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We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. Satisfy many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.
sh404sef also includes many security features.

sh404SEF® id the most popular and longest developed Joomla seo extension. We are dedicated, full-time Joomla professionals who work each and every day to bring you the very best extensions and prompt support. Our staff have over 20 years of combined experience with Joomla (and Mambo) and we maintain some of the longest, continually developed Joomla add-ons available.

* sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting):

* NEW: Google Authorship support
* NEW: Twitter Cards support
* NEW: Google Analytics Universal support
* NEW: Google Tags manager support
* NEW: all output through JLayout, easily override in template
* full support for Google rel="prev" and rel="next" header tags, to improve SEO of paginated content
* built in caching database layer, speeds up sh404SEF. Backed by memcache, APC, etc
* Create and insert Open Graph data
quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site to allow sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
* Integrated Google Analytics including support for social sharing
* Automatically generate tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
* Full urls and bulk meta data management
Multi-lingual support
* Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS
* Instantly add global support for canonical URLs (add rel="canonical" HTTP headers)
* Remove duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla websites
* Create human ear and search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
* Control URL re-write mode on a per-application basis
* Support for Google News URL format
* Easily customize the page title and page description with bulk updater
* Create customized error pages (i.e. 404) with relevant links and other info
* Harden against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
* Harden against malicious page requests
* Limit flooding attacks
* Protect input forms such as the contact page from spam (using Project Honey Pot)
* Control site access from suspicious domains (using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting)

We Support many third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer.
Components we support natively include: VirtueMart, K2, FlexiContent, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder, mosetsTree and more.

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Reviews: 4
I had a problem with three sites after updating Joomla, sh404SEF and several other components.

I posted information about the problem on the sh404SEF forum and had a response quickly. They continued to work with me until the issue was resolved.

Solid support from a professional team is always appreciated!
Reviews: 1
I have used this component many times over the past 4 years and it always ends up the same: uninstall. With my latest usage I used the latest paid version and I kept getting endless loops when I created new content. I would be forced to purge all my URL's and be forced to recreate custom URL's, only to have to do it again the next time I added content. I also continued to find incompatibility issues with addons like jcomments and plugins such as Facebook Like. Once I disabled the component everything worked fine.

Very, very disappointing because this is clearly the most powerful SEF URL software available. Now I'm back to core Joomla SEF with article ID's in my URL's and not happy about it.
Flex Belt Reviews
Reviews: 1
I was seeking a component for SEO and i saw the great reviews about component. Yes, if you haven´t any problem....

The support doesn´t guide only like a french expression "passer la patate chaude".Always say if there is a module problem,website problem or something with problems.Nothing else.

Also once enabled the component, the site goes slow and the AJAX doesn´t work, for example with a filter.Simply doesn´t show the filtered items.

I´m disappointed with the component.
Reviews: 5
sh404sef is a must have tool for all Joomla sites. Lots of great features and very easy to use.

It allows you to manually write urls too which is a brilliant feature for one off pages.

Don't waste your time elsewhere, get this and thank me later.
Reviews: 4
This extension is awesome. I had been wrestling with another SEF extension (paid) for months, and was ready to pull my hair out. Bought this one, installed it, and worked great. I had a few issues with some duplicated SEF URLs for different pages, but figured it out easily, and fixed it. Definitely better than any other SEF extension I have tried.
Reviews: 3
I've used this extension several times with great satisfaction. Today I had a troublesome issue on a site, I wrote to support and after a few hours I got an answer that solved the problem.
A support that works in this way is certainly a synonym of reliability.
I recommend it.
Reviews: 7
I recommend this extension to everyone!

It's very easy to configure and to use and the customer support is excellent and really pro-active.

Worth every penny!
Reviews: 1
Just a great and essential plugin for a Joomla website We just migrated our website from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. In the previous website we already have SH404SEF. So we decided to continue to use it for the new version.

We bought it because we knew the product. It is easy to install on Joomla. It was easy to set up the parameters because they were the same. So it is difficult for us to give an opinion about that step. But the tabs are very easy to understand even for a beginner.
We created all the alias we needed to be compatible with the previous version. We did not see any problem.

Now the big THING: the support. Always present, quick and very useful.

We run a multilguage website. We had to setup it correctly. The support and especially Jimie helped us very quickly.

We had another big problem regarding the logo function. We bought a template to a specialized company. They said the problem was with SH404SEF. I subimtted the case to AnythingDigital. Finally after few days they came to me saying that they found a solution. But it was in the template. Could imagine that? They found a solution for a problem I had with the template.

