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Editor's Note
SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang. Online upgrades and extension instalation. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicate URLs management.

Main features:
* generate SEF URLs
* advanced SEF URL management
* generate and manage metadata (component - based)
* can override default metadada generated by component or Joomla (title, meta tags)
* keywords management
* duplicates management
* 3rd level domain support
* support for other components through extension modules; each component extenstion has own configurable parameters
* multilinguality support (JoomFish) and URL localization
* UTF-8 URLs support
* URL caching
* URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code
* 301 Redirections management
* 404 Page Not Found customization
* online upgrades and extension installations

Support for many Joomla components: AdsManager, AlphaContent, Contacts XTD, Community Builder, Datso Gallery, DocMan, EZ Realty, Fireboard forum, Glossary, iJoomla Components, JE Comparison Charts, JEvents, Jomres, Joomlaboard, JoomFish, Joomla Tags, Jomres (Joomla Residents), Portfol, Seyret Video Component, SMF Bridge, SOBI2, Marketplace, Mosets Hot Property, Mosets Tree, ReMOSitory, RSGallery2, VirtueMart, Zoom Media Gallery. ...
at the moment, there is more than 100 extensions available directly from ARTIO - see for complete list, plus many more from 3rd party developers.

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Reviews: 2
I brought this because of a recommendation.... Sadly this was a poor recommendation and at best a costly experience.
JoomSef on the whole does a very good job of handling Joomla, it pretty much runs side by side and gives you full control over your meta date, manages your url's great.

However, its a completely different story when you introduce another 3rd party component. Which lets face is now in every joomla site!!

The support is lame and can be very costly, the search function in the forum, always returns no results, making it impossible to find anything. The lack of forum users, leaving comments or feed back is just a small part of the unpleasant experiences. For the cost I would expect a lot more help or advice but all I get is delayed responses recommending I spend more money on support services which really don't justify the initial cost of the component.

I would imagine the owner will rely with the comment blaming the other installed components for the lack of it versatility. But if it can't handle other table data from other published fields then this was clearly not for my site.

The owner is offering support at a further cost to allow this component to be used in conjunction with another component I also found here (Joomsport).

My recommendation is check with the owner before trying, to see if you would have issues with other components already installed on your site. This would save you countless hours and hard earned cash in the long term.
Reviews: 16
Well I tried this free version out JoomSEF, and after installation and enabling my Global Configuration setting SEF, it seemed to work at first.... I clicked my "Guides" link.... and the URL was looking as i had hoped /guides
However, upon clicking around the site a bit more and being logged in on the front end, I encounter more errors of Page content not rendering at all other then a default 404 or a redirecting loop of sorts. I would love to get my site to have user friendly URL's but apparently I'm either missing something critical when it comes to my configuration or I'm just using to many ext's that aren't compatible with this component.
I'll be testing this out more trying to get to the bottom of it but I'm not holding my breath since all the other SEF components tend to have similar issues like this. :(
Reviews: 6
Let's face it, SEF plugins are difficult to handle. You practically have to be an expert in server redirects to understand what is going on. If you have a complex site with many plugins then it is pretty much a big mess waiting to fail.

However, this one is not a buggy one like the others. I have tried SEF404 and AceSef and both of those are either way too complicated to manage, or do not adhere to rules properly. Yet here with this one by Artio, things are working properly and there is no more confusion about what is going on. Locked urls stay locked unlike others that do not. Also we use JotCache and it works in sync. I am using a free version which is not great because they have to put their links all over the place, they should give us a choice about where these are going to be put. I see that others rate it low, but believe me, they will also rate the others low because of the learning curve. This one looks a lot like a knockoff that came lately, but it manages links much more smoothly and consistently.
Reviews: 1
This software has a good idea on the basis, but it keep some problem that goes beyond documentation and support:
it's the "angry point" of your configuration.

it seems that there is NO way to configure the SEF system without unexpected behaviour happening all over your site.
I bet the problem also rely on the complexity of joomla itself ( plugins order, caching system, wathever ) , and on the fact that there are no comparison product really available against JoomSef itself...

The low score, to me, depends on this fact: you cannot even hope to find a suitable configuration without testing every possible option, and after you've end with it, it still won't work the way the documentation explain it to you.
That's enough to make me desire to get rid of this product as soon as possible.
Owner's reply

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
Well, you are right that this SEF URLs related stuff in Joomla is not easy. But it is not primarily JoomSEF fault. Most of the problems come from the add-on extensions, that are not written correcly according to Joomla API. Such components are kind of unpredictable and problems with them need to be solved case by case.

As regards settings, you are right there is many configuration options in JoomSEF. Maybe far too many and we plan to reduce the ammount. Still, we set them so, that with standard Joomla installation, you should have no need to adjust them, except to a minor tune-ups such as if you want the URLs to have .html suffix or not.

