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RSSeo! Suite ComponentPlugin

RSSeo! is the most complete SEO suite for Joomla! 1.5 / 2.5 and 3.0.
These are just a few of the features that we are proud of:

* Monitor and compare the SEO performances of your competitors against yours
* Compare them using
* Check the page rank, google, yahoo and bing backlinks and the number of indexed pages

Website Pages:
* Index all your website pages
* Each page gets a grade based on its SEO performance
* Follow the simple instructions to optimize each and every page and make it SEO perfect
* Set up Unique title for each page, unique description and set up keywords

* Set up permanent or temporary redirects for the old links

* Generate the complete Google and Yahoo! Sitemap for ALL your website!

* Crawl all your website to index all the web pages
* Set up links that you want to ignore from crawling(ideal for user profiles, etc..)
* Set up automatic crawler to index new found pages when these are visited

* Monitor your Google position for the keywords that are important to your business
* Automatically bold, underline or assign links to keywords when they are found in the front-end

Integration with Google Analytics
* Traffic sources report
* Visitors report
* Content report

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
Actually rsseo a good component. The first error is eliminated good and the software runs stably. However, one must be careful in licensing methods. An unlimited license with 6 months warranty Download not like you are thinking. After 6 months, although blocked the download, but unfortunately also RSJoomla blocks the activation of new domains. So I really can not use the license on. So I pay the high price and after 6 months, I have the unlimited domain license, nothing more. RSJoomla however, said that this is so specified in the conditions. A domain license does not make sense and I fell for it. Too bad, because now I will look for another software. Many other vendors offer a fair license, I have to get used me now.
Reviews: 46
Easy to setup, clearly explains what you need to do get your metatags and descriptions better.
Awesome that you can add your competitors and see how they compare to you.
Support is good too, answered my questions in less than 12 hours.
Highly recommended
Will be using it on all my sites from now on
Reviews: 8
Great component once you get the hang of it and work out the best way to use it, which was easy as I just asked the guys at RS and within a few hours I got a very detailed response.

I am not sure why others seem to have problems with data being lost, ours is fine even after a page refresh.

Anyway like all RS extensions this is another one to add to your Joomla Site Shopping basket.
Reviews: 1
For this price, I expected something that works well. And to be honest it does not.
What is the point of having the pages section when every time there is a new update you lose all your changes that you made, and if you have a website with 300 + pages, it is a very time consuming process. Also if you do a new crawl you also lose all the changes that you have made. Every page will be blank so to fix that, you need to go to every page and select restore previous. That can take hours to fix. The help centre was of no help. And I personally found it time wasting and pointless.
For me this component is still in beta stages and needs some serious improvements.

NOT worth the price tag.
Reviews: 1
I admit, I had problems getting this to work correctly at first, which is why I can't give it a mark of Excellent. But my problems were due to limitations of my hosting setup, and the customer support was truly excellent... I gave them access to my installation and they found a solution to get it working properly. (Including ...tracking down a conflict with another extension that wasn't setup properly) You can't say better than that! The component is intuitive and simply works as expected... having used others from RSJoomla, I'd expect nothing less.
Reviews: 2
I agree with escafandra. I´m surprised to see so many possitive reviews on this component. I recall that when I purchased it 6 months ago or so there were other negative reviews (that are now gone), I´m sorry that I did not pay attention to them and was convinced by the possitive ones. You are warned, buy this component at your own risk. there are other components out there far better, more hustle free, with much better support service, with same features if not more, and they are free!!!
Reviews: 1
I have used this component for two websites now. They are working flawlessly! And gives really good SEO.

However I have just experienced troubles on one of my webhotels on
Through really good support we ( and me) managed to solve the problem.

The problem was not the component but the host - and I had to change!

Nevertheless I can recommend RSSEO:
-Good component
-Easy to access and setup
-Outstanding support!

Regards Smalle
Reviews: 1
We've been looking for something like this for almost three years. Having built over 100 Joomla sites, we've always avoided SEO and now we don't have to. This compliments our new copy writing services perfectly.

John @ Sitecats
Reviews: 1
First of all i would like to say that I have tested a lot of Joomla SEO tools... but none of them had everything that you need to properly manage the SEO data for your site until i tested RSSeo!. Simple and functional. Thumbs up for the RS team!
Reviews: 1
Seems like a little dramatic. But the component is great. This really helped me with a site I was having a ton of problems with for SEO. It identified several areas I needed to change and also the Sitemap feature is awesome.
Reviews: 11
RSJoomla Does it again.

I have become a big fan...

I purchased this the other day and I am totally impressed. By far the best and easiest SEO extension I have ever used. Well worth the money. I will be getting all my clients to implement this!

RSJoomla keep up the great work!

Reviews: 1
RS-Seo is a component-only extension that allows you (amongst other things) to edit the meta-tags in an easy en convenient way. It also creates a sitemap.xml and ror.xml. Nothing new there. It claims to be the first extension that writes a sitemap. Now I can hear people think that the free X-Map extension also writes sitemaps. As far as I know X-Map does not. It just maps the menu while RS-Seo crawls your site and makes a complete map. Very useful, but not the reason I bought this extension. Basically it gives a rating for the search-engine friendliness of each page. After clicking on the page it gives recommendations how to optimize it an it can fix some things automatically and allows an easy fix for many other things.
While I really like it, it is a new extension and it may still have some minor problems. I encountered a small bug in the sitemap. The friendly support crew quickly found it and updated the extension, but other small bugs may follow. It comes with an easy update tool and lifetime support. It is a good extension and may not be perfect yet, but it is by far the best I could find.
Reviews: 6
A fine extension to my Joomla/Virtuemart installation.

Relatively easy to configure and use.

Support from RSSeo prompt and efficient.
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