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SEO Keyword Factory will allow you to create and maintain a search engine friendly web site by building and saving keyword-rich URLs for a better search engine relevance.

The SEO link is created automatically after the search keywords that brings the visitor on that certain page. Google, Yahoo and Bing are now integrated. In order for the component to function properly, webmasters must enable the System SEO Keyword Factory plugin, which detects the referral from the search engine and will allow to create and maintain a search engine relevant website.

The component comes with a link manager, where all created links are displayed, given the webmaster the possibility to add new links or edit existing ones. When editing, the landing page can be changed, the keywords, number of hits and the publishing state of that certain item. The filter function allows a search after relevant words.

At the component settings, global configuration, the webmaster can set the plugin status and the following parameters:

* keywords transformation (upper, lower, capital, unchanged),
* keywords separator,
* link terminator,
* number of columns and rows visible per page in the frontend,
* banned words (if any of this words is found in the search engine keywords, the link will not be generated).


* Joomla 3.x
* MySQL (min. 5.1 + )
* cURL, GD2 libraries enabled.
* Known limitation: does not work with Artio enabled.

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Reviews: 5
Different URL's for the same content makes dublicate pages. Google doesn't like websites creating duplicate contents. Links that creating by "SEO Keyword Factory" must be same as original URL. There is no need to create differet URL.

Is it possible? If yes I'd like to do so...
Owner's reply

Dear User,

The complaints you address are not related to how well our software works, our support or the overall quality of interacting with us or with our software, but are merely a debate about the SEO benefits of the method used by our extension.

As you know, SEO is not a "one solution fits all" type of problem, but there are several tweaks and tricks you can apply.
SEO Keyword manage is one of them. If it applies to your implementation or not - that is your decision, the fact that it does not suite your approach can not be a "fault" of our product - that you seem to penalize thru this review.

As a fact you can check the search results from one of our users - google for "" and you will see that the first hundreds of links are links generated by SEO Keyword Factory.

Reviews: 1
Thanks for the good extension!
But I cant make it work properly with sh404sef and russlian keywords ? I have a lot of trafic from google but mudelu with keywords is empty and there are no
links in component. I can't find were is a trouble :( Could anyone help me please ?
Owner's reply

Support is offered only on our site!

As already indicated in our responses to you, as you updated the extension to the latest available version, has fixed the issue. Thank you for the feedback!

Reviews: 3
Simple to use and to install. Thanks
Reviews: 3
A little freebee with an interesting concept – creating sef urls according to incoming searches. I noticed some of the urls got better hits in time that the original article URL. Could be useful for a high traffic website in order to keep the relevancy of their keywords.
Reviews: 3
Great free tool to increase your google hits on specific keywords. Simple to use and to install. Thanks guys