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We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. Satisfy many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.
sh404sef also includes many security features.

sh404SEF® id the most popular and longest developed Joomla seo extension. We are dedicated, full-time Joomla professionals who work each and every day to bring you the very best extensions and prompt support. Our staff have over 20 years of combined experience with Joomla (and Mambo) and we maintain some of the longest, continually developed Joomla add-ons available.

* sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting):

* NEW: Google Authorship support
* NEW: Twitter Cards support
* NEW: Google Analytics Universal support
* NEW: Google Tags manager support
* NEW: all output through JLayout, easily override in template
* full support for Google rel="prev" and rel="next" header tags, to improve SEO of paginated content
* built in caching database layer, speeds up sh404SEF. Backed by memcache, APC, etc
* Create and insert Open Graph data
quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site to allow sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
* Integrated Google Analytics including support for social sharing
* Automatically generate tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
* Full urls and bulk meta data management
Multi-lingual support
* Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS
* Instantly add global support for canonical URLs (add rel="canonical" HTTP headers)
* Remove duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla websites
* Create human ear and search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
* Control URL re-write mode on a per-application basis
* Support for Google News URL format
* Easily customize the page title and page description with bulk updater
* Create customized error pages (i.e. 404) with relevant links and other info
* Harden against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
* Harden against malicious page requests
* Limit flooding attacks
* Protect input forms such as the contact page from spam (using Project Honey Pot)
* Control site access from suspicious domains (using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting)

We Support many third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer.
Components we support natively include: VirtueMart, K2, FlexiContent, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder, mosetsTree and more.

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Reviews: 1
I use it for almost a year and until now I did not had any major problems. Support is professional fast and efficient.
Reviews: 2
If you take the time, this component can do awesome things for your SEO and URL management. Three cuts above the rest!
Reviews: 7
We have been using the sh404Sef on our website on more that 3 years now and we are very happy with it.

I love its performance and how easy is to edit and modify a bunch of URL's.

The only minus is that there is not yet support for DocMan.

However this is recommend extensions.

Thank You and keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Hi Alvini,

Thanks a lot for your continued support and positive comment!

Docman is supported as sh404SEF transparently use any plugin available, so it will use Docman router.php file, if any.

If this is not working as expected, please contact us again, we'll sort it out.


Reviews: 7
Installed and configured out of the box and works as advertised.

I had one little problem and got the answer immediatly, perfect!

Great stuff.
Reviews: 1
Stay away from this extension. It will cause you a lot of problems and you will suffer.
The support is non-existing, they only blame you for all of the component issues. It is never the case the are wrong or there is a bug. This is the first developer I see that claims that his extension has no bugs at all.

You will simply waste your time and money with sh404.
It causes a lot of errors, breaks the work of other extensions (i.e. those dealing with Facebook) and doesn't solve any of the issues it claims. It slows the web site significantly and has a horrible user interface.

My advice is: STAY AWAY FROM SH404.
Owner's reply

Hello Karamfil.rozov

Let me clear this first: I am the one and only developer of sh404SEF, and I never claimed there was no bug in it. Aside from being a stupid thing to say, as every programmer knows, it would be pretty difficult to claim: if you just look at the changelog of each new version, we usually fix a bunch of them ;)

What we claim though is that when an actual bug is reported, we fix it, as quickly as we can.

I have searched this morning our support forum for threads dealing with "breaking other Facebook extensions", and couldn't find any that were not solved. And even the most recent one is from May 30 (more than 2 months ago). Haven't found any user name similar to what you are using here either.
If you feel like so, please contact me directly by email and provide me with a link to the support forum thread, so that I can review it personnally.

Now the only thing I can think of is if you are trying to use both sh404SEF Facebook (and other Social features) at the same time that you want to use another extension providing social buttons. You cannot do that: it's one or the other. The fix is simple: disable either the other extension or sh404SEF social feature.
Of course, if you disable sh404SEF social feature, you will loose its ability to hook up social buttons with analytics and provide usage data right in the admin panel of your site. Including for Pinterest buttons, which is something you can't even do with Google Analytics itself.

I won't comment on "causing a lot of errors", "doesn't solve any of the issues it claims", "horrible user interface" as you don't describe what you dislike. I do think that over the last 6 years quite a few Joomla! users have been of the opposite opinion, and some of them have said so right here fortunately.


Reviews: 2
On the whole sh404 is an excellent extension - it does exactly what it says on the tin!

