel="canonical" HTTP headers)
* Remove duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla websites
* Create human ear and search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
* Control URL re-write mode on a per-application basis
* Support for Google News URL format
* Easily customize the page title and page description with bulk updater
* Create customized error pages (i.e. 404) with relevant links and other info
* Harden against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
* Harden against malicious page requests
* Limit flooding attacks
* Protect input forms such as the contact page from spam (using Project Honey Pot)
* Control site access from suspicious domains (using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting)

We Support many third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer.
Components we support natively include: VirtueMart, K2, FlexiContent, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder, mosetsTree and more.

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Reviews: 5
Had been using an old beta version from the time it was a free extension for a year or so.

Decided to upgrade and paid the money.

The product has undergone a lot of changes visually and under the hood.

Looks good and does the job very well indeed.

Had a major problem after upgrading, but the support forum where very quick in responding. Eventually they went into my site and problem solved it for me. Excellent service.

Well worth the money
Reviews: 2
I bought and installed the sh404SEF extension onto my website last night. I ran into a minor issue that was a simple mistake on my part. I contacted their support team concerning my issues. They replied within no time at all and helped me solve my problem.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
We happily purchased the full bundle of products created by Anything Digital LLC.

We found the the clever mix of programs not only improved our search engine ranks dramatically, but added flexibility by means of forums, and internal company organisation with use of the online calendar.

We would gladly recommend the product to anybody wanting their Joomla website to be SEO enhanced.

With the full package, we can rely on the excellent back support issued by Victor and the team, and being able to access future developments which will assist us optimising our site.

This software is essential to ANY online business wanting to be found online.

All the best,
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension from curiosity to try it on my site.

I had some skin problems in joomla and i was offered support in real time by the support team.

The component is excellent and the support team as well.

Thank you again for being so patient and caring with your customers.
Reviews: 4
This is an extension that every Joomla site should implement. It is not for the uninitiated or casual Joomla user. However, once you find out that the "stock" Joomla installation won't meet your needs for search engine optimization OR preventing spam posts and comments, this is is the extension for you.

Complicated, but worth the learning curve.
Reviews: 4
I would say that the installation was simple and fast. I got confused on one little setting that set me back a day, but now it is fixed with help from customer service.

There are lots of settings to help you tweak your URLs.
Reviews: 5
After looking for a app who could do SEF on our site I decided to buy sh404sef
Install was without any trouble, but it was required to add a live site into the joomla config and that was the moment the trouble started
I added the domain with www in the config file and if a visitor came in the site without www it would create a 404. So we changed the config and deleted the www, which actually result in having all visitors who came in using the www getting a 404
So I checked in their forum and coldn't find any answer. Posting a new thread was impossible since they require a bunch of stuff a poster should put in for a new threat
So I went to their contact form and asked for help. Long story short - NO ANSWER at all
They have been easy for taking my money, but for the rest I'm very disappointed about this.
So my vote: Don't buy it if you are expecting any help...
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had a bad support experience, but your remarks call for an explanation.
We provide support through the forum. I don't know why there was no answer from the contact form, there should have been one asking you to go to the forum. We do not provide support by email, though of course, sometimes, after a discussion has been started on the forum it can continue by email if there are some technical details that should not be displayed on a public forum for instance.

Because we provide support free of charge, and to make it more efficient, we do ask users to provide some information about their site and server simply to avoid that our first response is "Please, can you tell me about this and that"

You said "Posting a new thread is impossible because they require a bunch of stuff...". We ask for things like: your Joomla version, your sh404sef version, php and apache version, whether you use .htaccess or not.

Again, I'm sorry that you find this "impossible" to collect (all of this is available from your Joomla system menu BTW), but at the same time, please understand that this is information we'll need in trying to solve your issue.


Reviews: 1
My experience has been terrific with the product and team. Like all open-source projects many components don't initially play nice with each other. Often times tinkering is required to make components work together.

As in my case, components and extensions were going haywire with my site. I opened a ticket and stated my observations. We exchanged a couple more data points and a solution was recommended that resolved my issue. By the way, this all took place in less than a 24 hour time period.

This is one of my best experiences I have had with a quality product and a very fast support team.
Reviews: 1
I'm very surprised because I didn't expect a such bad support!

