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SEF Test Plugin

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The SEF Test plugin allows you to turn on and off SEF from the URL for your own session, without changing the Global Configuration options. It's a very simple tool for testing SEF out on a production site with SEF disabled and/or fetching non-SEF URLs on a SEF-enabled site.

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Reviews: 5
Perfect for joomla sef sites with lots of content that needs updating. Finding the right document in the content list when you only know the sef equivalent means you have to search a LOT. Activating this plugin gives you the Content ID and the search is over.
One thing: If you don't want everybody to see the "menu" for diabling/enabling sef, do NOT enable the plugin from the plugin list, but got into the Edit Plugin screen and select Yes, then save.
Reviews: 97
I like the idea of this plugin, I want to use it to get the Non-SEF URL of a page when I still offering SEF URLs to other visitors.

However, I just tested it and it can't work on my website. Maybe it only supports the Joomla core SEF, but can't work with AceSEF which I am running to generate SEF URLs.

Hope the author will improve this plugin.

Owner's reply

This plugin only works with Joomla! core SEF. If you want this functionality to be included in AceSEF, than that's a feature request for AceSEF, not this plugin. Third party extensions like AceSEF add their own logic to Joomla!, which means that our whole plugin needs to be rewritten (and probably called AceSEF Test plugin). That's outside of the scope of this plugin.