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SEF Advance ComponentPlugin

NEW: Now compatible with Joomla 3.x!

SEF Advance is a Joomla SEF component which extends its built-in Search Engine Friendly URL fuctionality and raises it on a higher level. Instead of ordinary Joomla URLs which are often strange and inconsistent, you will get human friendly URLs in form of:

Because URLs consist of meaningful keywords rather than numbers, SEF Advance will drasticaly improve your search engine positions.

SEF Advance is the only pure-logic SEF solution, not relying on database for URL storage, resulting in stunning performance. Being developed, improved and supported for over 9 years by a core developer of Joomla! and Mambo, it is the oldest and most reliable Joomla SEF extension available.

Supporting them natively or with free extensions, SEF Advance improves URLs even for many 3rd party components for Joomla.

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Reviews: 2
Sef Advance is always my first pick when talking SEF extensions. Great work, very well
written and thought through. You can clearly see that this is an extension with a lot of work
and history behind. And if i am not mistaken, it was one of first SEF extensions for Joomla
Reviews: 1
This is my first review and only because the extension is so good. I was un-nerved by the fact it had no reviews but after a leap of faith, I will be upgrading all my Virtuemart sites to SEF Advance.

I have tried the 2 well known extensions and found they were just too complicated to manage on a daily basis. One was creating 000s of unnecessary redirects which Google punished by 50 ranks.

This does exactly what it says on the tin - it builds the URL dynamically so when a VM product name changes, so does the URL. A log is built up of 404s so you don't lose traffic. There is a control panel also that allows you to make adjustments and for me, this is perfect.

Installation wasn't a simple Admin upload but after an email to the developer, it was sorted very quickly.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Just to clarify, it has no reviews because it was removed from JED due to its previous license terms. But it used to have tons of reviews as it's the oldest and most reliable SEF extension for Joomla.

Reviews: 8
myself and the company i work for have sef advance on many joomla sites, and it works a charm. this is the better way to produce sef urls, because it doesn't save every url in database. the url's are produced on the fly. it's more lightweight and doesn't bog the joomla site down. every time we have an issue (which isn't very much), emir is right on top of it giving answers and solutions. i highly recommend sef advance.