It's a shame!! The component has a very good reputation and looks very good, but if you don't like to feel manipulated or not to get for your money's worth, I really recommend you not to buy it!!!

I have been waiting for a month for a professional answer, but they simply don't care. They just give me light answers and make me waste my time!

I hope someone of the team will react and give me a proper solution for a minor issue that prevents me to enable the component!
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you've had issues with support. We've made tremendous efforts in the past months to provide reliable and efficient support to users, and I think it shows in the reviews you can see below.
At the moment, I can't look into this as you're not using "ronaldor" on our forum. If you contact us at, I can guarantee personal and prompt attention to your problem!


Reviews: 2
Great Development! If you have questions they have great support also! Thanks!
Reviews: 22
I've been researching SEF, SEO for a while now, and decided to implement sh404SEF. I had a few minor configuration things on my end, however the support forum had all the solutions available to get me up and running smoothly.

I highly recommend this extension for every Joomla site - a must have for sure!
Reviews: 4
because it has cool features, and...

yes, that is the main reason for me, because joomla native sef messes up some components code, and all the "big" sef components require joomla sef activated. why? i don't know, but i find that stupid.

so for me this component is the best :)
Reviews: 2
This is a must-have for any serious Joomla! implementation. It does exactly what it promises and is well supported by a responsive developer. Don't hesitate, get it.
Reviews: 3
I had a problem upgrading to 2.1.6 and it turned out to be a security restriction in my admin directory php.ini file - "parse_ini_file" function. This was quickly resolved by support. Excellent work!
Reviews: 3
I'm working since 3 Years with sh404sef and i find it an excellent extension. The supportforum works very fine.

I recently upgraded to the 2.x.x. version and i appreciate very much the new analytics feature.

I find it a very complete extension and it's also well compatible with most important other extensions.

Every cent spent for it was spent good.

thank you and continue like


Reviews: 1
I recently had the need to address an issue with Joomla SEF URLs that would change on an irregular basis depending on where the content was accessed from after a cache reset.

I also wanted to use a Joomla component that would allow more control over the SEF URL configuration.

With the above in mind, I brought and installed sh404SEF. It's been extremely easy to work with, and is a well polished product (still learning some basics, though the documentation has been great thus far).

What issues I've run into have been promptly addressed (and almost all resolved) by the community behind sh404SEF.
Reviews: 10
I've been using this extension for a few years now on some sites and have been very happy paying the very reasonable annual license fee (unlimited domains) because there is now very active support and development since the move to Anything Digital.

Today I had a couple of problems (turned out not with sh404SEF), which they helped resolve very quickly - thanks to jimie and shushima.

The extension also includes some worthwhile security features and for some extensions e.g. Virtuemart, is essential because Joomla!s SEF doesn't handle them well.

I've had a brief look at the new Google Analytics functionality, which could be very useful but I won't be using it until they have a secure solution for storing and reading the GA authentication. They do say that you should just create a new GA account for each domain if you don't want your username/password compromised but this is a work-around that requires a change to our business processes.

Very good extension.
Owner's reply


thanks for your kind review. A note on the Analytics password. I'm sorry if our wording makes you think there is any security flaw there. There is not, and a change in storage method is not researched nor needed. Your credentials are stored in a file on your server, just like Joomla stores your mysql password or your smtp email password. This is very secure and does not cause any issue.
Our advice was more a no-nonsense kind of remark, whereby we advice to not use the same password on each and every email account or website credentials you use, so as to avoid having all your accounts compromised if only one of them is uncovered

Best regards

Reviews: 1
I've tested this extension on one test site of mine, the default configuration worked at least on what i've seen witouht anything abnormal.
Great documentation to read on the first time use.
Realy a must have for joomla beginers (like me)developers and designers.
Has lot's of options (wich i have to explore)
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
Must say the new SH404sef has lot's of (new) features, more complex to handle also, today they fixed it very quickly almost like live support. Excellent job Jimie!
Reviews: 4
sh404SEF is a must have for any website. I have created over 20 Joomla websites and use sh404 on every single one.

The product itself is paid, but it has excellent support helping me solve issues within an hour. It is continuously developed and supported by a great time. Developed releases don't just include bug fixes but contain new features such as the Google Analytics feature.

Thank you Anything Digital for a great product.
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