So I warmly recommend SH404SEF for the product and for the support who is always present when you need it.

We also bought Jcalpro from Anything Digital. Also perfect.

We thank Jimie for his help and his professionalism.

Reviews: 1
It's important to tell it : this component offers a lot of usefull functionnalities for a lot of modules and components, i can give it 8/10. But sh404 has many problem with Virtuemart. The so-called bug in VM have never been taken into account with the aim of sh404 since more than 2 years, as told in the description, is supposed to provide a tool for SEO and SEF for virtuemart and other components. It is true that this component works well and offers many tools for security, manual rewritting, 301 redirect, social, etc. But it generates many problems of rewriting VM urls : So google can find several rewritten urls with different endings, which can considere more or less as a duplicate content.
Support sh404 Rather claim that it is to the customer to debug this problem in VM to see sh404 rewrites correctly?? Is it normal when you SELL the component to be VM compliant?
I contend that it is Sh404 to manage this problem with VM (joomla is a community or not?) to avoid this kind of problem to users, especially when it's a commercial component. There are bugs also when you move your site to https urls : the system has flaws that even a developer can not solve alone. So why display that is compatible with VirtueMart? Suffice to say the truth: sh404 did not take into account the constraints of the operating Virtuemart system to manage the re-writing urls.
For all the rest, this component is fine and perfect, but for those looking for a component to their online store with Virtuemart, it generates too much work and wasted time to properly manage your SEO.
Reviews: 5
sh404SEF is a good component and probably better than at least two other URL management extensions. It does what it is supposed to do, as advertised. Mostly.

Some issues...

The team says they never use the menu alias or menu title to generate URLs, but that is not true. There is a setting for category-blog and category-list which allows use of the menu alias or menu title to differentiate between blog pages and list pages. You can also specify a word or phrase in this case. I'm not saying this is bad, but if you have this turned on, you will be confused unless you are aware of it.

This is why my biggest complaint is poor documentation which gets this component a 4/5. They have a FAQ and there are videos to help you, and an online manual. The manual is out dated and nothing looks the same. How valid the information it contains is questionable. It appears to have been written for the Joomla 1.5 version. The FAQ is just that, some frequently asked questions. It may or may not be of use to you. The team points to the numerous tool tips as a help guide, but for me they were largely confusing and useless as far as setup goes. Your mileage may vary.

There are many things that need to be documented that I had trouble finding. Some of it is there, some not. Somewhere, they mention in passing almost, that URLs on pages need to be absolute and not relative. That means when you insert an image or site URL on a page, the URL for that item must begin with a slash. There's nothing that points out the issue you will have if this is not the case -- which is that your site may work, but you will find a 404 url for each of those items.

Site owners should not bypass setup and testing on a local machine. Get it working properly first and then move forward on your live site. I did not have this option as I was working with users in 4 different countries who all needed to be on the site and adding content while we worked toward a short deadline.

I'm not sure what to say about support. You're allowed to asked questions in a forum, but before you do, you have to copy paste individually about 10 fields from your Joomla Installation. It's a pain in the butt. I realize they are forcing people to take some action on their own, it is still a pain. For the price of the component, the support is okay.

Searching the forum may or may not get you an answer. In my case, I tried 4 to 5 searches for each of my problems and then gave up. Once the issue was solved, I tried again and was able to find the answers I needed, but their search function is poor. On one issue, after posting my question, I think I did find the answer while waiting for a response. It is time consuming.

sh404SEF seems to be a good, stable component. If the documentation was easy to use and up to date, I'd give this component 5 stars. As is, you'll spend a lot of time learning instead of just using.

A simple get started guide that walked you through the necessary settings, and then took you on a features walk through would be excellent.
Reviews: 6
On the back-end, this extension seems to do what it was designed for and do it well. That said, I would be hesitant to recommend it for a few reasons:

- There is not enough direction on implementation. There is zero hand-holding and zero safety nets. The extension won't *necessarily* take down your site, but if you screw up at all (like I did), it has the power to wipe-out even an established site. In that case, there may be no quick fix. I have spent upward of two months trying to restore the first site I installed this on.

- The UI could do a lot to help with implementation. There is no built-in help in the UI. In some cases, it can be buggy and misleading. Instead of focusing on making the core product easier to use, the UI is cluttered with worthless add-ons that any webmaster will already have (i.e. analytical and firewall functions).