The only small frustration would be that javascript used for the control panel pages conflicts with the codemirror editor in Joomla 2.5 It took a little while (and some considerable googling) to figure out why some config screens would save yet others wouldn't

Anyhow, after tearing my hair out for a few hours I managed to work out what was causing the problem, switched editors temporarily and viola, fixed!
Reviews: 10
For all the Dummies ;-) who are giving this extension a bad review:

1. I am also a Dummie, but I can read! Is to say that this extension is documented really well. And: It is not always the developers fault if something does not work!
2. I test (from experience) ANY extension for my website extensively on a local server first until I know that I can safely install it on my online website. Then nothing bad and no unpleasant surprise can happen.

What I like most about this extension:

1. Scope

At first you will be struck down of the configuration options in this extension. But on a local server (eg xampp) it's really easy and relaxed work to get to know this extension. Took with me about 1 hour (ok, maybe a little bit more ).

Plenty of presets with a very articulate tooltips (in German).

Automatically generated SEF urls can be changed effortlessly. Example: "ü" is by default changed to "u". In the editor, I have changed "u" in "ue"... klick on save - that's it ... just awesome!

The 404 management is a charm! sh404sef lists all the URLs, which triggered a 404 error. Here, you can redirect these URLs with two mouse clicks to a SEF URL. It is so easy I could hardly believe it, but it works (I have tested it).

2. Usability

With a little good will I have worked in quickly and now I love this extension! This is really worth every penny. Well documented, understandable Tooltips everywhere. Thats why after a short time this extension is very easy to use. For those who are too lazy to read the documantation before: do not give bad rating ;-).

3. What does this extension

Here are some figures: Before the installation I had an Alexa traffic rank global/de 480.000/21.000. After only 36 hours I'm on 420.000/16.500. The hits on my site have increased during this period, according to Piwik (Version 1.8.2) by about 30%. This is too much to be a coincidence IMO. The length of stay has increased significantly during the bounce rate dropped significantly.

4. My future request

A way to integrate Piwik into sh404sef would be awesome.

Even so, you get 5 stars from a happy, dummi user :-D. Please Keep it up. BTW, how much would you pay for an expert who makes all these optimization for your site by hand.
Reviews: 2
This extension is super and the support also. I had some problems, but Jimie of anything-digital had solved it in no-time.
Thanks, i highly recommend this extension it is word to pay for it.
Janet of the Netherlands
Reviews: 3
As a fellow developer, I wanted to give two thumbs up to a great component. I have been using SH404Sef for years, and I highly recommend it to all Joomla users.
Reviews: 5
Maybe writing a public review might make the developers more accountable. Also see previous reviewers notes.

When I purchased this component, I thought it was going to be great and releave some issues I was having with sefs on my site. However, what I found was it presented a lot problems than what i originally had. One of the biggest issues is that it doesn't work properly with blogging tools such as K2. This component brakes the RSS feed all it does is reload the page or you get errors.

Don't try to contact support for help as you will get the following:

"Seams that there`s a plugin which is conflicting with sh404sef, you have go to Extensions > Plugin manager > disable your website plugins one by one ( ATTENTION!: Do NOT disable sh404sef plugins ) and see which of them is conflicting with sh404sef."

They do not hold themselves accountable for their product even though you are paying for it, rather, they blame everyone else. That is odd since everything works fine when you turn off sh404sef. wow I guess buyer be ware is you use K2 don't buy this.
Owner's reply

Hi drewid1

I'm sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with sh404SEF and support, but I believe I have some answers for you.

When we said "It seems there's a plugin conflicting...", the correct phrase is not "It seems". It is: "We know".
This issue is a known issue, but not a sh404SEF one. Andrew Eddie, one of the main developer of Joomla! has described it here:!topic/joomla-dev-general/S0GYKhLm92A

We tried to explain that to you, but we were not clear enough and the message didn't get through.

Yes, that post by Andrew does not mention K2. That's because the issue can happen with ANY extension. It only requires one or more poorly written system plugin installed on your site. And Yes, the issue will ONLY happen if you use sh404SEF, because sh404SEF creates fully SEF urls for your RSS feeds, and this problem won't happen if your rss feeds urls are not SEF, as is the case with Joomla! SEF for instance.
And yes, we have a setting to solve this, simply leaving the RSS feeds urls non-sef. USe this setting if you accept non-sef urls for your feeds, and don't want or can't get rid of the faulty system plugin.

K2 is extremely well supported in sh404SEF. So much that K2 plugin is actually not provided by the sh404SEF team, but directly by the K2 development team itself, with all sh404SEF params directly set in the K2 control panel.

Let's just say that sh404SEF likes K2 very much, to the point that our own web site is a K2 web site. And it has fully working rss feeds. I don't think I can link to our own web site here, but I'll let you check that by yourself.

Also, you have to recognize at least that support is reacting quickly. You posted for the first time on our forum less than 24 hours ago. And now we already have a review published from you here on JED! Maybe spending a couple more hours would have solved the problem!


