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Set Generator tag Plugin

TJ Set Generator Tag allows you to change to default Joomla! generator meta tag to anything you like!
With this plugin you do not have to modify neither template's nor Joomla!'s core files. Install it, configure it and you are ready!

So far, the most common way to change the generator meta tag is to modify the 'index.php' file of your current template. If you change your template, then you will have to modify the new 'index.php' file again. TJ Set Generator Tag does not depend on templates nor it modifies any of their files. Feel free to change as many templates as you want. The generator meta tag will remain intact.

Another way to change the generator meta tag is to modify a Joomla!'s core file. But by doing so you are risking of losing the modification when you upgrade Joomla! to a newer version. No more worries with TJ Set Generator Tag.

A tip for you:
If you leave the generator tag field empty, then no generator meta tag will be shown in your site's source code!

TJ Set Generator Tag was previously known as "Set Generator Tag". It is developed and maintained by the same team as before.

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Reviews: 6
instead of going into the code, just installed this little plugin.
all you need to do is type in the new Generator-Tag, and set the plugin to Enabled.
Finished :v
Reviews: 12
I have used this little plugin on many sites as it does make it much easier than editing the files. thank you sir for the simplicity.
Reviews: 14
Running on Joomla 1.5.25. Installed and working with no issues.
Reviews: 18
Installed and enabled on J2.5.4, only a text field to set (or leave blank).
Reviews: 5
With Joomla 2.5.4 ist works perfect for me. I´m using Version 2012.04.23

Reviews: 5
Don't work for me joomla 2.5.4 :(
Owner's reply

It seems that some changes have been made in Joomla! 2.5.4 causing the plugin to not work. The plugin will be fixed in the following few days to be compatible with the latest Joomla! version.

Reviews: 9
Reviews: 4
Does just what it promises to do, no more, no less.
Reviews: 1
Standard instal, enable plugin, edit wording and voila! done !!!... I have just installed it on a v2.5.0 website and no problems.

Simple things always work the best...This one's going on all my websites...
Reviews: 5
Installed on J 1.7 and working perfectly!
Reviews: 1
Fast, Simple and Easy... can you ask for more?
Yes, you can! Free!!!
Will immediately install it on all my Joomla 1.5 websites.
Thank you for this great plugin.
Reviews: 6
Does exactly what it says on the tin and saves an awful lot of tinkering about. Well done and thank you.
Reviews: 3
Couldn´t be any better. Both installation and functionality are perfect.
Reviews: 14
So simple, so clever, it´s perfect. Woks very well in 1.5 and joomla 1.7. Thank you.
Reviews: 8
Can I have a "10 Stars" Rating? - What can I say... Installation was a breeze. Used it on 6 website (J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7). My 2 years old son can enable the Plugin and now exactly what to do and where and this is because of the plugin's simplicity. Wow. It worked like a charm. Again, this plugin deserves a 10 Stars and not just 5, therefore, there you go * * * * * * * * * *. :) Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 22
One line of configuration works instantly.
Thankyou for making it for 1.6
Reviews: 117
Couldn't be easier. Just make sure that you change the Joomla 1.6 text to what you want in the Plugin, so that when it is enabled on the right hand side on the menu screen and you are GOOD TO GO! Well done to the developers. great work.
Reviews: 3
Thank you for a great and easy plug in saves lots of time 10/10
Reviews: 9
As a newbie editing code is frightening, this plugin works exactly as described. Total time to download and have it working on my site was at most 5 minutes (and I am slow).

Perfect, Thank you.
Reviews: 4
Does what it say's and means it.. Worked on Joomla 1.5.20 effortlessly.
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