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Praise Url Module

Display true Joomla! URL with SEF turned on

Easily find Joomla! Urls with Search Engine Friendly (SEF) turned on - This extremely handy module reveals Joomla! Urls while using Joomla core SEF, JoomSEF, sh404sef, SEF Advance, and other SEF components. This is a huge time saver for creating internal links.

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Reviews: 11
A wonderful time saver. Raw URLs just one click away. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 19
Outstanding extensions, literally save many hours! . Thank You dear developer!
Reviews: 41
Isn't it wonderful when a developer sees a need that others don't, and then provides an extension that provides a simple and elegant solution?

That's exactly what JoomlaPraise has done here. Anyone that has worked in Joomla long enough with SEF knows what a pain it is to obtain real URLs on pages. This little gem makes it absurdly easy to find the actual URL of any page on your site, regardless of the SEF solution you are using.

Many, many thanks to JP for this much needed extension!!!!