Reviews: 1
We have encountered issues with sh404 in combination with popular extensions like joomfish, k2 and t3 template framework. sadly, support was not really helpful and blamed it on those extensions, which "i should contact" along with not really helpful answers e.g. not providing links to forum posts but mentioning them in the text. installing a different SEF component (Artio JoomSef) worked out of the box, so i have to assume, it is actually an issue of sh404, making this a very bad support.
Owner's reply

Hi kaeau

I have checked with the support team, to be sure we were talking about the same problem. The particular issue you are facing is an identified issue in the language switcher module. We already have contacted Joomlart (maker of the T3 template framework) and provided them with the fix. We solely advised you to contact Joomlart to help in speeding up the process of a new fixed release from them.

Yes. sh404SEF may have different behavior from Joomla! SEF or Artio, especially when it comes to multilingual sites. That's because I'm focused on SEO and for instance, sh404SEF will not accept things such as the same URL sometimes returning one language and sometimes another one.
Other extensions may be more tolerant to bugs in some modules, but that comes at the expense of SEO results and that I won't accept.
In other words, your assumption that the problem is coming from sh404SEF because it "worked" with other extensions is not really correct. What happens is that it doesn't work with other extensions either. Simply you don't see the negative consequence now. I have always found that fixing the real, original probem is the way to go.


Reviews: 3
This component is very important for any joomla site, I can't imagine how I was developing my site without it. it is for sure your google's search engine ranking would be affected temporarily after changing all your URLs, but at the same time it is a must.

Support is very good and quick. they are ready to answer any quistion. I found some difficulties while using Arabic in my site, but they guide me quickly and now it is perfect.

I am using xmap for generating my site map, I found it much better than jcrawler which is generating a lot of errors with this extension.

It has nice feature where you can change the title and meta tags and keywords for each page of your site very easly in one location.

Finally, I highly recommend this extension for all joomla site especially if you are suffering from duplicate contents in joomla.
Reviews: 6
This extension is as good as it gets, and as far as I am concerned mandatory for any Joomla site, be it 1.5 or 1.7+. I have used this successfully for one year now and won't look back. I had some minor troubles and their support team answered me quickly. Most of the time it wasn't their extension causing the problem. It's very well thought out and will had a major impact upon my search engine standing in Google when configured properly. One of the best features I have found is the abiltiy to create unique meta description tags to override the Joomla core created values. This is very important when using the Glossary extension as Google we see repated meta descriptions and penalize your SEO score. Buy and be done with it!
Reviews: 3
It is a very effective plugin: all it does is needed and should be done actually bu joomla itself. I confess it is not an easy plugin to set-up and delicate with conflicts on others. I had a couple of issues I solved with the support: even this was not easy in term of communication style, but still effective and when I gave credentials they solved all for me. Overall, once you get used it is terrific and let you customize all the links. Hard, but don't regret a single bit of what I paid.
Reviews: 7
I've used most SEF extensions out there, and admittedly doing SEF on joomla is not so easy.
sh404 does an excellent job, with a very easy interface. Of course, everyone wants urls their way, and it's fairly easy to configure it properly.
Url management is really nice and easy to use. Plus some extra features like suggestions on 404 and social buttons.

On top of this, support is effective and fast even on the fourth enquiry. Couldn't ask for more.
Reviews: 2
Installed and configured out of the box and works as advertised.

Great stuff.
Reviews: 1
I installed the product with no problem what so ever, but had a problem on 404 errors, my fault if I read and understood what had to be done with the .htaccess file, removing .txt I give the support and product 10 out of 10, response was great.
I have to add that I live in Thailand and have to pay for this service in baht and it is still very cheap in comparison with other products.
Reviews: 7
Installed and it's working wonders. You can't have K2 without it. (my opinion)

Service and forum are top notch and they get back to you fast.
Reviews: 1
I have used SH404 for my J1.5 site and now, my J2.5 site. I have had a subscription for about 4 years now. I have found it easy to set up and highly valuable for giving me the URLs I wanted and eliminating multiple / duplicate URLS. I have used it to customise my title tags on some pages.

I haven't had any problems. When I have had 'finger trouble' with the set up, I've received very prompt support in the forum.

Software updates have been reliable and I have confidence in the developpers.

I am now looking at using the latest Social features of this plugin so that I can set the image I want Facebook to pick up for my site and have Tweet / Like and Plus One buttons where I insert the 'Social' Tag onto my pages (there is also an option to have it before or after articles).

I feel the price of this extension is just about right. If you are looking to make your Joomla site Search Engine Friendly, I would highly recommend SH404SEF.
Reviews: 1
We use this extension regular to improve the SEF url's of the sites we do build. It is not only easy to install, but it also works great. Also when you need support, you get quick and accurate support.

Keep on doing the job like this!
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