Reviews: 3
In terms of control over URLs and meta, it is probably the best extension out there. The link it puts on every page will hurt more your SEO than the URLs will help.
Of course it is GPL and you can remove it.
I would like to try the paid version, if it was GPL and I can use it on several projects, but that's not the fact.

I don't mind paying for the sub-plugins, but it is very unclear whether these work with the free version or not.

If you are unexperienced user, you better play with it first, before installing on a live site.

I would give 5 stars, if the extension was coming without the link at the bottom.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Let me respond briefly:
- I do not see a single reason, why the signature link should hurt your SEO in any way; most of the websites do have a signature of some kind

- as regards the licensing, it is up to you if you decide for the free version or upgrade to paid; as regards the paid version, I think the conditions are fair enough, but thank you for opinion

- sorry if the situation around plugins is not clear, so let me explain: you can use all of the plugins in the same way both for free and paid version

Reviews: 6
I just installed and uninstalled the component.
Which is quite a shame because it looks like it's doing what I need.

I say looks like because :

-melting free version with commercial version in the JED & in the website does not allow us to see clearly what is provided or not, therefor you have to install the component to see what is provided or not.
This is something the JED should also work on, as it's not the first time it happens and it already misinformed me very badly.

-as there is not documentation available so far, you have to install it, whatever it takes for your website.

And this is why I uninstalled it : it just decided, that by installing it it had to rewrite all my urls, even though I did not click on anything.

Usually when you a install a component you then need to activate it. Joomsef is activated by default and rewrites all your urls the way it decided to.
And even after being deactivated, my urls were still changed ! I had to remove it completely.

For people not having any SEF already activated or with a bad ranking, this is great. Just install it, it does the rest.

For people with already a good ranking who just wish to change some parameters, wait until there is some documentation.
Otherwise you'll find yourself with a lot of 404 ; and as this component offers a lot of parameters, unless your already familiar with it, there is probably no chance for you to fix them. Bye Bye good ranking.

I got lucky, because first thing I do when installing something is check my website and look for changes.
Owner's reply

you say there is no documentation? Did you visit our site at all?
Btw. there is link from the component homepage as well as here from JED.
Also it might be good idea to check

As regards immediate activation after install, that is right. This is to make the setup as easy as possible for inexperienced users. The other can switch it off after install, update configuration and then activate again.

Finally, there is no way how the URLs would remain when deactivated. (if you used the SEO options in Joomla Global configuration)

Sorry to say that, but it seems to me, you took more effort to write this review than to really try to learn more about component and read the documentation.

Reviews: 2
I have asked support for help with my site, and the same day i got answers for my problem.

Answers took every part of my question.

More teams like this !

Reviews: 3
I recently purchased this component and i was expected more from this company. When installing the component everything was fine until you activate! The configuration completely changed my store in the checkout process skipped the step 2 (shipping) to 4 (confirmation), that is the most important step (payment) is not showing on my e-store with Virtuemart. I lost a lot of money thanks to the installation of this component. You ask for support and no one answers my posts, to be a customer who paid for the extension have a bad customer support, I am really disappointed ...
Owner's reply

it was confirmed - in collaboration with the user - that this problem was not caused by JoomSEF, neither by original VM extension, but due to a usage of 3rd party (unrecommended) VM extension for JoomSEF, not working properly. So it has in fact nothing to do with JoomSEF.

(ad support and response time - it was about 48hrs - during the weekend!)

Reviews: 1
This is a review of the paid for product.

IMO the area of SEF is one of as yet defined benefit, the selling point of having human readable URL’s is of debatable value. SEF is certainly no all curing elixir, there is much you can do to improve your rankings before turning to SEF alone.

As you’d expect from the opening paragraph I’ve found no discernable traffic increase from using Artio’s Joomsef for a period of approximately 8 months unless you count my 404 traffic which has literally gone through the roof!

Anyway the Good points on this product;

• Easy to install
• Easy to update (one click from the control panel for core product as well as any add-ons a particularly appreciated feature)
• Good Documentation (though describes only the function rather than how it works or the impact of using features)
• Regular updates

Bad points (the bit you’ve been waiting for)

• Doesn’t play nice with many components even when you purchase the plugin for that component
• Clunky navigation when trying to identify rogue URL’s
• 404’s increase exponentially (from only a handful pre-install to over 50,000 in 8 months)
• Poor Support (takes a long time to get a reply and then only with a holding type response, not good)
• Creates huge numbers of duplicates which wreaked havoc on my sited
• Doesn’t handle RSS feeds well
• Requires extensive maintenance (correcting URL’s, getting rid of duplicates etc.) and since I run a news site with material changing everyday this creates far too much overhead.

