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Editor's Note
SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang. Online upgrades and extension instalation. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicate URLs management.

Main features:
* generate SEF URLs
* advanced SEF URL management
* generate and manage metadata (component - based)
* can override default metadada generated by component or Joomla (title, meta tags)
* keywords management
* duplicates management
* 3rd level domain support
* support for other components through extension modules; each component extenstion has own configurable parameters
* multilinguality support (JoomFish) and URL localization
* UTF-8 URLs support
* URL caching
* URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code
* 301 Redirections management
* 404 Page Not Found customization
* online upgrades and extension installations

Support for many Joomla components: AdsManager, AlphaContent, Contacts XTD, Community Builder, Datso Gallery, DocMan, EZ Realty, Fireboard forum, Glossary, iJoomla Components, JE Comparison Charts, JEvents, Jomres, Joomlaboard, JoomFish, Joomla Tags, Jomres (Joomla Residents), Portfol, Seyret Video Component, SMF Bridge, SOBI2, Marketplace, Mosets Hot Property, Mosets Tree, ReMOSitory, RSGallery2, VirtueMart, Zoom Media Gallery. ...
at the moment, there is more than 100 extensions available directly from ARTIO - see for complete list, plus many more from 3rd party developers.

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Reviews: 5
Be aware, the free version places a link to the author's website in the footer on every page in your website. It also automatically turns itself on and has settings to rewrite all of your urls using title links instead of aliases upon install. It also decided to replace my custom designed 404 page automatically.

This is such horrible web design practice to change everything on your website upon first install. It's always good to test things and review the extension before going live! I had it live on the client's site for a good 20 minutes before I noticed. I learned my lesson to always always always use a test site because of developers like this. Authors, you need to have it disabled upon install and have the rewriting urls be set to alias' to begin with, since that is how Joomla's default is.

It also seems to lack a vast majority of the useful features and extensions unless you purchase it. I only found about 1 or 2 useful things in the free version that are somewhat useful. I'm uninstalling it. I probably would have considered purchasing it for all of the other functionality it looks like it gives to paid users, but with everything mentioned above, I'll pass.

Sorry for a bad review, I don't like to post bad reviews unless I feel like someone else might find it useful information and to hopefully help the developer decide on issues to possibly fix.
Owner's reply

We do respect your opinion and feedback.
However, it is often matter or each users' opinion - from our experience, vast most users prefer the out-of-box functionality with minimum or no need to configure anything; that is why JoomSEF gets activated automaticaly upon installation.
As regards the default settings (title vs alias), it also depends on preferences of each user. You are of course free to change this as it is one of the basic settings. Same with 404 page.
But at this point - that alias might be the default setting instead of title - I agree.

It is of course responsibility of developer to install on a devel or a test site first. Installing any new component on a live client's size without prior testing it, is irresponsible at least.

The fact that the free version includes authors signature is also well known. Except mentioning this several time at our website, it is also mentioned directly here at JED.

From your review, I am not sure what functionality you were looking for, but the primary goal of JoomSEF is that the URLs it generates and can handle can be anything you want and helps you generate and manage the meta-tags.

Reviews: 3
The component after a little coaxing and changes does everything that we want. The main problems were regarding the virtuemart plugin but nothing was too much for David and he helped us plenty.
Reviews: 3
Some folder doesn't have index.html file.
Ex. Plugin folder there is no index.html
Owner's reply

Hello Raul,
thanks for letting us know, we will add it there, so you can sleep better. Anyway, with properly set server, even without index.html files in Joomla directories, its no security issue at all.
But what I am wondering about - is that really so big problem to rate the whole component with 1 star? Why did you not mail us about this instead?

Reviews: 1
This extension is silly-looking on the surface of it.
The extension is advertised with a name containing the word "Free".
Though in fact when going to download from the website, the options you're met with are "Purchase paid version for EUR 26.90 or TRY free version".
Secondly it's advertised as compatible with Joomla 2.5, but in fact both JoomSEF 3 and 4 are compatible only with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

What a laughable joke covered by a stylished website.
Owner's reply

Hi, there is nothing else to say except that what you write is a complete non-sense.
1. JoomSEF 4 does work all with Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.
2. There really is a FREE version that works. The differences between free and paid version are well listed at our site.

