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We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. Satisfy many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.
sh404sef also includes many security features.

sh404SEF® id the most popular and longest developed Joomla seo extension. We are dedicated, full-time Joomla professionals who work each and every day to bring you the very best extensions and prompt support. Our staff have over 20 years of combined experience with Joomla (and Mambo) and we maintain some of the longest, continually developed Joomla add-ons available.

* sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting):

* NEW: Google Authorship support
* NEW: Twitter Cards support
* NEW: Google Analytics Universal support
* NEW: Google Tags manager support
* NEW: all output through JLayout, easily override in template
* full support for Google rel="prev" and rel="next" header tags, to improve SEO of paginated content
* built in caching database layer, speeds up sh404SEF. Backed by memcache, APC, etc
* Create and insert Open Graph data
quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site to allow sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
* Integrated Google Analytics including support for social sharing
* Automatically generate tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
* Full urls and bulk meta data management
Multi-lingual support
* Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS
* Instantly add global support for canonical URLs (add rel="canonical" HTTP headers)
* Remove duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla websites
* Create human ear and search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
* Control URL re-write mode on a per-application basis
* Support for Google News URL format
* Easily customize the page title and page description with bulk updater
* Create customized error pages (i.e. 404) with relevant links and other info
* Harden against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
* Harden against malicious page requests
* Limit flooding attacks
* Protect input forms such as the contact page from spam (using Project Honey Pot)
* Control site access from suspicious domains (using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting)

We Support many third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer.
Components we support natively include: VirtueMart, K2, FlexiContent, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder, mosetsTree and more.

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Reviews: 1
The component works as promised, but it literally took me months to find out it was to blame for the ridiculous slowness of my site. My site gets more or less 6000 visitors a day, and has a kunena forum on it. Enabling sh404sef on all pages on the site caused page loads of over 10 seconds, sometimes even more than 20 seconds. I've lost quite a few visitors and even regular posters on the forum over the slowness of my site. Disabling sh404sef for the forum seems to have sped up the whole site. I'm now looking if disabling it for the whole site speeds the site further up. If necessary, I'll do it as I don't believe the SEO advantage of it as much as a lot of people.

I'm writing this, as it might "speed up" somebody else finding the cause of the slowness of his/her site.
Owner's reply

Sorry about all the time you lost on this. Dues to this very nature (storing url pairs in the database), sh404sef and all other sef extensions that use the same process do add some overhead to a web site, just like Joomla sef add some overhead to sites compared to having no sef at all. Forums are actually the worst extensions to work with because users creates posts all the time. With database-backed sef extensions, it is the creation of a url that takes time. When it is created, it is easy and fast to retrieve from the DB.
All that said, I'd like to point out :
- support for Kunena has only been added to sh404sef a couple of weeks ago, meaning you have been using either a 3rd-party Kunena plugin or even Joomla router.php files. This is really a worst case scenario for speed
- to put things in perspective, my own tests on Kunena shows that sh404sef add about 20% to 25% overhead over Joomla SEF. That is usually something that can be handled by hosting, but may require indeed additional resources in case such as yours, with failry heavy load.

Reviews: 2
I didn't have any problems installing this and I'm far from a Joomla expert. The .htaccess change was very simple and basic on my Hostgator hosting.

It does what it says, and I'm happy with my purchase. Its a bit weird that they sell it by subscription though. I would rather just purchase it outright, and not have to worry about the payment auto-renewing.
Reviews: 2
This component was promising but since its been taken over by it fails to work with secure SSL pages.

Any https page is automatically redirect to a http page rendering vituemart shops useless.

Support provides no answers:
Owner's reply


Sorry you had problem with this particular question. However, there is no repoted issue within sh404sef regarding https. Setting up the joomla, virtuemart and the web server to operate may however be quite complex, especially on shared host, and thi smay be the reason of your issues. There are many Virtuemart shops running https for the checkout parts as we speak.

I can only encourage you to go back to our forum to try get this setup properly
Thanks and regards

Reviews: 1
SH404 is still the best SEF tool. Has many extra functions for customizing urls. Excellent.
Reviews: 3
Very good product for static websites that don't change frequently.

On my website articles and pages are added and deleted frequently and in combination with more then 2000 visitors a day it sometimes give white pages when you click on a link.
You have to purge all SEF urls to fix the problem.

Next to that sh404SEF does not work that good with Virtuemart and give depending on which server specs you use error.

But for the normal website its worth the 25 euro
Owner's reply

Hi geertje
Thanks for your review. You're indeed in a situation where you need to be careful about what urls are stored in the database. I am however very concerned about your comment regarding Virtuemart. In depth Virtuemart support has been a very strong feature for sh404sef from the start,and still is today. We are not aware of any outstanding issue with Virtuemart, so please contact me at shumisha at gmail dot com for details.


Reviews: 8
nice component, but it seems the version has updated within one week of me purchasing it and now i can't get to the website to download latest version.
Owner's reply


Yes, we try have updates very often. And you can get them for one year after subscribing, so something is not normal here. Please make contact with us so that can be fixed!


Reviews: 19
One of the most important things for SEO in Joomla is getting rid of the long strings that are built for URLs, and have shorter, more English sounding URLs for the search engines. This extension does just that, and does it well.

I can see why a novice may have trouble with it since you have to make and modify the .htaccess file, but if you have a good ftp program, you can figure it out. Or go to a forum and ask for assistance.

I had the hardest time initially getting the Joomla provided SEF URLs to work correctly, but once I had that figured out, I was determined to make this sh404SEF work -- after all, it always made it in the top 10 list of extensions!

