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Editor's Note
SEO component to make your Joomla! URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata generation capabilities. Supports URL translations at multilingual sites using JoomFish/Falang. Online upgrades and extension instalation. Custom 404 Page Not Found, duplicate URLs management.

Main features:
* generate SEF URLs
* advanced SEF URL management
* generate and manage metadata (component - based)
* can override default metadada generated by component or Joomla (title, meta tags)
* keywords management
* duplicates management
* 3rd level domain support
* support for other components through extension modules; each component extenstion has own configurable parameters
* multilinguality support (JoomFish) and URL localization
* UTF-8 URLs support
* URL caching
* URL source tracing to help allocate problematic code
* 301 Redirections management
* 404 Page Not Found customization
* online upgrades and extension installations

Support for many Joomla components: AdsManager, AlphaContent, Contacts XTD, Community Builder, Datso Gallery, DocMan, EZ Realty, Fireboard forum, Glossary, iJoomla Components, JE Comparison Charts, JEvents, Jomres, Joomlaboard, JoomFish, Joomla Tags, Jomres (Joomla Residents), Portfol, Seyret Video Component, SMF Bridge, SOBI2, Marketplace, Mosets Hot Property, Mosets Tree, ReMOSitory, RSGallery2, VirtueMart, Zoom Media Gallery. ...
at the moment, there is more than 100 extensions available directly from ARTIO - see for complete list, plus many more from 3rd party developers.

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Reviews: 1
Sorry, I am going to look for the old OpenSEF and use it. This extension needs some additional work.
Reviews: 2
This is the only SEF that works with MOSETS Tree. And believe me I tried almost all of them out there for JOomla. After hours and hours of messing around with other products. It was a Godsend to finally discover this one. It really works with Mosets Tree
Reviews: 1
it's not fair because there is no warning : the virtuemart plugin was free. if you update joomsef, the plugin does not work and you must pay for the new one. and if needed paying more for joomsef itself...I restored my whole website because I felt blackmailed : "pay or do again your whole refencement !"
Reviews: 1
As previous post say this extension adds ads and additional junk meta tags to the html output of your site.

I have no objection to the author making some money from their efforts, but this extension is specifically to improve SEO. So putting in code that worsens SEO is the reason I have given it such a bad rating.

I hope the author reconsiders the decision to add these extras bits of code.
Reviews: 5
I really liked this extension. Untill I started updating since 1.5.0 The title and meta tags were gone. Also in the custom redirects. This was a real loss for my site. I spent months on preparation and editing to keep my good static html results (I upgraded my html site to joomla) and since the update it was all lost. They went from 1.5.1 to 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 but the problem persist and several forum topics and updates later nothing changed. Please ARTIO, do about it. Advice:stick with 1.5.0 component and 1.3 metabot
Reviews: 1
I used to other things in old times but JoomSEF is different for me. Easy to use and great combo package for all Joomla lovers.

Thanx alot for great combo package.
Reviews: 1
THe enthusiasts of this products don't are really interested in positioning their site in search engines.

I was a SEO newbie when installing this product.

The continuous generation of redirects appending the -1.html -2.html etc. etc. the continuous PERMANENTLY MOVED destroyed the ranking of my sites.

The pages NEVER HAVE THE SAME NAME. So you are continuously creating duplicate content for the search engines.
Try googling "SEO duplicate content"

This has really damaged my work.

Reviews: 1
Artio put me straight into Goole sandbox by creating duplicate URLs for the same content. I can't believe it is considered as hot.

I used the paid version and the support was incomprehensible. I'm not a programmer so I was not able to understand anything they told me.

I've wasted weeks, maybe months because of their piece of software. Furthermore, it slowed down my website a lot.

I feel it made me loose money because my website could have never gotten indexed using Artio.

It's worse than bad.
Reviews: 1
Pros: Promises everything you need to make a Joomla site search-engine friendly.

1. Big bug in latest version (1.5.1): Can't create your own meta titles and descriptions! Supposed fix in forums doesn't work.
2. Documentation ranges from incomprehensible to incorrect.
3. Big problem with unique Page IDs. You'll probably end up with a zillion numbered URL versions of each page. And if you're using dynamic menus, you never know which of those URLs will end up as your link. This is deadly for search engine placement! It's a moving labyrinth of a site map. What a nightmare.
4. Poor support in the forums. To this point I can't even get anyone to answer a question. This is in contrast to my experience with excellent support for other extensions, such as Virtuemart and Extended Menu.

To sum up: Don't use it! Try anything else first.
Reviews: 1
Ok listen up, iv now brought two components for sef, one $40 and another $25, and both times they were limited and buggy.
I always thought sharware would be much better but this is not the case, this is by far the BEST sef component out!

Docman, SMF, even my custom components all worked, the links were remade into user friendly ones, with a few clicks.