Reviews: 2
I had terrible problems with SEF and tried lots of other components before I tried JoomSEF. Wish I had tried it first, because it fixed all my SEF issues.

It's slick, professional, well designed and has really good support.

I use it with the paid Virtuemart SEF extension, and it was the only one that actually worked.

Great job Artio!
Reviews: 1
I just changed from some other extension, which was maybe more flexibile but crashed any component not supported with extensions. So Joom SEF works just fine, and gives you enough otpions to cut out most error and conflicts.
Owner's reply

Hello Draekus. Thanks for your review. We will appreciate if you let us know, in what did you find the previous extension more flexible. So we can work on JoomSEF to make it even better for you.

Reviews: 7
I have use Joomsef for a long while so i want to share my comment about it. This is not true that Joomsef cant handle large site. I have large site with +250 articles and 80k+ (yes 80000+) of products in catalogue (Virtuemart) and JoomSEF handle it with no problem in a normal non dedicated server. My friends other sites runs with commercial JoomSEF too without any problems with kunena, joomfish, jcomments. Support might be better but joomla community can help too if any problem exist. Is a great value product and really do his job!
Reviews: 1
Free version embed seller's URL all around the website. I tried paid versions of this extension for two of my websites but none of them worked because of many ????? in the URLs. The seller offered me to change my server settings which sounds strange to me - who will change whole dedicated server settings for one small extension to work? Besides, this extension works from the database so if you intend to use it on high load website it will surely crash it.
Owner's reply

Hello, well, the extension cannot work correctly if you refuse to adjust the settings as recommended. Especially if you want to use non-latin characters that requite some extra configuration. We have spent quite a lot of time trying to help. Well, these are the thanks.

Reviews: 3
We've used JomSEF for two years now without any major problems. Recently we encountered a problem with JomSocial Profile URL and they suggested we contact Artio. We posted to the forum and waited for a response. A week later we received a response "Thanks for reporting issue, we will look on this shortly." We've received no help since. We do have a paid version of JomSEF and offered to pay extra for quicker response. Still no contact from Artio. Product is good, when working, but very slow support.
Owner's reply

Hello, I admit our support is kind of slow sometimes. However, we are trying to improve that continously as much as we can. You need to understand that SEO extensions are quite complex and often tighly server-settings related. Also they need to cooperate with many 3rd party software which make it even more complex. Therefore is quite a lot of support inquiries and we only have limited team. It is simply not always out-of-box solution. Plus, there is paid support option with guaranteed reply time.

Reviews: 3
Excellent, works well and makes all the right noises when your looking for a good FREE sef solution, but almost every component i needed to support and was listed in the description were paid for extensions, which inevitably rendered a half day of work completely useless and i ended up uninstalling the component. A real shame really. I may use this component again in the future if clients have budgetted for SEF solution although a bit let down and annoyed that Commercial aspects werent outlined more clearly in the desciption.
Reviews: 4
We were very happy with how much better our links worked with the FREE version of JoomSEF and it gave us an opportunity to see how it worked and how it compared to the other solutions available... after much searching and testing we decided to buy from ARTIO and found a nice bundle for our specific needs:

VirtueMart SEO Bundle: JoomSEF 3 + VirtueMart Extension

We are very happy with our choice - this small investment will do so much to help our marketing efforts as our links are now exactly as we need them and it does a good job of creating SEO meta tags automatically for the content without affecting the speed of our site... truly awesome!

Effortless install, upgrade to paid version, and adding the VirtueMart extension. The backend configuration is amazing as it gives us full control of how the links and SEO and everything else is created for each Joomla component and each link... plus the default settings are smart so beginners can get this working without much too effort or assistance.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMED BUYING THIS PRODUCT - without it your website will not be anywhere as effective with search engines, especially if you are using VirtueMart.
Reviews: 1
Joomsef has gone down in my book.

I have been using version 4 with 1.6.
First off it seems to clash with JCE, so if you use this editor you cannot get into the configuration of Joomsef. Even though the development team know about this they have not fixed the issue.

Everything worked fine until i tried the print icon which doesn't work at all, Joomsef screws up the link up.
People have made this point on their forum and there has been no support what so ever.

