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Auto Backlinks Component

Joomla 1.7 version released. By far the best Professional SEO Tool which will Get you free 120 Auto Backlinks from high pagerank sites. This extension pings most of the major sites and in return you get a backlink from these sites. This extension is absolutely free to use and will definately help you to achieve a high ranking in major search engines.
We are also glad to announce Joomla 1.6 version of Auto Backlinks component which can be downloaded following this link

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Reviews: 7
This extension is a good idea but falls far short of anything ready for actual use.

There is ZERO documentation on their website for this extension (which is truly unorganised and extremely difficult to find anything of any use whatsoever), there is no real assistance in their forum, and creating a menu link to the component is a really strange way of integrating it into Joomla.

It says you can get 120 backlinks for your content page - sure, but consider that you would have to do this process 12 times for each article you publish - what a pain! Is anyone really going to do that?

Once installed on a J1.7 site, with the menu item made, after choosing 10 sites from which you want to get backlinks, there ends up an 'infinite loop error' so it doesn't even work.

There's a demo on their site - save yourself the headache and just use that (no infinite loop error there) if you must. But there are far better free backlink sites online that don't require 12 times for each article or section.
Owner's reply

Did you tried atleast once to register and ask in our forum. It seems you planned to give a bad rating so you gave. Limit of 10 is restriction on server part not to run many queries at a time. You are so lazy that you cant even create one menu link. By the way we will soon release a new version of Auto Backlinks.

Reviews: 9
You have to login to get this, which is fair I think. it's says for joomla 1.5 when I installed it but I got no error message so I think I got the 1.6 version.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Also there is no need to register for our free components. registration is required only for Paid ones.

Reviews: 5
Well, I've installed this component and created a menu link.

Clicking on that link, I can enter my website url and select up to 10 sites. That's it?

So, only one keyword for a hit on those 10 pages and then go on with the next batch?

I'm not really sure whether I use that extension correctly.

Some more information would be nice.
Reviews: 1
good one component, it would be nice to have 1.6 version.
Reviews: 1
Surely five stars-Easy installation, easy work ,excellent results. Thumbs up for the developer
Reviews: 2
i have to tell this 'Joomla is the best CMS in the world'
Thank you for Auto Backlinks.

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