- Support is middling. Perhaps they are overwhelmed because the rough UI generates lots of stupid questions, but they always seem to be looking to get rid of you. The most prominent example is that each support ticket requires a litany of configuration information that is almost never relevant.

I plan to use the extension on all new sites going forward, but the learning curve is steep and buyers should approach with caution.
Reviews: 1
Using it on several sites. Easy to use out of the box and has many advanced options.

Excellent support!
Reviews: 1
I tried different alternatives but sh404sef wins by far.

Installed and worked fine without having to do nothing strange, only the basic setup.

Also it is very simple to create an extension for a component that does not support sh404sef.

At last I want to remark the quick technical support.
Reviews: 14
I've used sh404sef for a few years now, and compared to other SEF components it is:
- much easier to use
- less complicated options
- good value for money
- good support service
As with any SEF component, you might have occasional issues with 3rd party software, however solutions to these issues are available in the forums.
Reviews: 4
I don't have much knowledge, so followed the instructions everything worked as described. Support is very good, I recommend.
Reviews: 4
An absolute must have extension. Have been using this now on a few sites for about a year and wow what a diff to url management and google rankings.
Support is very good too. Thanks guys for awesome product!
Reviews: 7
Was easy to install and configure. (and I consider myself non-expert)
I only needed an few of the components available, and so far my sites haven't experienced any of the 'Slowing Down' that has been reported.

Excellent job...!!
Reviews: 4
And for quality and for quick and capable assistance. Used for many years, till today a must.
Reviews: 34
good extension for seo, but your website will be slow too and hard to find plugins for several components as cobalt cck
Owner's reply


It is possible that depending on the extensions involved and the site design, a performance penalty may occur. If it goes beyond 10-20%, then you got a setup issue, and you should contact support to get you sorted out.
When using the built in cache system, especially the memcache backend, you can actually expect performance increase, as sh40SEF does not need to rebuild the full SEF url each time, as Joomla does, but can get it from cache almost instantly.
Note that the sh404SEF cache can also optionnally be enabled to provide caching for ALL Joomla database operation (ie: non-sh404SEF related), thus further speeding up the site.

Reviews: 11
I've been using this extension for about 4 years in 1.5. I would rate it with 5 stars in this joomla version because sef was missing. What made this sef extension popular is now mostly standard in Joomla 3. Ok the sh404sef still offers a few extra features but it is questionable if it improves your ranking and if you need or want to have a third party paid extension take over the standard Joomla sef as it is already built in Joomla 3. There are more simple ways to improve your sef.

I did 2 clean new installations and gave the sh404sef a try in Joomla 3. In both cases it caused errors and conflicts with other updated (paid) extension with sh404sef enabled. The support for the issues I had was that it could be this could be that, if you like to know we have to copy your website on our servers and please use our premium support at 75 usd hour.

For me having built websites with other sef extensions and the sh404sef, currently no more paid sef components for me, too much hassle, useless costs and an increase for errors conflicts with other extensions. Then also the need for the periodical updates of these sef component for which you need a (paid) current membership.... and for what, most sef functions are now standard in Joomla 3, and a paid extension really does NOT improve your ranking.
Owner's reply


First, thanks for using sh404SEF for several years!

As someone who's very familiar with Joomla SEF, I have to say I'm a bit surprised by your statement that basically one doesn't need sh404SEF because SEF is good enough in Joomla 3 compared to what it was in Joomla 1.5

The reason I'm surprised is because there was no change in Joomla 3 SEF system, and there was also no change in Joomla 1.6,1.7 and 2.5 SEF system.

The SEF system was created in Joomla 1.5, and was never modified. It's still based today on menu items, generate duplicate content and create lengthy urls as soon as an item is not directly linked for a menu. Please just install sh404SEF on a standard Joomla 3, and go check the "duplicates" column to see for yourself.

In case of conflicts, we need to figure out which extension is causing the real issue - it's not because the issue appears when sh404SEF is switched on that it is causing the problem!!!. On extreme cases, this may require custom work.
We can always discuss the pros and cons of paid vs free extensions. Many people (see other reviews) appreciate having someone to rely upon when needed but most importantly like that extensions are still there and actively developed and updated to changing environment: search engines, Analytics, Facebook or twitter API changes for instance - by the way, Facebook has an API breaking change on July 10. sh404SEF will be updated accordingly, don't worry.


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