Not happy, I was a paying customer, moved to another SEF plugin until they can fix the bugs.
Owner's reply

maybe you could take into consideration it is not JoomSEF bug but a JCE bug. As it works fine with other editors as weel as other JCE versions.

As regards the print link, it is working fine in our testing instance - so maybe you are using different link types in your template?

Reviews: 1
I am using Joomla, K2 and JomSocial on my site. Component works good with Joomla. The JomSocial re-write engine is excellent so i have not used the component on JomSocial. There are many problems with K2, such as Pagination, tags, search etc. It does not work well at all. There is no customer support, so i highly do not recommend purchasing this component. Go for the free version, Pro does not give any benefits at all.
Reviews: 4
I know some people will disagree, but I honestly think this extension does just what it says it will do. I've installed Joomsef on about 5 different sites and never had any issue until a week or so ago. I paid for support and true to their word, they delivered a complete solution on SUNDAY NIGHT!!! I don't care what anyone says, you cannot get champagne results with lemonade efforts and any issues with an extension as good as this will either cost you money or time. Other than just being truthful about not knowing what the problem was (to start with) I was also very impressed that for the sake of meeting a deadline, they sorted out the website issues during the weekend.

This extension is not for lazy people. Put in the effort and you'll get the reward of a site with decent SEF URLs.
Reviews: 5
unfortunately of my 3 posts i didn´t receive any kind of replys - i understand that because it´s a free version but anyway gives a bad taste.....
there are numerous issues and after finaly my site crashed and didn´t recover after cache cleaning, purging and many more efforts i unfortunately give up on it....
Reviews: 1
I'm using Artio for 2 of my web sites. It's a good component except no integration with "Rapid Recipe" from Rapid Source.

If you use "Rapid Recipe" from Rapid Source, forget Artio
Reviews: 9
I bought the commercial version and at first it look very promising. but all of a sudden the component switched my category blog-layout to categoy-view without having changed anything. had to manually adapt all the sef-urls to have the correct view again and after 3 weeks the same happened again! artio offers only paid support, which is very poor for a commercial software, that you paid already! you only can post to the forum (where many people have the same problem) and don't get any answers.

for another site I am not gonna buy this component again.
Owner's reply

Hello the problems you have described might be caused by settings in combination with defined menu links .
I am sorry for your support experience. We try to answer as fast as we can, but it is true our capacity is limited and there is a lot of support queries so sometimes, the reply times are somewhat longer.
That is why you can get paid support with guaranteed reply times.

Reviews: 3
Install was quite easy but now my home link in main menu is acting erraticaly. Every now and then, the usual site home link is replaced with aliases, other sites name from the server, home link with the mail. prefix , or, even worse, site links with https instead of http. To stop that, I have to put the Joomsef off for a while then flush the caches then put Joomsef back on. It's then normal for a few hours and it starts all over again until I redo the flushing procedure. The worst now is the fact that all search engines have indexed the bad home page link and tonnes of wrong url of my site and I've got more and more 404 :(
I must say that I spend hours changing all configuration setting that could impact on that to no avail. I deeply frustrated with the product and if I don't find a solution urgently I will give it up.
Owner's reply

I think that the problem in your case will be most likely neither in configuration or JoomSEF, but in incorectly created links within your site.
JoomSEF will translate the links it detects. If you have wrong link created within site, it will result in wrong (or duplicate) SEF URL.

Reviews: 2
Ok to install, a bit complicated to manage but works good… but no answer at all when you get a problem and ask for support… what a shame…
Owner's reply

well, everything cannot be free. You either need to rely on community support or buy a paid version or paid support.
We are generally busy enough with customers that are paing for support, so capacity for supporting users using free version is rather limited. That is a fact.

Reviews: 1
I'm using Artio JoomSEF and the Virtuemart extension on my site. This software does what it says it will do. It will generate SEF URLs from Virtuemart content and will also automatically populate MetaTags for the products. Installation was very easy. At first the software didn't work for me. Every URL on my site would produce the default web server 404 page. However, after a call to their Support staff, they helped me identify the problem. Just make sure you have "AllowOverride" set to "All" in your httpd.conf. This solved my problems. SEF URLs and MetaTags are being generated. Glad I made the purchase.
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