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MetaGenerator Plugin

MetaGenerator plugin automatically generates description and keywords meta tags by pulling text from joomla content. With this plugin you can also control some title options and add canonical url meta tag.

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Reviews: 7
It does all that it says and more. I contacted the author because I didn't want this plugin to be used on the frontpage and in one day and sends me a new version with the option to disable it on the frontpage. Thank you! :D
Reviews: 1
It works great on content items. Saves a lot of time adding meta-tags. But it doesn't do a good job on the frontpage. On the frontpage I would like to have my general Joomla description & keywords, but the plugin seems to grab some random contentitem and use it as a metatag. I'd rather have an option to disable the plugin on the frontpage.
Owner's reply

You asked about this and I sent to you a new version with the option to disable the plugin on forntpage. I'm waitting your reply.

Reviews: 6
This was a very simple and smooth installation and configuration. The options are clear and the plugin worked like a charm!

One new feature I would like to see is the ability to include the section and/or category in the document title: [section_name] [category_name]

Many Thanks!!

Owner's reply

Option to replace sitename with category name has been added in the new version.

Reviews: 1
Very easy to install extension that can save many hours of work. Very easy to use but perhaps with a little problem.
When I view html code the accented letters like "formalità" appear "formalit?". I checked the encoding of the database utf8_general_ci but nothing happend, how can I fix this?

Very thanks for great joob!
Reviews: 12

It is very easy to install and add the site verification tags

You are one click away from your site verification

You have to do the change in php to support the Greek and then everything is OK

Keep on the good job!!!
Reviews: 1
Works perfect - saved me hours going through old articles and adding keyword metatags
Reviews: 15
Does what it says, a simple plugin that will avoid you from doing a lot of work.
If you have any problem the support is excelent.
Reviews: 1
Thanks a lot for this component ! It worked great, but I noticed a but with the meta description.
Reviews: 9
Providing a simple and easy to use plug in as this one deserves credit.

We are just launching a new webbzine with over 40 pages of fresh content and the thought of having to write the metatags individually was a nightmare!

Had it up and running very quickly and bar the change mentioned earlier to remove the extra commas and quotes - the plug in has saved us an enormous amount of time.

Many thanks to the developer indeed
Reviews: 12
Thank you so much!
Reviews: 3
This product worked great straight out of the box with one exception. I was finding extra commas, quotes, single quotes, etc. in my keywords metatag, I made the following change to resolve this and it took care of it.

in plugins/system

Edit MetaGenerator.php

Find the line
$keywords .= $word . ", ";

ad this line just above the one you just found
$word = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9]/","",$word);

After that you will have no "special characters" in your keywords that would throw a SE off.

Thanks for a great plugin!
Owner's reply

And...if you have special characters in your language?
My sites are in spanish and you code makes ñ,á,é,etc disapears. But I'm happy you've found the best way for you.
Thanks for your review.

Reviews: 3
There are a few extensions out there like this one, but this one is free! There is no way to turn off the title rewriting, but I handle that by making sure my plugin order leaves this one before my preferred plugin for titles.
Reviews: 1
The best free plugin so far.
If you have non latin keywords change:

$keysArray = array_count_values(array_map('strtolower', $keysArray));


$keysArray = array_count_values($keysArray);

It works for Greek!
Reviews: 1
just download and try it, one word "excelent"

i already try simpleSEO, JoomSEO, this one better then simpleSEO in the "keyword exclude", and better then JoomSEO in "description tag", because this plugin only grab the first content to become description, joomseo use the title - section name - then just the first content to become description.

thanks for the plugin :)
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