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KeywordLinks Plugin

SEO-plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.x.
Stable, simple and fast.
Replaces the keywords in links.

New service for automatic links on your site

Filter syntax:
keyword1, keyword2, keyword3=|title
keyword[1:2:3], other_keyword=|title

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Reviews: 2
Thanks for your great plugin. It works like a charm.

One thing I should recommend the author is that: Can you add a function to disable the plugin in some pages (menus). Because the plugin link some keyword in the introtext in category view page.

Reviews: 18
Thanks SO MUCH to the developer, this is the best SEO plugin, and is free! Thank you, thank you!
Reviews: 2
Thank you for your plugin. It's helpful for seo and define some new word in article. It's exact that i'v found in long time. Thank you verry much
Reviews: 2
I have no idea why I did not review this earlier - struggled to find it again for an update.

Have used it on several sites - simple to us and very good for SEO
Reviews: 3
This extension is really easy to use and it works properly and without problems.

The only thing that bothered me as a German-speaking guy is that words with charachters in it such as ä, ö, ü or é, è, ë do not get linked in the articles.

I would give it 5 stars if the developers would include those kind of characters as well.

Great extension!
Owner's reply

Use UTF-8 encoding on site!

Reviews: 2
This extension is perfect to save you a lot of time for two things: on page seo and ads in site. Function to replace keywords work excellent and help to increase dramatically ctr in adsense and yandex, users are not accustomed to the ads, they just can not remember where and how the ad appears. For me this is the perfect extension!