In a nutshell I’ve bitten a very large bullet and uninstalled Artio Joomsef, there were for me, far more downsides than upsides, particularly once you consider that many components now are adding their own SEF functionality, it’s difficult to see a bright future for components like this.
Owner's reply


thanks for your extensive feedback. However, let me debate with you a bit.

JoomSEF is JUST a tool, not a magic wand.
Tool that will assist you with improving your site SEO. It will help you identify weakness of the site, components and structure design.
But it cannot solve all the problems by itself! You (or the component author) or the programmer who implemented your Joomla site needs to check for the reasons and remove them. JoomSEF will just point towards such problems.

If the site works fine with no duplicates, also the URLs and overal SEO ranking will be fine.But if there exists duplicate in the original non-SEO URL, there will be also duplicate in SEO URL. This also relates to the maintenance; if the site is well developed, no maintenance is needed.

I do not see relation between 404s and JoomSEF. If a URL does not exist, then it simply does not exist and generates 404 error. JoomSEF does not play any role in that.
Similar issue is with RSS.

Reviews: 25
A review should tell you how good the component is and I would rate this as an excellent component if it were not for the back links. However because the back links are there I will just spend the time in saying that if you install Artio JoomSEF every page on your site will have the meta information changed, spammy links inserted and an "SEO by Artio" at the foot of every page. The commercial version removes these but do not install the free version unless you want to advertise someone else's site on yours!
If this spam was gone I would rate this extension as EXCELLENT. The Artio devs are good chaps - I don't know why they do this.
Reviews: 5
I pretty much had given up on URL redirects after failing to get two other SEF programs working...

JoomSEF was easy to use, it works, its NON DESTRUCTIVE and well, well worth the $ for the paid version!!

I'm once again happy with URL I jokingly said on twitter the other day, I am having a Joomla-plugin crush with this app...its really changed the way I do business with SEOing my websites with URL redirects...I haven't had one other extension mess it up, and I have LOTS OF WEBSITES with LOTS OF EXTENSIONS and NOT ONE messes up JoomSEF. Other SEF apps cannot say that...(not calling out names, lol).
Reviews: 20
I really didn't like it. Too many little quirks to list, but I saw no real significant advantage using it. It did mess up some of my Community Builder profile links. After I installed, I watched for 2 weeks, and my error 404 hits tripled. With it on, it also interfered with the "Answers" component... made it throw 404's every time.

Too many downsides which outweighed the benefits (what little I actually saw).
In all honesty, it does little more than Joomla's standard sef.
Reviews: 5
Very good extension that replaces the default Joomla! URLs with SEF URLS. It works very well. Efficient support.
Reviews: 1
I paid for this extension recently. They recently updated to 3.7.1 and this version is not working properly. Site totally crashed. No urls are working fine after the upgrade. Now i switched to other SEF extension.
Reviews: 2
So after agonizing last night over JoomSEF vs sh404SEF I decided to try JoomSEF for the project I'm working on. I went to Artio's site to download try the "Free" version which wasn't available anywhere (shame on all of you who do this, if it's not there then don't offer it. But I digress...)

I finally acquiesced and decided to risk the $45US since I needed the Virtue extension as well. I'm sure glad I did because this is one of the most complete, professional, well though out Joomla extensions that I've ever used. The administrative tools are well thought out and actually useful for determining how a given URL is being formed. There are configuration parameters for tweaking URL generation just about any way you want it. It even did a reasonable job for components that aren't supported by dedicated extensions.

Two thumbs up and well worth the price. Nice job guys.
Reviews: 1
For me there are no more words needed! JoomSEF is a really useful tool. Beside 5 stars reviews here it is to add the fantastic possibilty to create nice urls for hybrid submenus (automatic). The homemade joomla core seems not to be able to. A complete system for seo is offering. And I am very thankful for that!
Reviews: 2
It is a great Extension and I am using it very often but I got a little dissapointed since upgrading to version 3.7.

I have been using version 3.6.5 before upgrading and i still had the ability to change my .htaccess and sitemap via backend but now it says that I have to get the paid version to use these feature.

Give us a little heads up before making such drastic changes. Your site doesn't even mention this... in the news section nor the changelog.

I will be downgrading for now...
Reviews: 6
I like this component because it is very fexible and you get total control of your SEF Urls ! When I see poor rating on this extension, I think it's unfair because people don't take the time to make Artio work correctly.
Reviews: 4
Nice extension, i use it in all my websites. It's good for add meta tags edition and of couse for the friendly URLs
Reviews: 4
If you are serious about making search engine friendly URL's then this component is a must. Very powerful with lots of control over each pages title and meta tags an well as easy 301 redirecting. It takes a while to learn all of the features but I found the back up support of the forum excellent and any questions I had were quickly answered.
The free and additional plug-ins also worked perfectly, particularly for SOBi2.

A must have extension.

David J
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