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Editor's Note
SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang. Online upgrades and extension instalation. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicate URLs management.

Main features:
* generate SEF URLs
* advanced SEF URL management
* generate and manage metadata (component - based)
* can override default metadada generated by component or Joomla (title, meta tags)
* keywords management
* duplicates management
* 3rd level domain support
* support for other components through extension modules; each component extenstion has own configurable parameters
* multilinguality support (JoomFish) and URL localization
* UTF-8 URLs support
* URL caching
* URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code
* 301 Redirections management
* 404 Page Not Found customization
* online upgrades and extension installations

Support for many Joomla components: AdsManager, AlphaContent, Contacts XTD, Community Builder, Datso Gallery, DocMan, EZ Realty, Fireboard forum, Glossary, iJoomla Components, JE Comparison Charts, JEvents, Jomres, Joomlaboard, JoomFish, Joomla Tags, Jomres (Joomla Residents), Portfol, Seyret Video Component, SMF Bridge, SOBI2, Marketplace, Mosets Hot Property, Mosets Tree, ReMOSitory, RSGallery2, VirtueMart, Zoom Media Gallery. ...
at the moment, there is more than 100 extensions available directly from ARTIO - see for complete list, plus many more from 3rd party developers.

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Reviews: 1
I use this extension and i recommend it! You can make the url to appear near the root like : insted of

I used before open-sef but some of my site functions stoped to work: Evaluateing articles etc.
With this extension now they are working.

Archive is not SEF url however is working. Maybe the author will try to make the Archive SEF.

My respect for the component!
Reviews: 1
I installed this on a clean Joomla. After some problems getting it to work (had to change httpd.conf in Apache), it found it very useful and pretty good.

However, there's an obvious thing wrong. When you go to BLOG you will find the email/pdf/send buttons. The URLs there are not translated ...

That's a pitty.
Reviews: 1
Be carefull when using this component for large sites with a lot of urls within the pages. The URL's are dynamicly created/translate meaning that it can downgrade your performance and issue a lot of SQL queries on the SQL server. For small sites with a few URL's within the pages it will work fine.
Owner's reply

JoomSEF uses database to store its URL. This means that with wrong configuration or usage with unsupported components which generate far too many URLs, it is really possible that it can have influence to site performance. However, if configured correctly, this should not happen.

Reviews: 3
I'm a newbie Joomla user and I've found it a bit frustrating at times and have struggled to find the documentation I need - in spite of being a geek.

Not so with JoomSEF!!

Uploaded the component, tweaked the .htaccess file and was writing beautiful URL's within minutes.

Nicely drops them into the Google sitemap, too!

We'll see how it gets along with future modifications ;o)
Reviews: 1
After removing OpenSEF cause coudn't get it work, I've installed Artio JoomSEF. It is much simpler and did not get you so much options but it's working very well. If you are looking for a good and simple SEF component it is the best option!
Reviews: 2
I love this component as it writes good SEF URL's. It works very well with Virtuemart and I noticed that it works very well with http:/ or

The only thing that I don't like is that now my pages take much more time to load. Once this get fixed this component will be perfect!

Reviews: 1
When I saw this component was at top of user rating, I knew it had to be something good! And it is! It took me some effort to install it but voila! It's great! Also I had to change the paths of my images to /images if u know what I mean, but that was it!

Reviews: 1
Although I couldn't figure out how to do the .htaccess forever, I ended up just copying someone else code, putting on a new htaccess.txt file, and upload, and then changing it.

all links are working exactly right, looks incredible so far. I just wonder if the search engines are going to pick it up like this to? I assume so, but IDK.

Thanks, I give it an A+. I couldn't get openSEF to work, but thats because I diddn't get the .htaccess fixed like I did on this so idk about that one.
Reviews: 1
artio is very useful extensions.
Reviews: 1
I was facing quite some issues with open SEF, so I uninstalled it and installed this component, and then I installed Open SEF right back! At this point this is definitely far inferior to what Open SEF has to offer. I only use English, so I can't comment about other languages. Off course if Open SEF goes dead, then I too would consider switching over. As a stand alone it is a good solution, but when you have an option, you would be foolish not to compare and opt for the better one...
Reviews: 1
I've been using 404SEFx before this plugin, had some trouble with it (it seemed to crash when there were huge loads of urls on the page), luckily this version solves that problem.

A negative point of this moment is that it's unable to handle (at least) the Gallery2 Embed component, it removes a part of the url (the /components/com_galler2 part) even when it's set not to make the links SEF for that plugin - which was something 404SEFx did correctly.

A good thing is their support forum, even though it seems a bit flooded while I write this. When they fix the compatibility issues with Gallery2 and get rid of some other small bugs this should be a very nice addition for the average website!
Reviews: 1
I am running josCommerce and Marketplace
(classified ad component) and both are compleatly
ignored with this application.

There are very few paramters to try to fix
this problem in the component so at first comparison
with opensef would be one on the skimpy side.

My components (mentioned above) are still are using big
ugly long non-friendly URLs. So as far as I can
see this app is doing nothing useful for me.

The other 'normal' content pages on the site do
work well with this component however.
Reviews: 1
It's definitely an awesome extension though the way i see it, not very different from the previous one. I have three small things id like to see improved: 1. turn into (without the index.php). 2. The newsflash is creating a mass of urls in the administration part. Not sure whether this is damaging, but anyway. 3. If you use pagination, page 1 can't be the same as the menu link.
Reviews: 3
Great component but still having problem with cyrillic .
btw 5 from me
Reviews: 1
This is indeed an awesome component. One issue I have with it is that when you leave off the index.php/index.html, you end up with a 404 error. To better illustrate what I am talking about, lets say that the path to your weblinks component ends up as such:

and you put the following in your browser:

you get a 404. It would ROCK if this was reconciled in a future update.
Reviews: 1
After working with Open Sef for a couple days and confronting some issues I installed this comp and it worked out of the box. It also has the right fix for the Joomlaboard and tunes perfectly with Community Builder.
I can experience a magnificent difference in speed performance of my site compared to Open Sef or core SEO.
!!! and thx folks....great workship to the Joomla Community
Reviews: 1
Im just getting my feet wet in the sef world of joomla but this component really is doing a nice job.

The only thing I want to change is force the urls into this structure: /en/section/category/...
Reviews: 3
This is the best SEF component around here. Its neither so basic nor so complex.
Reviews: 1
Michal repsonded very quickly to my question. Easy to install, easy to use and great results.
Reviews: 97
As you can see, the com_ of ARTIO JoomSEF is continously rated 5 by 8 users including me.

This SEF com_ is the best not only for English language users, but also, or the more important rule, it makes non-English language users like me to enjoy the fun of SEF perfectly.

Suggetions to Chinese, or Korean, or Japanese, or Arabian .... any non-English language users: When you use this SEF com_ , just name your Section/Category Name with your native language and name the Section/Category Title with English, then name your article Title with your Native language and name the article Alias with English.

Now, you can see all those words on the frontend are still in your language but the ARTIO JoomSEF com_ will extract link elements from those English Names you just given.

I want to rate this com_ as 100 if they had set this number.
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