It is well worth the small fee to purchase the license and follow the instructions you will see on the successful installation page. Clue: print that page!

I love the smaller URLs, much better for search engine optimization, and the ease of use. And now this extension is in my top 10 list too!
Reviews: 4
I will preface this by saying I'm somewhat new to Joomla extensions, I'm but no means a web developer.

I paid $35 USD to download this component and was disappointed by its lack of documentation. At least on my site, it wasn't ready to go upon installation.

I had to make changes to my security levels via the FTP site so it would view properly in the Joomla admin area. I had to rename the htaccess file ".htaccess" and save it to the Joomla root directory. I followed what few instructions were available to me as best I could, and finally I gave up on this component after 5 or 6 hours of frustration and little progress.

I found ARTIO JoomSEF to be much easier to use right out of the box. That component configured and renamed my .htaccess file automatically, and I'm able to make custom SEF URLS. In literally minutes, I was up and running.

The research I did said I was to htaccess file and rename it to .htaccess and save it in the Joomla root directory. Easy enough, but
Reviews: 1
After a year of struggling with this product, I was happy to see that it went commercial, because I figured it meant that they would acknowledge and fix the only major flaw of which I am aware...

... the core of sh404sef will break your pagination in MyBlog component. I have found work around for all other issues using these two otherwise great components together, but for whatever reason the sh404sef people refuse to acknowledge and fix this problem.

The really frustrating thing is that the sh404sef component comes with built in "support" for MyBlog, so is very misleading. Now that the product is commercial, it should come with a disclaimer that it will break your site if you want to use MyBlog along with it.

You would think that the MyBlog and sh404sef people would get together and figure this out, but the problem has been known for months.

It comes down to this... if you don't use MyBlog, then sh404sef is a great component and does exactly what it says. If you do use MyBlog or think you might ever want to, then stay far away from sh404sef unless and until the company acknowledges and fixes the problem.

A word of advice to azrul... it would be very helpful if you would offer the sh404sef team a copy of MyBlog, because the sh404sef people seem to have used the lack of access to MyBlog as a reason not to support it.
Reviews: 10
I submitted a question to the forms quite a while ago with absolutely no reasonable response. The import function does not work properly as I have reported.


This type of vendor is what gives Joomla a bad name.
Reviews: 1
I am very happy with this product and the $35 was worth it. I had problems with my .htaccess files using mod_rewrite and after 10 minutes with the documentation, I had my problem solved. Now my site has the most beautiful URLs!
Reviews: 3
Still love this component and don't really care to much about the $'s. To much ;) The latest version has much improved my mysterous 404's and seem to be a little better performing.

The only reason I did not give it a 5 is the plugin management is sort of a pain. They seem to know this and hopefully a new version soon will fix this.
Reviews: 7

I thought this was going to be a hard install, but ended up being a breeeeeeeze.

This is a must have, and will now be an instant install on any of my new Joomla! websites.

Just read the installation instructions carefully and you will be fine.


Reviews: 1
I gotta tell you - this product absolutely saved me. I had been struggling with native SEF and was getting nowhere. Decided to try this product and had my site setup exactly how I wanted it in about 15 minutes. Thanks for an excellent easy to use product. Your a lifesaver.
Reviews: 4
sh404sef is always one of the first extensions I install on a joomla site. Although, I was sad to see it go commercial, I definitely understand because a lot of time goes into making sh404sef I'm sure. It's definitely worth the small amount they're charging. And in response to an earlier comment, I'm using this extension on an IIS server and it works great! If you use Helicon's Isapi_Rewrite (free or commercial version) you can even use the .htaccess without index.php. When using isapi_rewrite you must add

if ( isset( $_SERVER[ 'HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL' ] ) )

to the beginning of your index.php file for it to work. This detail had me tripped up for a while. I would have given an excellent rating but sometimes I do have strange things happen, for instance, out of the blue on occasion my homepage will return a 404 error. Purging the 404 logs always fixes it and it may be something I have setup wrong???
Reviews: 1
I've been using this component for years and always been very happy with it. Features are excellent and plugin capability is fantastic but I was a little disappointed to find out you now have to register to download effectively making it a commercial product. This must be a fairly recent change and I suppose I can understand the need to make some money to pay for the servers but I much prefer to donate to projects I like. Perhaps an old copy could still have been left on the forge but I see all files have been removed there too.

Anyway, besides that, as I've already said an excellent component and not a bad price for the yearly subscription so I would say it's still worth paying for. Combined with the VirtueMart plugin there's nothing better out there that I have found.
Reviews: 2
I agree, this is very usefull extension, on some servers and some condition. On free hosting servers there is no way to force this extension to work. And suport for other extension is uncomplete. Forums are overloaded with asking for help for this extension. I made 12 sites, and they working more than exelent, afret instalig of sh400SEF, they been crushed, at least they did not worked well. But, who I´m I to judge, I´m just simple and small joomla user!
Reviews: 6
Ok, I'm rating sh404SEF as excellent event if I found and fixed bugs, because for such a good work, a few bugs are acceptable and...give me the name of even one software wich is bug free !

And ok, it's not a component for newbies, it's not always working out-of-the-box, it needs tuning and plugins etc.

I'm using sh404SEF not only for rewritting url but olso for security. It's very usefull to track attacks and to block IP adresses.

The component is still supported and maintained, please have a look at the hosting website.
Yannick is still at work ! Thanks to you Yannick and to anything-digital !
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