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Sitelinkx ComponentPlugin

Editor's Note
  • Inserts backlinks to the developer.
*** NEW: Sitelinkx is now compatible with Joomla 3.x! ***

Sitelinkx replaces keywords with links.

- native Joomla 3.x/2.5 component
- PHP 5.3
- seo friendly, created code is w3c-valid
- define unlimited sitelinkx
- works with many 3rd party extensions e.g. Virtuemart, Joomsocial etc.
- shows links in existing or new window/tab
- define a title for your link
- component can be translated in any language
- localisation files : german, english, greek, dutch and hebrew
- possibility to sort Sitelinkx
- Checks if the site that you want to link to is reachable
- Added pagination
- Removed general publish, replaced by termination , ie determine a date when links should be published/unpublished
- Directly select an Joomla article as a link
- Select a replacement method, strict or loose

Sitelinkx automatically replaces defined words by links. Sitelinkx requires no registration, it's free.

Sitelinkx is licensed under the GPLv3

Latest Version: V1.6.0!

New Features in V1.52 - V1.5.5:

- an additional class name 'sitelinkx' has been inserted for generated links, can be edited by CSS
- sitelinkxoff in an article prevents the plugin from linking keywords, Thanks to Ralph Kampmann
- now you can limit the number of generated links
- you can define if links should be nofollow
- some bugfixes

Just install the new version, no need to uninstall the old version.
That's all you have to do.

V1.6.3 adds dutch language files and fixes a minor bug, and now uses the Joomla Updater.

Now there's no more backlink!

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Reviews: 2
We use it because there is no other company offering a similar product. However, the backlinks are annoying, there is no auto-updating, the admin interface is slow and has no search function which forces you to review links one by one! The connectivity check to a website is a resource hog and if you have many links, it will slow your site down to a crawl or kill it. We never use it.
Reviews: 4
This extension certainly simplifies the whole process of linking. I like it because there is an option for opening link in new window. I don't think the backlink is a major issue. I am so impressed with the extension and the obvious thought and attention to detail tyhe developer has put in to it, I am more than happy to help promote it. Well done!
Reviews: 3
Overall, I like SlitelinkX. You can configure it through an item in the component menu, without having to dig out the plugin. It's fairly clear (although I couldn't figure out what the "Tag" field was for), and it works. It's also nice having the option to only have it link the first X instances of the word in any one article.

The downside is that the link back to the developer (which generally I don't mind, given they did the work) is pretty "in your face", that is, unreasonably bold.

Rather than appearing subtly at the end of the page, or suchlike, sometimes it appears (twice!) right after the link itself, in the middle of your content. This happened on my blog layout page. Not good. Sometimes, it doesn't appear at all (generally in single article mode).

I also really wish it had a feature, to *not* link a word to the article it's already on (ie don't create a link to on the actual page). You can't really blame them, as no one else I know has this, but really, I only want my articles linked to from *other* articles.

The other thing missing that really *should* be there imo, is automatic updating. We've had sites hacked a couple of times, and without exception it's been because of outdated extensions.

Those beefs aside, Sitelink X makes a welcome relief for being able to automatically add relevant links to thousands or articles easily, helping our SEO a great deal.

Many thanks to the developer for releasing it free.