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MetaGenerator Plugin

MetaGenerator plugin automatically generates description and keywords meta tags by pulling text from joomla content. With this plugin you can also control some title options and add canonical url meta tag.

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Reviews: 4
OK! This plugin I use for more than 4 years on different web sites and it saves a lot of time for webmaster by allowing website optimization in few steps, by using this together with Joomla! default settings. It automate job of web master by adding automatically keywords, The only one reason I get 4 star to author is canonical settings in this plugin that could be very dangerous when it comes to SEO. I suggest author to improve canonical settings, because for now by following constructor description this plugin cause some importan error.
If you activate canonical tag in this plugin as author suggested with entering URL like this main pages is not indexable that show a lot of seo software analysis tools, for example seo doctor, but all other pages are have properly set canonical tag. If I correct error and enter URL like this, full path, then main page is OK, but all other pages are not indexable because their URL get one more slash /. And page, for example about-us, look like this
I hope that autor will consider these changes and publish new plugin with properly set canonical tag, or to exclude that option from the plugin. Plugin is free, I appreciate this, but if this has serious error like this, than free can cost much more when judges come to crawl website, for example google bot, ect.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your feedback.

There is no error and no problem of using canonical URL with or without slash, it is just about preference. Pick up what version do you prefer and use it. The only problem with Metageneratos is that it doesn't let you to choose what version of the URL you prefer and only support top level domain URL without slash.

If you don't belive me, read this from Google Webmaster Blog and from Matt Cutts:


Reviews: 8
It seems to be a very good component to me. Unfortunately it doesn't fit my needs because I'm looking for a component which also writes the keywords into the database, so Joomla's related-items-plugin is able to compare them. If you only need it for SEO it is, of course, excellent.

So top of the cream would be the optional feature to let the component add the automatically generated keywords to the database.
Reviews: 3
I wish I could put in ten stars! This plug-in works perfectly for canonicals!!! When I converted to 2.5, I changed my navivigation and lost my inbound links. So I recreated an unpublished menu for the hidden pages to recreate the old pages, which gave me duplicates in search. The plug-in was easily installed and HAS PERFECT CANONICALIZATION FOR JOOMLA 2.5!!! Thank you very, very much!
Reviews: 17
Very usefull and easy. In the global configuration must be disabled the show site name in title or you have it doubled
Reviews: 4
I was looking for two things, keywords taken from articles to populate Meta description and tags. This did it and best of all, IT'S FREE. Can't get better than that, thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is a great simple plugin, that took a load of work out of my hands. It does exactly what it says. The beauty is that it doesn't override manually set Titles, descriptions or keywords. So it just fills the article you forgot.
Reviews: 1
Blacklist and golden words - a smart feature. For half an hour, i optimized the keywords in almost every article of up to 90%, great plugin, thanks to the developers for a very high quality product, you saved us a lot of time and effort.

PS: I really did not understand why Canonical URL
Reviews: 1
Plugin is very good, he decided to challenge my canonical url. Tested to Joomla 1.6 and 1.7, meta tags work perfectly
Reviews: 3
Works very well for me on Joomla 1.6. Developer's been very helpful and promptly answered any question.
Be noted that it pulls meta from and for articles only, which was exactly what I needed. A really good extension altogether.
Reviews: 8
Well, I installed this plugin in my joomla 1.6.1, and what I get as the meta page description on EVERY page, is the information from the site footer. FOOTER! Same thing on every page. In other words it is not drawing text from the article at all, but from a random module, in the footer. I have no idea how that even works. But it is disastrous. Uninstalling.
Owner's reply

Let me say that Metagenerator v2.0 for joomla 1.6 is still in Beta phase and bugs is expected to be found so you can go to my discussions group in order to get it working for you and all other users who can have the sample problem.

Reviews: 1
Let me start by saying, I understand that the 1.6 beta is just that... a beta release. This is simply a note to the author.

Currently the 1.6 Beta is not applying any meta desc information. Otherwise, seems to be working excellent! I love the blacklist and gold list features.
Reviews: 1
Plugin works great but when i want to configure it, i cant save or save & close, those two buttons don't do anything so i cant change any settings.
Owner's reply

You refer to "save and close" so I assume you are using the beta version for joomla 1.6. As beta version, bugs are expected. You should go to the extension discussion group to talk about this; anyway, "save" and "save and close" are working here and metagenarator is not breaking those joomla functions.

Reviews: 3
I wanted a quick way to get meta content on a site that has a very low budget. This does the trick.

At first it used the same keywords for every page as it was grabbing the text from an article in a module and stopping there (a bug?). My q&d fix was to edit metagenerator.php to strip the first 50 chars of $thecontent so it skips over the troublesome text (line 126: $thecontent = substr($thecontent, 49);). I know there's a better way to do it but this method took less time than writing this review.

Owner's reply

It seems you are not using last version. First, Metagenerator dosen't use sbstr() anymore, it uses joomla JString::substr for utf-8 support. Also what you are doing stripping the text is an option in last version.
Thank you very much for your review!!

Reviews: 10
Articles get less rating on search engines as they will not have metatags. You can define them manually during article submission but where you have live site with many articles, you can not keep up with this work on regular basis. This plugin will take over that work nicely and help you get your articles listed in search properly.

Thanks for this plugin.
Reviews: 2
It's a good plugin for adding metadata to your articles, but it can't handle large articles. It tries to encode to many utf-8 characters which leads to a timeout on libraries/phputf8/substr_replace.php.
Reviews: 5
Great plugin! It allowed me to fill in my keywords meta tags so easily.
Reviews: 2
It's a nice Plugin, especially if you are too lazy to write the metas by your own (of course that would be the best).

But I figured out a big problem:
As soon as you publish a module (ex. mod_newspager) to show within the article you are currently viewing the meta tags are used from that module!

In the case of mod_newspager the meta description and the meta keywords of the first article showed in that module are used instead of the description and keywords from the real article!

Neighter Google nor me like that.

So please fix it with the next release (I tested version 1.2.4).
Reviews: 6
This extension works great and fills in meta title and descriptions anywhere I have forgotten or can't - like blog category display pages. I like that it doesn't over-ride the custom tags that I have created. Its easy to install and use.
Reviews: 1
Installed..Configured..Saved....and it worked like a charm!

A wonderful work by the Author.
I'm not using the Canonical url setting, as it works only for Articles, but we have other plugins for that. ;)

All I wanna say is...Excellent Work...Keep it up!
Reviews: 4
This component works with very little customization. Had no trouble with it at all.
Many thanks to the developer :)
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