I still realy cant belive it, iv sent $50 through paypal to thank the makers, as this realy is worth it.
Reviews: 4
I installed and set it up with no problems, then I attempted to configure it noted with the installation and could not get it to work for the life of me. I knew the problems revolved around my .htaccess and installing Joomla into a sub-directory of my Root. So many other reviews stated it worked great so I hunkered down and configured, tweated and messed with the instructions until I figured out the problem. I simply was not reading the instructions well enough... ^_^

I was messing up the 3rd Party SEF Section of my .htaccess, I was leaving out the subdirectory (main) info on my:
#RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^(main/component/option,com) [NC,OR] ##optional - see notes##

Once I plugged that puppy in, it all began working flawlessly, cheers!
Reviews: 2
Installed this and had realistic SEF urls with minimal effort.
Reviews: 1
I love every single bit of this extension. Guys, great stuff, thank you very much indeed!
Easy installation, very smooth, all works perfectly, customized links to any page. Exactly what I was looking for.

Reviews: 1
I am always willing to pay for a product or service that is going to provide value to me.

I am sad to say that this is not the case with ArtioSEF.

I paid for the product, installed it, had problems placed my issues on their forum and they deleted all but one of my posts. Obviously they do not want any negative comments about their just aweful product.

On the one post they left on their forum the finally replied after a day and a half and said it wasn't the products issue, I must have the wrong permissions set.

The scary thing about this is I support people for a reason and while I have more than my fair share of PEBKAC's, I do read manuals. What is more I had a previous version installed that was working although it more then halved my website performance with the number of queries the product creates on each page access. I uninstalled the previous version before installing the new one as per the very limited documentation on the product. Nothing annoys me more then a vendor trying to blame everything else but their own products for causing issues.

Documentation is another issue, I don't mind scrambling my way around a product and through forums for free things but when I have paid for an item I expect it to have at least a reasonable explanation of the products features.

I have asked the developers for a refund but don't hold any hopes for a resolution to this situation.

All I can say is I am going to OpenSEF and recommend other do the same.
Owner's reply


we cannot agree with this comment. We do not delete any post in our forums, unless they are rude or completely wrong.

We always try to provide the users the best support and there is very detailed documentation available both online and with the product.

Reviews: 2
I'm very sorry I didn't try this before I paid $30 for the version without an ad. What a waste of time. The concept is great and at first glance it seems to work. However it creates multiple versions of the same page, creating an absolute mess, eg.

babies/childcare-2.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=47&id=25&task=view
babies/childcare-4.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=52&id=25&task=view
babies/childcare-5.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=48&id=25&task=view
babies/childcare-6.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=50&id=25&task=view
babies/childcare-7.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=60&id=25&task=view
babies/childcare.php - index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=32&id=25&task=view

The documentation gives no explanation as to how this component actually works so at first I had no idea how this would affect indexed pages. I created a sitemap using an external tool and it found ALL of the multiple URLs for the same page. What a mess !! The only way to get rid of this is to set Exclude source info (Itemid) to Yes, but that messes up a lot of functionality in your site, so not very useful.

There is no support at all on their forum and they only provide paid support. Even if you paid them $30 for this component.

A complete waste of time and money.
Owner's reply


the new version provides toools that greatly help to reduce number of such links, although experienced users are able to prevent them also with the older version.

As regards, the support we try to help on our forums and we require paying for support only in case when the issues are related to customers site configuration, conflicts with 3rd party extensions, etc.

Reviews: 1
I think that Artio Joomsef is good component and has great potential. The support for Joomfish! is great, but it has a huge issue with generating duplicate urls for the same content, for example:

This is a big issue from the standpoint of SEO because it basically creates duplicate content all over your site. Since this is the component that should improve !Joomla SE optimization I think this is a major bug. There is an option to exclude itemid's in the SEF query, but this messes upa your !Joomla functionality, and you loose control over modules and menus.

Other than that, I find this component great, but would not recommend it to anyone at this moment because of the duplicate content problem.

Kind regards,
Reviews: 1
Seems to be a good product, however you need to search the Joomla forum to learn how to remove the Artio advert that will appear in the footer of your website. Otherwise, you have to purchase the non-free version that does not come with the advert. I personally didn't appreciate them "sneaking" that in there and have decided to use a different product - possibly Open SEF.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good component which does the job and even more than that.

In order make it really pefect Artio should invest more in documentation (especially concerning instelation).
Reviews: 3
Almost finished building a new site with Joomla but found these two problems before I went live.

1. does not resolve the same as Could not find anything on their site to correct this.

2.Original joomla url index.php?xxxx returns a message "You are authorized to view this page". Apparently new bug in latest build. Many messages on their forum, but no answers. Artio pages yield same result.
Reviews: 2
This component beats OpenSEF in my opinion. Mainly for the fact that it supports JoomFish.

The development is very rapid since it is an ad-supported component.

Ohh, and writing extensions (sef_ext) for it is so much simpler than for OpenSEF
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